Sunset at the old gazebo

Naturist Bed & Breakfast with Winery

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When I described my weekend experience to a friend, the response was, “A naturist winery? Two of my favorite things!” I’ll say! But it’s really three favorite things: Wakefield Country Inn and Winery combines (1) a bed & breakfast and (2) a winery with (3) a naturist philosophy, and the result is an absolutely unique experience that I had the pleasure of living last weekend with my wife. This is my review.

I remember learning about “the naturist B&B” in southeastern Oklahoma some years ago, but didn’t make the opportunity to visit until this year. The location is only a couple hours away from Tulsa or Oklahoma City, and a little further from Dallas, but it’s fairly remote… which is why if you make a reservation there, it’s for two nights and includes five meals (from dinner on Day 1 through breakfast on Day 3). Your reservation also includes daily tastings of their delicious, on-site produced wines, and a glass of your choice at dinner (that’s the minimum package – higher-priced packages include up to an entire case of wine) all while staying in one of three very nicely furbished bedrooms in a spacious ranch home on a wide-open property that includes vineyards, a pond, a picturesque old shack, a gazebo for watching the sunset, and a large pool and hot tub.

At the old gazebo
At the old gazebo

For our weekend, the weather was wonderful. We spent most of our time outdoors swimming, sunning and walking the grounds. The property does also include a large covered patio with firepit and plenty of seating, as well as a spacious and comfortable living room with large-screen TV… just in case the weather is uncooperative.

The homestyle cooking was yummy and abundant, including warm breakfast options, hearty dinners that included salad and dessert, and savory appetizers to accompany the wine tastings. Our stay included a tour of the winery, where Steve and Pam, your fantastic and sincere hosts, showed us how they produce their dozen varieties of wine. Also on tap were tempting, delicious wine slushies, available just about any time you’d want!

The Wakefields have been running their business for fifteen years now, with separate websites: for us nudies, and for those textiles out there. The owners, who won’t combine nude guest bookings with textile reservations, told me they are booked for all the rest of this summer’s weekends… with all nudists. And many of the nudists who have reserved have done so through the textile website, which does include the search term “clothing-optional.” Weeknights are available too, so if you’d still like to visit this summer and can travel during the week, reach out through either website’s contact portal. You can get a preview of their wine offerings at

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Original publication 16 June, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 10th July 2020

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