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New Forest Naturist Hikers

This group is for people that enjoy naked / naturist hiking in the New Forest (South England UK) and people that would like to try naked hiking in the New Forest for the first time.



Facebook: – (Closed group)


  1. I have walked and run naked in the New Forest and always enjoyed it and am happy to meet up with other naturists for walks. I can be contacted via the BN site as Chris.H

    1. New Forest Naturist Hikers. I would like to be considered for any walks and hikes within the New Forest.
      I am a BN member and you have my e-mail address.

  2. Hi I have always wanted to do more a d getting out and about naked would be lovely.i enjoy being naked it more natural a d my hobby is walking.i live a mile from the new forest if anyone is interested or how to get in this group please text 07541 988612

  3. I want to get involved in the great outdoors as much as I previously done albeit in a textile environment. My complete redirection of life is to be textile free and meet like minded people who hold the same values.

  4. I live close enough to the new forest to be able to enjoy it in a textile restrictive manner but as I am a new member to BN and have chosen a new direction in my life, I would very much like to spend much more of my time pursuing naturism and hope to indulge in hiking in the new forest.

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