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Naked hiking 101: Those offended by rumps need not enter

When the wild calls, sometimes it calls to your innermost desire to be one with nature. For those who answer this call, there is a style of hiking that is a must-try. Strip off your clothes and bask in the glory of the fresh sun on a nude hike.

Whether you opt to take a solo hike with your buns bare to the sky or you make it a social event celebrating the wonders of unmasked nature, naked hiking is an adventure for those who can throw off social norms and experience the world the way we once did.

Social nudity has long been a practiced component of naturalism. From remote locations of the world where clothing is not required to beaches where tops are optional, enjoying nature sans clothes brings, for many, a sense of freedom, self love, and connection to the wider world.

If you have been looking for a new way to experience your favorite hikes, consider airing out your nether regions and letting the sunlight touch your once guarded parts. Check out these useful tips about the best days for a nude hike. Find locations where you can partake in this time-honored activity legally, and know the pros and cons of bushwhacking fully exposed.

National nude hiking day

When: Summer Solstice June 21st.
Where: Across the United States
You might not know it, but nude hiking is a popular and established event. In fact, in the United States, there is a whole day each year dedicated to taking to the trails in your birthday suit.

 If you have been curious about hiking au naturel, consider joining the countless nude enthusiasts that summit peaks, picnic in nature, and explore the great outdoors on National Nude Hiking Day. One web site encourages naked hiking in national parks with sticker. 

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Source: Clothes Free Life

Original publication 2 May, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 17th June 2021

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