Naturism/Textile Our Two Worlds

Naturist/Textile Our two worlds


Sn the N ° 68 of Naturisme Magazine, and also on Nat’Hebdo , Philippe, the Heliophile, told us how he discovered naturism, and made his partner discover, despite the reluctance of his family … But everything can change. Continuation and end of the story.

(When I wanted to introduce this Eden to my wife the following year, I feared the same reaction on her part as the first time, but no, on the contrary, she was kind enough to try the experience, I had to be convincing enough? …)

Stupidly, without thinking just for the desire to share and surely also for exaltation: by small emails and photos, kind of virtual postcards, I explained my vacations to my family, since now every year we practice naturist vacations with my wife: in the Levant , in Genesis , in La Sablière , in little Arlane , etc. All these paradisiacal places, where all judgment is erased and where on the contrary of the family vision: all the people I meet are beautiful, yes beautiful …

Naturist/Textile Our two worlds
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Whether they are young, old, fat, thin, twisted, dented or suffering from a handicap or mutilation, their bodies carry their stories, their paths of life, they all live naked and happy … and, it is this joy of being, which makes each being luminous and also by what nudity integrates our bodies quite naturally into the environment without the impacting side of our clothing artifices.

But the people of my family never answered my little emails, I didn’t understand why, until the day when they said to me “… that they couldn’t stand to see all these naked bodies, that was. ugly, that it would make them too uncomfortable… And besides, they couldn’t even look at their own bodies in the mirror… ”.

These words were a total surprise for me, which left me speechless and without argument …

After all the judgments I had suffered, now are they the ones overflowing with complexes? Now it is their ages that seem to pose a problem to them, it is true that 45 years have passed …

Naturism/Textile Our Two Worlds
Credit Uncertain

I definitely understood that for them, when we are not perfect on the physical level we should not be allowed to get naked and even less in the sight of others, nothing has changed since my childhood, that to me. recalled the archaism of the actions of another age where we hid people with a physical disability so as not to make people who are normally constituted uncomfortable …

I felt a kind of xenophobia, coupled with arbitrary gymnophobia …

A kind of xenophobia?

We should hide all different people, we should hide our changing bodies … but we never hide our faces? even if we have an operation, an illness or old age, yet our faces change and they are visible to all, so why is it not the same for our bodies?

I had long believed that I had made my family understand naturist values, especially the difference between being and having, but my family did not understand anything, nudity took them by surprise … I now understand why I did not never received a response to my little vacation report emails.

I had the impression of being in their eyes a being apart, incomprehensible, which left me speechless, without arguments, what good besides?

I now understand that the gap between my family and me on this subject is far too big …

This last sentence struck me the most: “ Besides, I can’t even look at my own body in the mirror… “

I thought that what I had been taught as a child applied more to me than to my family… than misunderstandings, than wasted time…

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Source: NAT hebdo

Posted on NatCorn 23rd December 2020

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