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Naturist group urges Jersey to bare all this summer


A national group representing British naturists is encouraging Jersey to bare all and join a skinny dip taking place across Britain – including in Guernsey – this summer, saying that attitudes around the body “need to be challenged.”

A spokesperson for UK British Naturism, Andrew Welch, has urged the island to get involved with or host an event similar to their ‘Great British Skinny Dip’ – though the Government says it isn’t planning to change the legal framework around nudity.

The event is happening across multiple locations in Britain this summer to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation – including one at L’Ancresse Bay in Guernsey in September.

Mr Welch said that it aims to show people that naturism is not about exhibition, flashing or being provocative, but people enjoying being in their “natural state.”

He said attitudes towards nudity were “a completely social construct”, and that law in the UK actually allowed for it so long as the intent was not to “alarm or distress somebody.”

Naturists on a beach
Melissa Rodrigues Home Affairs Minister Gregory Guida signed off a statement saying there were currently no plans to change the legal framework to allow for naturism in Jersey. / Melissa Rodrigues

He continued: “The way that a lot of people snigger at nudity these days… the people that lived before the Victorians would have sniggered in a similar way about the idea of putting clothes on for having a swim.”

Mr Welch said that “baby steps” should be taken first in Jersey, suggesting designating a section of a beach on the island for an event early in the morning.

non-naturist people know that’s where they can avoid and means that everyone can exist side by side.”

“There will be many Jersey residents who have been on naturist beaches, and perhaps they would like one where they live,” he later said, noting that the group had members living on the island.

Jersey’s law states that “a person commits an offence, and is liable to imprisonment for 2 years and to a fine, if he or she exposes his or her penis, scrotum or vagina, intending it to be seen, and either: intending to humiliate, alarm or distress any of the persons who may see it, or to obtain sexual gratification, without a reasonable belief that all of the persons who may see it have consented to seeing it.”

Questioning Jersey’s attitudes, islander Summer Holley, who has been co-working on rebranding the Great British Skinny Dip, said that “it’s a shame Jersey wouldn’t be able to take part” in the dip. 

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Source: Bailiwick Express

Original publication 2 July, 2021

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