The tool can be used by any young person under 18

New tool helps young people remove nude images shared online


A tool that helps young people get nude photos or videos removed from the internet has been launched by the NSPCC’s Childline service and the Internet Watch Foundation. 

The Report Remove tool can be used by any young person under 18 to report a nude image or video of themselves that has appeared online. It can be found on the Childline website and guides a young person through a series of steps that allow them to report the matter to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) which will work to get the picture or video removed from the internet.

Young people will receive the same level of confidentiality during this process that they would from all their interactions with Childline and they do not need to provide their real name.  The tool has also been developed in collaboration with law enforcement to make sure that children will not be unnecessarily visited by police when they make a report. 

IWF said reports of self-generated sexual images have more than doubled from January to April this year compared to the same period last year, increasing from 17,500 to 38,000. 

The circumstances in which a young person may share a sexual photograph or video they have taken themselves can vary, according to the NSPCC.  

Some may have sent an image to a boyfriend or girlfriend which has subsequently been shared without their consent while others may have been groomed online or blackmailed into sharing the images.

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Source: Irish Times

Original publication 23 June, 2021

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