Nicky Campbell walks around his garden naked every morning: ‘I have a naturist moment’


Nicky Campbell walks around his garden naked every morning as part of his daily routine, as he says he enjoys having a “naturist moment” to himself

Nicky Campbell walks around his garden naked every morning.

The Radio 5 Live host has confessed to having a daily “naturist moment” before his radio show, where he strips off all his clothes and stands in his garden.

Whilst talking through his morning routine with Saga magazine, Nicky said: “I get up at 4.45am and head downstairs to the little shed where I’ve got an exercise bike. Every morning I do 18km and get a good old sweat on to get my head working.

“Then I put two teabags in a big mug with a slice of lime before taking all my clothes off, going into the garden and having a naturist moment.

“You can’t see my garden from the flats nearby. They are all asleep anyway.

“Some mornings there’s steam coming off me. I look like a racehorse after the Grand National. Unfortunately, that’s the only similarity … especially as it’s so cold.”

Nicky’s daily strip-off comes as he previously opened up on his battle with clinical depression and bipolar disorder, as he revealed his mental health struggles left him crying in the street.

The ‘Long Lost Family’ host praised his spouse, Christina Ritchie, for being his “saviour” when he broke down in tears outside Euston station in 2013, as he recalled how she saw the meltdown “coming”.

Speaking about his wife, Nicky said: “She’s my saviour, she’d seen it coming and had realised it had come to a head … she put up with me chasing people over the common and photographing them for dropping litter. I used to go out with a phone to photograph people, like I was going hunting. I just thought it was a kind of desecration and selfishness, people making the world a worse place for others.”

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Source: The List

Original publication 1 March, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 16th March 2021

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