Dee, the Owner of Freedom RV Resort

New Nudist RV Resort Near San Antonio, Texas

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Anyway, the park is presently short on amenities. The privacy fence was finished except for one small section. The gate was nearly finished. Dee pointed to one flat place and said that’s where the hot tub is going to be, another flat place, the swimming pool, another flat place the clubhouse. She has lots of room to put in more RV and tent sites, and she showed me where cabins will be in the future.

We go with excitement when a New Nudist Resort opens in the area!

We Celebrate When a New Nudist Resort Opens!

John Steinbeck had Charlie. I have LouLou, a north Texas rescue that a vet in Weatherford, Texas, put down as a blue heeler. She’s been my traveling companion for the last 6 years. She really likes going to nudist places, because a lot of them have doggie parks where she can be off the leash, run, and do other doggie things, and because I seem to relax better nude.

Meet Dee, the Owner of Freedom RV Resort

I went down to Freedom RV Resort a couple of Saturdays ago. It is definitely a work in progress. Dee and her husband were nudists since the early 80s. When they retired from the military, their dream was to run a nudist resort. Riverside Ranch, south of San Antonio, had been a regular AANR club, and then was an Adult Only Clothing Optional Swingers Club, and now is a clothing required park. Dee and her husband lived there for a while and tried to buy it. They then bought an existing RV park a bit south of Riverside in Pleasanton, Texas. Dee’s husband was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago, and that put their resort plans on hold. After his death, Dee has focused on changing the park to clothing optional and making lots of upgrades. This is partly to fulfill their dream, and she says that throwing herself into this project has helped greatly with the grieving.

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Original publication 8 November, 2020

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