Natural reflexology of barefoot walking
According to Wikipedia, reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an alternative medicine involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion.

It is not scientifically proven that reflexology is medically useful. A Study by the Peninsula Medical School, Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, Exeter, United Kingdom, emphasized that “the best evidence available to date does not demonstrate convincingly that reflexology is an effective treatment for any medical condition”. However, a study of the University of Songwon In South Korea and one from the University of Minnesota in the United States have demonstrated an improvement in sleep, a reduction in fatigue and an increase in well-being.

An increase in well-being

Just for this increase in well-being, reflexology is proving to be a gentle and effective practice. You can go to a practitioner to massage your feet or hands. There is yet a simple and free practice: walking barefoot.

Barefoot walking, especially on various surfaces, seems to have the virtues of reflexology. Indeed, the latter uses the acupuncture meridians, which are all connected to different organs. By stimulating them, we often experience positive effects. Walking barefoot would therefore have the same effect, pressing these energy zones. Continued…Read full original article…

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Original publication May 8, 2018

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Nudity Isn’t Illegal in National Parks, But Don’t Do Anything Weird

Nature is glorious. It can make us feel a whole lot of ways — sometimes nature’s splendor makes us want to charge all the way up a mountain, or break out our stupidest dance move on the beach at sunset, or strip down to our birthday suits and skip through a field of wildflowers.

Signs prohibiting nudity are posted on San Onofre State Beach trails in North San Diego County, Calif. There's actually no federal regulation against it in national parks, but some states prohibit public nudity, so don't assume you are safe to strip down because you're in a national park.ALLEN J. SCHABEN/LA TIMES/GETTY IMAGES
Signs prohibiting nudity are posted on San Onofre State Beach trails in North San Diego County, Calif. There’s actually no federal regulation against it in national parks, but some states prohibit public nudity, so don’t assume you are safe to strip down because you’re in a national park.

But what happens when our deepest instinct is to strip down naked to take in a primeval forest or a spectacular mountain vista, in a place where a lot of other people are definitely going to be around to spectate? Like in a national park, for instance. Turns out, you wouldn’t be the first person ever to have that impulse. But like so many other impulses, it’s important to know whether it’s legal. Continued…Read full original article…

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The “Naked in the Wilderness” Principle

We believe that naturists experience the wilderness, the natural world, and each other, at a more elemental level. Nudity is a state of being, no more no less. Removing barriers is fundamental to that natural connection, be they mental barriers, societal burdens, emotional struggles, or, yes, clothing. Just as nothing between the soil and our feet, the sun on the skin, is so grounding, so it is true with each of us meeting free of the preconceptions that come with our modern world. When we shed our cloths, we also shed the image we have consciously or subconsciously created and struggle to maintain. When free from those constraints, all that will manifest is our unique human personality, with all our charms and failings intact, as natural as the fields and waters we travel upon. Just as our bodies reflect our great diversity, our past struggles, scars, and joyous hopes, so our unique personalities are freed to meet each other from a place of harmony.

Naked in the wilderness is not just something we like to say, it is really what sustains us. The wilderness can be anywhere because it is the coming together, creating openness and the corresponding vulnerableness that leads to acceptance. Not just of our bodies, but our place in this universe. We perceive the earth with all our senses. We perceive each other through spirit.

When you stand before nature, and each other, and affirmatively declare, “Here I am, in this time and in this space” and see your existence validated by the woods, the water, the wind, as well as each member of this community, that is when we find our true life-joy. That is where we relax and settle into our being and find peace. Continued…Read full original article…

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7th November 2017

After all, why nudism?

The question is legitimate. Why getting naked in front of others? Why doing activities entirely naked, like swimming, hiking or cooking? Many blogs, articles, and books provided answers, including mine with articles like 4 good reasons to be nude or 7 reasons why nude is better for social activities with friends.

However, as I was preparing my lunch, naked as most of the time, the question why nudism? popped up in my mind. So I decided to look at it with a twist. So whether you are a nudist, an aspiring one or a pure textilist, here’s a way to look at the answer to this question.

Let’s start with the premises that nudity is totally normal. I know, for most people it’s not. Nudity and modesty are tied together, and nudity belong to private closed rooms. However, this is the twist. Let’s say that nudity is normal. Imagine it (it’s much easier if you are a confirmed nudist)! Continued…Read full original article…

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30th October 2017

Skinny-dipping in the Adirondacks

The Adirondacks are great for hiking and kayaking, but even relaxing by a creek may turn out very special there, as it happened to us at the so-called Potholers on the East Canada Creek. One of the reasons was that it was secluded enough to have the spot to ourselves most of the time, so we stayed comfortably naked.

Active Naturists

Upstream from where we stayed, the creek was deep enough for swimming.

Downstream were the rocks, flat and comfortable – you can’t ask for a better way of relaxation than chilling outdoors with the sound of running water. Continued…Read full original article…

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18th October 2017

The art of nude hiking
Nude sunbathing is nothing new, but nude hiking?

You’d be surprised to learn that it’s more prevalent than expected – in Dankerode, Germany there is a dedicated 18km nude hiking trail. And the airy activity is more common than you’d imagine on the Appalachian and Pacific Crest trails. There’s even a group of nude climbers who make an annual pilgrimage to Joshua Tree National Monument, redefining the traditional definition of crack climbing.

Woman enjoys view of Sierra Nevada Mountains while soaking in hot spring.

If you’ve felt the urge to bare all to Mother Nature, you are not alone. But before you go, plan ahead. There’s etiquette for naked hiking – you don’t want to end up with an embarrassing mug shot! So it’s a good thing to know the rules before you strip down. Continued…Read full original article…

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16th October 2017

When Will We Accept Nudity?

By the turn of the 20th century, there was a full-fledged nudist movement unfolding in Europe. This wasn’t the oil-soaked, full-penetration nudity of the Roman Empire, but a communal understanding among “nonsexual social nudists,” folks that felt the sting of the Industrial Revolution in their lungs and wanted to get back to nature. They were, predictably, mostly German and they let it all hang out in parks and naturist resorts. Though the trend made its way across the Atlantic, it morphed in America, becoming a beach thing – and, eventually, becoming a subcultural thing.

On an Austrian hike with N.E.W.T. aka the Naked European Walking Tour.
On an Austrian hike with N.E.W.T. aka the Naked European Walking Tour.

Mark Haskell Smith, who reports on subcultures for a living, shed it all to live as the nudists do for his book Naked At Lunch. Smith weaves his American and European nudists adventures with the fascinating history of nudism. Inverse talked to him about the future of the no-clothes pastime and what not to do at a nudist resort. Cont…Read full original article…

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17:20 4th October 2017

Randonue, la caminata naturista en Castelnau Magnoac (Francia)

Os presentamos un espacio naturista situado en los pirineos franceses mas concretamente en el Domaine de l’Eglantière, un espacio de 45 hectáreas de tierra naturista a lo largo de la región de Gers, acompañadas de un precioso río. Sin lugar a dudas un marco impresionante en comunión con el medio ambiente.

Con los senderos naturistas se puede explorar una zona verde y en muchas ocasiones se pueden ver ciervos, ardillas, liebres o erizos. Dependiendo de la temporada, los visitantes pueden disfrutar de la cosecha de bayas (moras, fresas silvestres …), setas, castañas e higos.

El bosque está lleno de belleza y sorpresas, este es un lugar ideal para practicar la caminata! Cont…Read full original article…

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23 September, 2017, 5:20 pm

Taking a Leap

Life is full of opportunities. Some you jump at, go after, grab. Others, you take a pass, let go. Hopefully that decision is made after careful consideration. But sometimes time isn’t on your side and you have to go with a gut reaction. But when you do have time, you need to make sure your decision is based on sound reasoning, on facts, on “the important stuff”. Unfortunately, for many, decisions are often made on supposition, misconception, misunderstanding, and emotions like fear and lack of self confidence and self esteem. Those decisions can lead to the R word — regrets.

Regrets….well, they suck. Just no other way to put it. Wishing you had done something, tried something, said something different than what you did, can be hard to live with. It’s like a recurring nightmare that pops into your head every now and then to remind you — you make mistakes, your not infallible, and this one time…..you blew it. Great, thanks. Experiencing the memory of a regret leaves you hollow, again, kicking yourself for the decision you made, no matter how understandable it might be.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The way I try to look at events like these aren’t as a regret, a moment where I blew it. But as a time where I learned a lesson in how not to do something. What’s that old quote about Edison inventing the light bulb and not having success after many attempts. “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. He didn’t regret those 10,000 times. He learned from them. Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have liked to have had success on attempt #1. It just means he didn’t dwell on all the misses. He kept moving forward. Cont…Read full original article…

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18 September, 2017, 5:10 pm

The Naked Truth About German Nudists

A FEW YEARS AGO, a black-and-white photograph emerged of three young women walking along a dock with an expanse of sparkling water behind them. All were smiling and were naked, and soon after the picture appeared online, gleeful commenters across the web began insisting that the woman on the left was Angela Merkel. The German chancellor’s office declined to comment, and while many now believe the photograph’s association with Merkel to be a hoax, there’s plenty of reason to think that Merkel, who grew up in a small East German town north of Berlin, came of age frolicking in the nude.

Germany’s millions of nudists, like those shown here, tend to be older, plump and proud.Roshan Adhihetty
Germany’s millions of nudists, like those shown here, tend to be older, plump and proud.

It would hardly count as conspiracy theory. Public nakedness is common in the former G.D.R.: Of the 8 to 12 million nudists in Germany, the majority live in the east and are over 50 years old. One regularly observes men and women of all backgrounds — from dull public servants to service workers to members of the German intelligentsia — relaxing and socializing without any clothes. They read alone in the park or chat in groups at the beach; some prepare to swim, while others wash down bites of bratwurst with pilsner.

They consider themselves members of an informal movement known as FKK, an abbreviation of Freikörperkultur, which translates to Free Body Culture. Despite the aggressive-sounding name, there is nothing confrontational or self-righteous or even erotic about it. Unlike in America, where public nudity typically has gay or countercultural connotations, in modern Germany it seems to have none. What began in the late 1800s as a kind of philosophy of physical health transformed, under authoritarian rule, into a mode of quasi-dissident leisure, and then later into something more temperate, a culturally ingrained but ultimately apolitical national pastime. Cont…Read full original article…

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01 September, 2017, 5:50 pm

Cornwall: Hitchhiking to Land’s End
Cornwall is full of picturesque landscapes, tales of mystery and dark legends.

Located in the most southwest of England, I set off on foot as I hitchhiked my way across the county, and what I discovered will forever stay in my memory.

Cornwall is a beautiful, with a wild heather landscape that’s filled with fauna and an abundance of flora, not to forget to mention its comfortable climate. I started my journey from the eastern part of the Cornish peninsula.

It didn’t take long for the one of Cornish locals to stop their car along the roadside to assist me with my journey. My general experience with the residents was that all were openly friendly, welcoming and had a permenent smile on their face. For me it wasn’t hard to wonder why they were in such good spirits, because there’s a power present in the nature and landscape of Cornwall that absorbs you in a positive energy. Cont…Read full original article…

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28 August, 2017, 5:30 pm

Hénansal. Un camping naturiste en projet
Bertrand Pilard, déjà propriétaire de deux campings à Saint-Jacut, veut ouvrir un camping naturiste à Hénansal, à quelques kilomètres de la plage du Lourtuais, à Erquy (22). Si les autorisations arrivent, il pourrait ouvrir au printemps 2018.

« J’ai grandi dans un camping ; mon père tenait celui des Hotieux à Saint-Jacut-de-la-mer. Aujourd’hui, j’ai repris le flambeau et depuis 2006, je suis aussi propriétaire du camping de la Presqu’île à Saint-Jacut. Naturiste depuis 16 ans, Bertrand Pilard, avait à coeur d’ouvrir un camping pour les personnes qui souhaitent vivre nu. Pour l’instant, il n’en existe qu’un dans les Côtes-d’Armor, à Bourseul. « Cela faisait très longtemps que je cherchais un emplacement du côté de la plage du Lourtuais, une très belle plage naturiste, bien surveillée et bien gérée par la commune d’Erquy. Je suis alors tombé par hasard sur le site de la Bonnais, une ancienne ferme qui accueillait un camping et une auberge et fermée depuis 2011. Il fallait aussi l’accord de la commune d’Hénansal et du maire qui m’a accueilli à bras ouverts ». Sur ce point, il reste quelques autorisations à obtenir et en particulier une modification du Plan local d’urbanisme intercommunal avec Lamballe Terre et Mer. Cette question doit d’ailleurs êre aborder dans quelques semaines en septembre.

Bertrand Pilard, 48 ans, est déjà propriétaire de deux campings à Saint-Jacut-de-la-mer et naturiste depuis 16 ans.
Bertrand Pilard, 48 ans, est déjà propriétaire de deux campings à Saint-Jacut-de-la-mer et naturiste depuis 16 ans.

Une piscine couverte en vue
Acheté il y a environ deux ans, le site, d’environ 5 hectares, est en plein travaux. Car Bertrand Pilard ne manque pas d’ambition pour ce nouveau projet qui lui tient vraiment à coeur. L’ancien corps de ferme, qui doit être rénové, pourrait dans les mois qui viennent pourrait abriter un restaurant, un bar, une salle de réception avec une cuisine pour les groupes, mais aussi une salle de jeux. « Je vais aussi construire une piscine couverte avec des jeux aquatiques, ainsi qu’une paillote avec une fausse plage de sable », précise Bertrand Pilard. Côté hébergement, difficile de connaître la capacité exacte. Néanmoins, le gérant du futur camping prévoit des chalets, des emplacements pour des mobilhomes, des caravanes, des tentes et tout un aménagement paysager pour embellir les cinq hectares. « Il y aura également quatre chambres à louer dans la longère », précise-t-il. Cont…Read full original article…

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25 August, 2017, 5:40 pm

iWalk Cornwall

Delabole quarry on the Slate quarry circular walk

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Delabole quarryiWalk
Delabole quarry

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Cornwall has been voted as the top ‘go to’ holiday destination in Britain
The 14 activities people love to do when they visit will surprise you

Cornwall has yet again proven its charm after it was voted as the number one holiday destination in the whole of Britain.

A total of 1,500 British people were polled on their favourite getaways and Cornwall led the way, taking the top spot.

Holidaymakers relaxing outside their beach huts on Bude beach
Holidaymakers relaxing outside their beach huts on Bude beach

The poll saw almost one in five people vote for our beautiful county as their favourite place to make happy holiday memories. Cont…Read full original article…

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24 August, 2017, 7:00 pm

El Fonoll el bonito poblado naturista en Tarragona

El Fonoll es un pueblo milenario en el corazón de Cataluña, que se empezó a restaurar los finales de 1998 como un complejo naturista, en medio de un magnífico entorno natural. Rodeado de suaves colinas con cerca de 200 hectáreas de finca boscosa y lleno de caminos, permite disfrutar de una vida saludable sin ropa (cuando el clima lo permite) y en armonía con la naturaleza. Invita a nuestros visitantes a disfrutar de nuestra amplia gama de opciones de alojamiento y uso de nuestras instalaciones durante cualquier periodo del año.

Cierto es que el poblado no deja impasible a nadie, una vez lo visitas, lo conoces y lo vives en toda su extensión es imposible no querer volver a repetir, se trata de un marco incomparable donde se dan todos los elementos claves para la filosofía de vida naturista. las actividades son todas siempre en la preservación del medio ambiento.

El cultivo de huertos, cuidados de granja de animales, baños de barro y más actividades todas en común con el respeto al medio ambiente. Su promotor y dueño Emili Calvès a tenido diferentes litigios con las autoridades de la zona pero sigue con el proyecto adelante. …Read full original article…

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19 August, 2017, 5:30 pm

New Forest Naturist Hikers

This group is for people that enjoy naked / naturist hiking in the New Forest (South England UK) and people that would like to try naked hiking in the New Forest for the first time.


Email: berniemann@live.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NewForestNaturistHikers/ – (Closed group)

iWalk Cornwall

Barrel jellyfish on the St Just to Messack Point circular walk

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Barrel jellyfishiWalk
Barrel jellyfish

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Women Who Hike Naked & Why They Do It

Nudity is a double edged sword; everybody seems to discuss what women are supposed to wear and how much they should (be allowed to) cover themselves up. You read that right; even in 2017, there are still people in “developed” countries who would like to dictate women what they can (not) wear.

While there are places where it gets dangerous if you show “too much”, elsewhere you are going to receive frowns and bullying in case you dare to cover yourself, be it for religious or personal reasons.

Claire / Forever Chasing Wanderlust

She continues: “To me it’s very innocent, it makes me feel like a little kid. I feel like I am part of nature, all masks fall down, and it’s just me, as I am, my naked body connecting with the elements. It’s also pretty thrilling, as if I’m on an adventure.” Read full original article…

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13 August, 2017, 10:20 am

Fishwife's Kitchen@fishwifeskitch
Fishwife’s Kitchen

Fabulous walk over the sand dunes at Perranporth

#cornwall. #walkswithmyvizsla


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iWalk Cornwall

The Hurlers on the Minions and the Cheesewring walk

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The Hurlers on the Minions and the Cheesewring walk

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David Davies

Evening walk round Portscatho, you might be seeing a bit of this place!

#cornwall #portscatho


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Evening walk round Portscatho

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Kneehigh launches storytelling app for exploring Cornwall

Theatre company Kneehigh has launched a free app that will allow people to listen to stories while exploring Cornwall.

The stories will be triggered by the user’s location, and have been collected from across the county by writer and Kneehigh company member Anna Maria Murphy.

Photo: Steve Tanner
Kneehigh’s storytelling app Walk With Me.

A pasty seller and a surfer are among the featured real-life narratives, which have been turned into dramatic dialogues delivered by Kneehigh performers.

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13 July, 2017, 6:45 pm

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iWalk Cornwall

RT @iwalkc: Hawkers Hut currently cut off to the south by a collapsing cliff @NorthCornwallNT @CornwallAONB @downthecove @budeandbeyond 

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Hawkers Hut

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iWalk Cornwall

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View over Lamorna Cove on the Mousehole to Lamorna walk

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