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Naturism in the U. S. is not doing well, especially in comparison to how it is in western European countries, such as France, Spain, Germany, England, and even Croatia. Much of the problem is due to outdated cultural attitudes towards nudity. These bad attitudes, however, are not being adequately countered by U. S. naturists and their organizations. Consequently, many if not most naturists feel they have to be secretive about their enjoyment of nudity. And that secrecy, in turn, prevents naturism from thriving as it should.

What follows is an examination of the problem – and what could be done to deal effectively with it.

1. The problem: secrecy

All naturists enjoy being naked, at least when doing so is comfortable. Disagreeing with that is really tough, no? Another thing that most (but not all) people enjoy is socializing with others – at least others they’re reasonably compatible with. That means most naturists should enjoy socializing with other naturists.

Unfortunately, for many if not most people who’ve discovered the pleasures of (non-sexual) nudity, something too often prevents being able to enjoy social nudity. Quite simply, the problem is finding other naturists to socialize with. The reason that’s difficult has been discussed here several times, especially in this post. The problem is that far too many naturists are secretive about their enjoyment of nudity. The reasons for the secrecy are clear: in nearly all societies, being naked around other people (at least outside of one’s family) is a major taboo.

Confronting that problem directly is, understandably, difficult. There are various fears associated with “coming out” as a naturist. For example: job security, loss of friendships, embarrassment, fear of ridicule, etc. Those are all risks assumed by anyone who violates any norms that society in general considers important.

Society can evolve so the risks are lessened or removed. But it’s a slow process. Generally, it’s necessary for people who challenge the norms to drop their secrecy and “come out” about who they are. Gay people in recent decades have done that successfully. It’s still a problem for trans people – and certainly for naturists as well.

But there’s a way to simply circumvent the problem. That is: learning how to find other naturists to socialize with. This, too, isn’t especially easy. If it were easy, there would be far more people able to enjoy social nudity. But of course, there aren’t.

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Source: Naturistplace Blog

Original publication 21 May, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 26th May 2021

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