'Perfect day to be naked' - Naturists bare all for first ever nudist walk across Morecambe Bay

Naturists bare all for Arnside to Grange walk across Morecambe Bay


Dozens of brave naturists stripped off their shorts and t-shirts to take part in the first nudist walk across Morecambe Bay.

The event attracted 61 people on Sunday to take on the five-mile walk from Arnside to Grange and was dubbed a ‘great success’ by its organiser Ron O’Hare.

Naked walkers on the naturist walk
Credit Uncertain Naked walkers stripped off their clothes for the naturist walk

Mr O’Hare, who has been practising the controversial lifestyle choice for more than 20 years, joined 60 others in baring all to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.

“It was a fantastic day from start to finish,” he said.

“The weather was just perfect, there was no wind at all. Although a bit less showed up than we expected, there was still 61 people there – some of which were new faces which was great.”

The adults-only British Naturism event was led by the Queen’s Guide Michael Wilson and his team of marshals.

And Mr O’Hare is already planning the group’s next naked adventure.

“Everyone was asking when are we doing it again – they loved it so much,” he said.

“Hopefully the popularity keeps growing and we see more and more people come with us on these walks.”

Legally, any person is allowed to sunbathe naked on any beach, however, good beach etiquette would mean sticking to designated nudist beaches.

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Source: The Mail

Original publication 22 June, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 29th June 2021

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