This isn't your typical wedding, and they don't want typical waitstaff.
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‘Naturist’ couple’s unusual request for staff at their wedding

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An engaged couple are desperately seeking waitstaff for their wedding after three other companies pulled out over one unusual request.

The unnamed couple posted an anonymous advertisement to Bark last weekend offering an above-average hourly rate to any person willing to serve food and drinks at their wedding – but there’s a catch.

Writing that they are in desperate need of help after their wedding staff cancelled due to the “nature of their wedding,” the couple explained that they “don’t require much” from the new staff they’re hoping to hire.

At least the bride will be saving money on a wedding dress, since she won't be wearing one.

“They just need to help serve food and drink throughout the day,” the couple write, which seems simple enough.

“The only thing we do ask, is that they do it naked.”

And that’s the sound of the other shoe dropping.

The couple go on to reveal that they’re naturists, as are their family and friends, meaning they spend most of their time in the buff and have therefore planned a fully nude wedding – waitstaff included.

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Source: Honey

Original publication 18 September 2019

Posted on NatCorn 28th September 2019

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