No clothes in the museum, follow the first nudist visit in Spain

No clothes in the museum, follow the first nudist visit in Spain


The Cerdanyola Art Museum organizes the first nudist visit in Spain, as the Palais de Tokyo in Paris or Leopold in Vienna have already done.

“I didn’t even do topless”, confesses nudist Nadia. She only wears glasses and slippers. Two Roman sculptures from the first century appear behind her, representing the god Bacchus and a hermaphrodite, also naked. Nadia, a Venezuelan in her early twenties, came with two friends from Portugal and Brazil (“they had gone to nudist beaches”) to the Cerdanyola del Vallès Art Museum to see The Naked Man. Stripping the archetypes of masculinity. It is Saturday afternoon and the museum closed its temporary exhibition for the first naturist visit in Spain, following those who organized the Grand Palais in Paris in 2018 or Leopold in Vienna in 2013.

At the Cerdanyola Museum, a city 20 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​everything is more relaxed: the modernist building does not impose itself like the immense Palais and here the 160 people from the French capital do not attend, but thirty, summoned by the Naturist Club of Catalonia. Dresses arrive, of course. And they go to a room on the first floor to get undressed. Most of them wear slippers and bathrobes, which they leave just before entering the exhibition. “It’s a little cold, but it can handle it. The truth is that it is liberating, it helps to break taboos ”, says Nadia.

No clothes in the museum, follow the first nudist visit in Spain

Taboos like the ones the exhibition wants to break. In the 1980s, the Guerrilla Girls already denounced the scarce presence of female artists in museums, which contrasted with the predominant presence of female nudes in paintings and sculptures. “Do women need to be naked to enter the Metropolitan?” Now they and they are the ones who walk naturally between the works. However, four decades later, the numbers are still scandalous: 74.14% are female nudes, against 25.86% male (“and we are generous because we include saints and Christians”), while artists represent 98, 14% of men compared to the meager 1.86% of women. “The figures are from the collections of the Local Museum Network of the Provincial Council of Barcelona, ​​but they are more or less extrapolated to most museums. Where are the naked men? And women artists? In the warehouses… And we have to get them out of the closets ”, says Txema Romero, director of the Cerdanyola Art Museum and curator of the exhibition.

Against gender binarisms

“This is a critical exposition of the gender imbalance between men and women. It also questions stereotypes about the binary gender view. When you see her dressed, you feel a sense of protection, you are a person cultivated with clothes. But when you see her naked, you connect more with the human essence, without cultural, economic or social coverage… Nudism is the same as all of us ”, explains Xavier Gimeno, a resident of Cerdanyola and professor of pedagogy at the nearby Autonomous University of Barcelona . Another of his colleagues, Pere Peris, agrees: “I feel good, natural, a little strange because of the unusual situation, but mentally closer to the works”. Some works that dismantle the myth of masculinity in classical Greece to propose a new “liberated man.

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Source: Os Naturistas

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