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Naturist Camping for Beginners


For some campers, freedom and relaxation means being able to jump into the water, run errands and chat with their neighbours in their birthday suit. Other campers don’t get anything out of naturism. And there are those who are somewhere in between, those who are curious about it and who want to give naturist camping a try. Here are some of the most important tips for a successful camping trip for nudist newbies.

Give Yourself All the Time You Need

Nudists don’t tend to hesitate: As soon as they arrive at the campsite, they kick off their jeans and won’t put their t-shirts on again until just before departure. Those new to naturism might find this a bit daunting, though, and may prefer to stay clothed at the beginning. The most important thing is to set your own pace and do what makes you comfortable. There’s no rush: If this is your first time being naked in public, it’s okay to take it slow and test the waters before diving right in. Instead of booking a two-week holiday at a nudist resort where nakedness is a requirement, you may want to consider going on a weekend trip to a campsite near a nude beach. That way, you can see how you feel being naked at the beach, but you won’t need to dine out or go shopping without your trousers. 

Table tennis
Bagheera Camping Naturiste Table tennis in the buff / Bagheera Camping Naturiste

Accept Your Body

It may sound like a cliché, but “accept your body” can be a powerful mantra when camping naked. You probably won’t come across people that look like Jennifer Aniston or Hugh Jackman. (As nice as that might be, it’s not very realistic.) Feeling a little ashamed or embarrassed at the beginning is totally normal. Every newcomer goes through this phase. As you spend more and more time with other nudists, though, you’ll feel more comfortable in your own skin. You’ll eventually forget about places that you used to consider “problem areas” and be able to laugh off normal bodily reactions beyond your control!

Family sunbathing
FKK Campingplatz am Rätzsee Sunbathing by the lake / FKK Campingplatz am Rätzsee

Behave Respectfully and Tactfully

Mutual respect is a top priority among nudists. To make sure everyone feels comfortable, you shouldn’t stare at or laugh about others’ bodies. This mutual respect is essential for a relaxing nudist holiday. You should also leave your camera in your motorhome. That way, neither you nor your fellow campers wind up in an awkward situation because they unintentionally appear in your holiday photos. Many nudists are understandably sensitive about being photographed.

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Original publication 5 September, 2019

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