For discussion: Why aren’t nude selfies considered as normal as face selfies?

Remember the cell phone hacking scandal of 2014, when a bunch of woman celebrities had their nude selfies leaked? I’ll admit it at the time I wondered, ‘Why the HELL would you keep NUDE selfies on your cell phone??”

Um, fast forward a few years and my phone is crammed… and I mean CRAMMED with nude selfies, right alongside pictures of my kids, my storefront and various Brooklyn sunsets. Like, when people ask to see pics of my kids I have to cup my hands around my phone and scroll through about a couple dozen nude selfies before I get to them.

So what’s the deal? How did this happen? Continued…Read full original article…

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Original publication 8 November 2017

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Vacaciones en un camping nudista

Jose (19/11/2017)

Hola, me llamo Jose, vivo en el País Vasco y tengo 42 años.

Desde hace doce o trece años hago nudismo, sobre todo en playas del País Vasco (en Azkorri) y de Cantabria (sobre todo en Noja).

Cada vez soy más “adicto” al nudismo y ya no concibo unas vacaciones de verano sin ir a un alojamiento nudista y este verano de 2017 he probado en un camping naturista del Sur de España y la experiencia me ha encantado.

Estuve diez días e hizo bueno todos los días excepto uno de ellos. El camping en el que estuve tiene acceso directo a una playa nudista y también dispone de piscina nudista, así que cada día por la mañana y por la tarde iba un rato a la playa y luego a la piscina a darme un baño. Lo que se echa de menos es que el/la socorrista no esté desnudo/a, como todos los demás. Incluso el animador se metió con bañador en la piscina, lo que, desde mi punto de vista, no tiene ningún sentido. En otra urbanización nudista donde estuve, el animador sí que se desnudaba completamente para meterse en la pisicina.

Lo mejor de la playa es que es nudista al 100%. Creo que no vi a nadie vestido en la playa y eso se agradece. Además, había bastante gente joven, sobre todo parejas, tanto de chica y chico como de chicos. Incluso hay un restaurante nudista al que se accede desde la playa y desde el camping. Poder comer desnudo con vistas al mar es realmente muy agradable. Continued…Read full original article…

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Original publication 19 November 2017

2 weeks ago

Why nudism is critical and matters to society

Nudists know the many benefits of nudism and shared nudity. However, a vast majority of people, who are not nudists, see nudity as bad. We know this feeling is rooted in education as well as the fact that society has been sexualizing nudity for years. Therefore, people associate nudity to sex, and because sex is private, nudity should be. End of the story for many people.

Nudists have disassociated nudity and sex. Being naked is therefore normal, natural and social. With this, every nudist has been exposed to all sorts of nude bodies: every color, gender, body shape, scars, etc. Nudists know that nudism is all about being comfortable in our ones skin, with ones own body. When kids are exposed to nudism early or adults later when they embrace the nudism lifestyle, they understand that people are all different and come to respect, and appreciate, those differences. Continued…Read full original article…

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Original publication 30 November 2017

2 weeks ago

The insincerity of the female nude
Women should not be afraid to reclaim their naked bodies

John Berger once wrote: “To be naked is to be oneself. To be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognised for oneself.”

These are the words which ring in my ears as I stroll through the halls of an art gallery, confronted by a never-ending stream of breasts, lips, cheeks, and hair – these are faces without stories, mouths without voices, smiles without substance.

As a woman, you become accustomed to seeing your own image reflected wherever you look, in a glamourised, beautified format. However, something about seeing the female form anatomised, deconstructed and rebuilt according to the male gaze never fails to astound me. It’s a disconcerting experience, only ever seeing reflections of your gender from an outsider’s perspective. Continued…Read full original article…

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Original publication 30 November 2017

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Time to grow up?

I find it hard to react with nothing other than hilarity that people are getting off on the idea of naked bodies, their mental capacity often stuck at age 14 regardless of however many years they’ve lived on this earth.

‘Tee hee hee…it’s a willy‘ [insert alternative pet name for penis here] shrieks some girls and grown women.

Or… ‘BOOOOOOOOBIES!!!!!’ roar the adolescent boys still extant in the heads of mature males. Continued…Read full original article…

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4 ways to explain to friends and family why you are a #nudist

For many nudists, nudism is either a lonely activity or a hidden one. A lot of nudists go to the nude beach or to nudist resorts, without telling their friends or their family. They refrain taking pictures of themselves to avoid disclosing their sheer joy of being naked socially.

While I believe it’s truly important to be accepted as who you really are, I understand the fear of consequences of disclosing you are a nudist. Here are four ways that I find useful to explain nudism and why you are a nudist. Continued…Read full original article…

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Would YOU strip off in front of your children?
Mummy blogger reveals she and her husband are ‘more than happy’ to be NAKED around their sons (but will cover up when the kids are older)

A mummy blogger has revealed how she and her husband are ‘more than happy’ to be naked in front of their children.

Celine Bell, 37, from east London, said she is relaxed about stripping off when at home with her sons Arthur, three, and 18-month-old George.

Celine Bell, from east London, revealed that she and her husband Pete, 39, are 'more than happy' to be naked around their two sons Arthur, left, and GeorgeCeline Bell
Celine Bell, from east London, revealed that she and her husband Pete, 39, are ‘more than happy’ to be naked around their two sons Arthur, left, and George

She explained that her youngsters meanwhile ‘revel in being naked’, and are ‘proud of what their bodies can achieve’.

However, she admitted there will come a time when she and her husband Pete, 39, will have to be ‘mindful’ of their children, and cover up.

Writing on her blog Bell From Bow, she said: ‘It when we are not out of the house, we are as laissez faire as we’ve always been, and that includes being naked in front of the kids.’ Continued…Read full original article…

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Mujer. Imperfecta. Un mensaje en Instagram de Michelle Jenner

A través de una carta al director publicada en el diario El País el pasado 29 de febrero sobre la visita al programa El hormiguero de Antena 3, descubro un magnífico texto publicado por Michelle Jenner en su cuenta de Instagram (michellejoyjenner) que acompaña un dibujo de la dibujante argentina Maitena… tanto el dibujo como el texto son… bueno, califícalos tu mismo.

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Waiting for a South American Summer in December

No matter how hard I try, it is extremely difficult to catch the true colours of predawn skies. Typically, like in this image, the sky ends up being brighter than it actually is. The colours seem just a tad less intense as well. Still, the effort is worth it when one considers the idea of not having any sort of photo to capture this moment in time.

Predawn silhouette on the prairies
Predawn silhouette on the prairies

On the writing a novel front, I have just passed the 44,000 word mark, a benchmark that tells me my goal is well within reach. Even taking the time to put up posts here over the past three days hasn’t slowed down the writing. Continued…Read full original article…

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Our First Wedding Anniversary

On November 18th, John and I celebrated our first official wedding anniversary so I thought it appropriate to write about how John and I met. This is but one of many “special” dates that John and I acknowledge having been together starting our 23rd year!

Call it fate, serendipity or cosmic alignment, I was taken with John since I was nineteen when my sister Lucille came home from our sister-in-law Donna’s mother candlelit suppers. She showed me a 45 rpm of one of John and Scot’s music. She said they played a few songs at the piano and she said she thought they were gay. I was still questioning my own identity at that point and that peaked my interest. I’d listen to both sides over and over and said to myself “I’m going to marry him one day”. With a face like that, how could I not be smitten? Continued…Read full original article…

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Interview: The First Naked Ascent of El Capitan

El Capitan saw two firsts last week. On June 3, Alex Honnold made the historic first free solo of the monolithic wall via Freerider, climbing the route with nothing but the clothes on his back. On June 6, Leah Pappajohn and Jonathan Fleury traded out the clothes for a rope and completed the first naked ascent of El Cap via the Nose in a day. We spoke to Pappajohn about the ascent.

Leah Pappajohn and Jonathan Fleury pose for the summit shot after making the first ascent of the Nose sans clothesLeah Pappajohn
Leah Pappajohn and Jonathan Fleury pose for the summit shot after making the first ascent of the Nose sans clothes

What gave you the idea to climb El Cap naked?

Leah Pappajohn: The dream of climbing El Cap naked was an obvious one to me, but it took years for me to feel it was a possible in relation to my climbing ability. It’s a great feeling to climb nude. It’s empowering for me. And come on, it’s funny. Continued…Read full original article…

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El desnudo en el arte: El indigenismo canario

Las Islas Canarias, pese a su aislamiento geográfico de Europa y del resto de España, mantuvo durante todo el siglo XX un fuerte compromiso con las vanguardias artísticas internacionales. Es bien conocida su contribución, con artistas como Óscar Domínguez, al movimiento surrealista. Paralelamente – no contradictoriamente – se da un movimiento opuesto.

Gran parte de la nueva burguesía que emerge desde finales del siglo XIX, insegura en un mundo cambiante, busca un referente en la tradición y, al no encontrarlo, la inventa. Se desarrolla un realismo indigenista basado en una Arcadia que nunca existió y se gesta el mito de las Islas Afortunadas. Se inventa hasta el paisaje. El punto aglutinante más destacado fue, en la isla de Gran Canaria, la Escuela de Luján Pérez (fundada en 1917), pero también existió en menor medida en Tenerife, la otra isla que comparte la capitalidad de Canarias. Una situación que se mantuvo, en gran medida, hasta los años 80. Esta dicotomía, supuestamente antagónica, no es algo anómalo. En fin de cuentas el arte sólo es una expresión de la vida, de sus sentimientos y anhelos. Políticamente estamos observando que, junto a una globalización tendente a generar entidades administrativas, políticas y sociales más amplias y deslocalizadas, surgen movimientos nacionalistas como refugio a una pérdida de identidad, de carácter emotivo que, como en el caso del arte, necesitan muchas veces reinventar la historia. Continued…Read full original article…

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What is the reason to be naked?
Over at the Free Range Naturism Forum there was a question. “What is your reason (for being naked)?”

I quote Bob’s wise response:

“What is your reason (for being naked)?” is the wrong question and asserts that clothing is the default condition. WRONG.

Naked is our natural normal state of being. It needs no reason.

The real question is, “What is your reason to hide your beauty behind layers of ugly fabric?” Why do you fear to be seen as a human? What sickness forces your kind to cover yourselves even in the noonday sun, even when fabric and skins hold bacteria and stink, even when mother earth and father sky long for your freedom?

When the sight of another body of our own species is simply a matter fact, a curiosity, our lives have become much more authentic.
When the sight of another body of our own species is simply a matter fact, a curiosity, our lives have become much more authentic.

Yes, it feels daring and empowering to disregard the power of a shame based culture and reclaim our natural beauty. Yes the gentle caress of mother earth and father sky causes us to feel alive and sometimes sexual like a hungry animal. And yes, we sometimes risk the heavy hammer of a sick society punishing us for daring to be ourselves and out of their control. But that is not the reason to be who we are and that is not the reason they attack us. Continued…Read full original article…

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Balance de playas-temporada 2017

Fieles a nuestra cita anual y una vez finalizada la amplia temporada(mayo-octubre), volvemos con nuestro balance que en esta ocasión alcanza su tercera edición. Aparte de las fichas específicas de cada playa(que acompañamos junto a cada una de ellas), a través de la actualización post temporada os traemos la actualidad que acontece en cada una de ellas.

En cuanto a lo meteorológico, podemos decir que ha sido una temporada más o menos normal, principalmente en cuanto al viento de levante se refiere, sobre todo si la comparamos con la temporada anterior donde constituyó una clara incomodidad, soplando con las ganas que lo hace algunas temporadas y que como decimos en esta nos ha respetado.

Aunque en todas las localizaciones promocionadas por nosotros no existe problema alguno de masificación o incomodidad, bien es verdad que el tráfico sigue siendo un problema en cuanto al acceso y aparcamiento, sobre todo los fines de semana en las playas de Bolonia y Cañuelo, llegándose incluso a cortar el acceso desde el cruce de la carretera N-340. Y es que la fama de Tarifa tiene sus consecuencias, aunque solo sea en la práctica entre el 20 de julio y el 20 de agosto. Por estos motivos nosotros no contabilizamos ninguna visita a Cañuelo y Bolonia en todo el mes de agosto. Continued…Read full original article…

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More hot spring resorts in Japan allow guests into onsen while clothed

While staying at the Sui Suwako hotel in Nagano Prefecture, visitors can enjoy open-air bathing on the rooftop area while admiring Lake Suwa.

A couple soak in a hot spring with their baby in yuami-gi bathing wear at the rooftop open-air mixed bathing area at Sui Suwako inn in Suwa, Nagano Prefecture, with Lake Suwa in the backgroundTHE JAPAN NEWS/ASIA NEWS NETWORK
A couple soak in a hot spring with their baby in yuami-gi bathing wear at the rooftop open-air mixed bathing area at Sui Suwako inn in Suwa, Nagano Prefecture, with Lake Suwa in the background

However, when they arrive at the entrance of the mixed-bathing area, they would be greeted by this notice: “You are not allowed to bathe naked here.”

Instead, Sui Suwako offers guests a free “yuami-gi”, or bathing garment – a practice it has employed since opening last year (2016).

The inn is among an increasing number of hot spring resorts in Japan that allow guests to wear a garment while bathing.

This is because Japanese people are increasingly finding it embarrassing to be naked when men and women use the same bathing space. Continued…Read full original article…

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Naked Swimming in School

Durante años, hasta bien entrada la década de los 70 en las escuelas, institutos, universidades y/o asociaciones deportivas de Estados Unidos las clases de natación, principalmente en piscinas cubiertas, que se impartían a niños y adolescentes se realizaban en completa desnudez, era una práctica normalizada y estandarizada el dar las clases de natación sin traje de baño. En el documental Naked Swimming in School publicado en tres capítulos en YouTube en 2010, firmado por K. Dean Rhodes, el historiador se pregunta porqué ocurría esto y como es posible que nadie lo recuerde y, a continuación relata su investigación para dar respuesta a estas dos preguntas, presentando distintos documentos y un par de entrevistas de la radio.

Respecto al por qué, comienza contando que en la primera mitad del siglo pasado era bastante normal que los hombres fueran a bañarse y nadar desnudos en la naturaleza. Nadie esperaba otra cosa, especialmente cuando lo habitual era que no se mezclaran hombres y mujeres en este tipo de actividades. Culturalmente, en esa época se consideraba que un hombre no tenía por qué avergonzarse de que alguien le viera desnudo. Si que se esperaba que se cubrieran cuando hubiera mujeres presentes, pero más que por no avergonzarse ellos, por no ofender a las mujeres. En esa época, el desnudo masculino se utilizaba como símbolo de salud y vigor. A este respecto son curiosos los anuncios de una marca de jabones que utilizan ilustraciones de soldados bañándose en grupo en cualquier río, totalmente desnudos por supuesto. En esa época ese tipo de ilustración daba una imagen de salud y virilidad, como ya se ha indicado. Continued…Read full original article…

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Why this man thinks more people in Devon should get naked
“There are times when clothing is uncomfortable and unnecessary – nudity is often far more practical.”

A national advocate for open nudity has spoken about why he thinks the attitude to being naked needs to change.

Peter Wright, 64, a legal volunteer for the British Naturism group, got in touch after reading several stories about naked people on DevonLive last week.

Peter Wright of British Naturism
Peter Wright of British Naturism

They included reports of a man spotted walking naked down Exeter High Street and a couple who were caught having sex in a field in Holsworthy.

But Peter has told that he believes public nudity should be more acceptable. Continued…Read full original article…

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3 weeks ago

OPINION: ‘Open letter to the mayor and councillors’
I must query their claim of representing the ‘majority who ruled against the nudist beach’

I see from local newspapers that the five holy men and other ‘concerned citizens’ have saved the Lower South Coast from ‘moral and social decay’ and also saved thousands of litres of water due to busloads of naturists that will not be visiting during December.

While this win-win result is highly commendable, I must query their claim of representing the ‘majority who ruled against the nudist beach’ because these holy men speak TO their congregations and not FOR them. Continued…Read full original article…

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3 weeks ago


So often we read stories featuring adults who say, in relation to nudity -in or out off a naturist context- ‘but my child might see this!’

Let’s be honest : children aren’t traumatised by simple nudity.

They may be taught to be ‘traumatised’ by it, but that’s down to you, the adult failing in your parenting skills. Continued…Read full original article…

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3 weeks ago

Why vacation naked?

In this short video you will hear from people who go on naked vacation. The interviewer Dayle asks the guests of the resorts questions about – why naked vacation. She also asks question about if people tell their friends about their naked vacations. Take a look at the video and hear the answers 🙂

My answer to the question “Do you go on vacation naked?” would be YES!, and I do tell my friends and family. Why go on vacation naked? Because it feels free and natural. Continued…Read full original article…

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3 weeks ago

Le Naturisme, L’Hiver !

Le naturiste dés que l’hiver approche, que fait il ?

Alors encore une fois, chacun est libre de fonctionner comme il en a envie. Mais le principe de base (et le naturiste n’est pas plus “maso” qu’un autre), quand la température ne le permet pas et qu’il fait froid bien il se couvre ! Cela semble évident ! Continued…Read full original article…

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3 weeks ago

This isn’t your mother’s dinner party, unless your mom is a nudist
Editor’s Note: The identity of the person interviewed for this story has been changed for privacy reasons.

Some people prefer to eat undressed salad. Others, to eat salad undressed.

The latter might be less common than the former. But last year, a group of UR students celebrated their lack of dressing, salad or otherwise, while eating food (salad, or otherwise). They hosted nudist potlucks.

They were sort of like a club, but without SA recognition, foregoing funding so they could strip away SA’s rules and regulations.They didn’t advertise meetings; they didn’t mass-invite people to events on Facebook. They didn’t even have a name. They were just regular students enjoying a meal together while completely naked.

Nudist potlucks were serious affairs, as Alan, who graduated in May, discovered at his first get-together. He’d been to naked events at the Burning Man festival, but wasn’t sure what to expect of UR nudists. He’d heard the events had had a “sexual vibe” in the past. It wasn’t until he’d heard that this was a potluck — “and that my friend was bringing pasta” — that he believed it would be an honest, bare-bones event. Continued…Read full original article…

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3 weeks ago

Victorian women photographed breastfeeding their babies
The trend died out in the 1940s due to the invention of the formula

Breastfeeding can, unfortunately, be controversial.

Whilst it’s completely natural, normal and nothing that should be hidden away, some still believe that mothers shouldn’t nurse their infants in public.

A mother breastfeeding a child, USA, circa 1910.News Dog Media
A mother breastfeeding a child, USA, circa 1910.

Paragraph text Continued…Read full original article…

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3 weeks ago

Por qué creemos que las federaciones naturistas deberían cambiar sus estrategias

En varios de nuestros blogs anteriores hemos culpado de la federaciones naturista para mantener ese cuadro, para afirmar que sólo puede haber un tipo de naturist: el tipo que es miembro de un club, paga la cuota, lee la revista trimestral, invierte unos agradables tardes de primavera cortando el seto de la casa club y voluntarios para preparar las zanahorias para la barbacoa anual.

Los tiempos han cambiado y también lo han hecho las formas en que a la gente le gusta disfrutar de su tiempo, desnudos. Algunos no se preocupan mucho acerca de los aspectos sociales más, algunos no desean gastar cada domingo por la tarde en un club, en el mismo club. Muchos están dispuestos a pagar por el uso de instalaciones, en lugar de tener que realizar las tareas domésticas. Y lo más “moderno” de los naturistas es que no quieren estar pegados a un club, un país o una federación. Quieren explorar todas las posibilidades.

Por qué creemos que las federaciones naturistas deben cambiar sus estrategias Continued…Read full original article…

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3 weeks ago

Warming Up at the Spa

Each winter, when it’s too cold outdoors for going topless, we round up our gang and head to our favorite spa for an evening of fun in the sauna, steam room, and lemon-filled soaking tubs.

Usually we wait until December, but this year we couldn’t because the spa is about to undergo extensive renovations — so we had to get in before the wrecking ball came.

It was hardly a hardship. Warm as September and October were this year, November has been, as people used to say, as cold as a witch’s tit. (Why did they say this, we wonder. Would witches have abnormally cold tits? We count some practicing witches among our membership, and haven’t noticed any particular mammary hypothermia.) In any event, it’s been cold, and the warmth of the spa was welcome indeed. Continued…Read full original article…

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4 weeks ago

Hiding Our Nudity

I’ve written about modesty in the past and with all the sex abuse scandals popping up in the media I have to wonder how this might affect Naturists in the future? I fear that naturism will be labelled even more shameful than it currently is and soon there will no longer be any safe haven for us.

I re-posted a blog from regarding an article in the Montreal Gazette that they do not want nudity in changing rooms at a public pool in Brossard near Montreal. I still can’t believe that society has such a hang up with nudity and could this be the tipping point that spells the end of body freedom? The article stated that many changing rooms in the future will be gender inclusive with separate stalls for changing and showering and will thus eliminate nudity altogether.

John brought up an interesting point as I was discussing the issue of the pool in Montreal and he said that there could also be a religious aspect to it that I hadn’t thought of and seeing anyone nude can be offensive to their faith. If that is the case isn’t it like everyone trying to be politically correct by saying Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas? Continued…Read full original article…

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4 weeks ago

‘I dare you’

A flurry of recent ‘My first time’ contributions got me thinking. Looking back over some of those posts, it’s clear that for many of us there’s an element of initial ‘dare’ about our first exposure in public. This doesn’t have to be a direct ‘I dare you’ approach, but can manifest itself in different ways.

The most recent ‘My first time’ contribution from Deborah suggests she didn’t want to appear prudish or embarrassed, and thus dove into the experience head first. My own naturist debut was a little bit similar.

Peer pressure.

So I made up a notecard which I distributed inworld to SL friends (who have identified as naturist in RL…some of my SL friends are only SL naturists) asking two simple questions. Continued…Read full original article…

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4 weeks ago

Naturist Images and the Confessions of a Soul

A number of years ago, forty-seven years ago, I met a young woman who captured my heart. Almost a year later, we were married and I gave her a bouquet of three red roses. Today, the symbolism of three red roses continues to have the same emotional impact as that August day. Symbols are powerful, almost magical in the lives of everyday humans.

Three red roses
Three red roses

I was struck by this image of a friend of mine, an on-line friend from the naturist community. It was simply because she is a beautiful woman, but perhaps it fell to the roses, three pink roses. This friend, like myself is married. And, like myself, she is a naturist edging deeper and deeper into the world of naturism that is characterised more by a need than a want. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Sky Clad Therapist – The Naked Psyche

5 weeks ago

A man of no cloth: Reverend, 55, is a practising naturist and tells TV documentary the Bible celebrates nudity
Taking a leaf out Prince Harry’s book?: Reverend Bob Horrocks is both a Church of England vicar and a practising naturist. The Bolton-based 55-year-old will appear in a TV documentary about attitudes towards the naked human body.

His flock, as you might expect, are more used to seeing him in a cassock and dog collar.

But the Rev Bob Horrocks is rarely happier than when he is entirely defrocked.

Naked before God: Reverend Horrocks says the Bible doesn't condemn but celebrate nakedness.Manchester Evening News Syndication
Naked before God: Reverend Horrocks says the Bible doesn’t condemn but celebrate nakedness.

The 55-year-old, a keen naturist who holidays at clubs for those of a similar inclination, defended his hobby yesterday, saying there was nothing anti-Christian about it.

‘If someone sees a body uncovered, people think that’s somehow sexualised and they shouldn’t be looking at it,’ he said.

”They snigger – they are made to feel uncomfortable because it’s not part of their normal existence. Continued…Read full original article…

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14th November 2017

The Old Guard in organised naturism

During the Navy Review for Queen Victoria at Spithead, on 26th June 1897, a ship turned up without an invitation, it was there to show the Old Guard in the Admiralty that they should have listened to its designer all along. The perpetrator was Charles Parsons who had designed the first steam turbine in 1884 and had tried to get the Admiralty interested but had failed. He built a boat named Turbinia and powered it using his new engine then took it unannounced to the Spithead Review. Not surprisingly the navy picket boats sent to stop him were far too slow. The old codgers in the Admiralty were then caught in a fix, so public was the display of superiority that they could no longer fend off the future with their customary No. They had come from the same old codger tradition who resisted the change from sail to steam, from coal to oil fired ships and could not believe that an aeroplane made of string and canvas could sink a battleship, until one sunk the unsinkable Ostfriesland in 1921. It was not just the Admiralty that was headed by codgers, when Frank Whittle approached the Air Ministry with his jet engine he was given a range of reasons why it will never be of use, “why man, we have the Merlin engine!”, so he formed Power Jets Ltd and proved them wrong.

Sadly British history is littered with such examples, the Old Guard produced all kinds for arguments to keep sending children up chimneys, to stop women having the vote, to maintain the slave trade, etc. etc., a long and very sorry list, Hansard is replete with it. It often takes national emergencies to force the codgers to change or move aside. My mother joined the army early in the 2nd World War and found exactly that, the army was busy shipping out the codgers and replacing them with newly promoted officers of vision, those with an ability that encompassed more than being able to say No to new ideas. Continued…Read full original article…

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12th November 2017

A life changing decision. What does that mean for BareThoughts?
Channel Update

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since there has been some news around this blog, but a lot of things have happened in our personal life and obviously this will affect Bare Thoughts aswell. In this update I’ll try to explain why and what is going to happen with this channel in 2018 but also in these last few weeks of 2017. If, after reading this, you still got questions, feel free to ask them, I’m happy to reply to you all.

It all starts with one of the biggest decisions in my life: I’m quitting the international truckerslife. I’ve done it for 11 years now and I love it a lot, but lately my body is telling me that it’s enough. The switching working hours, long days, stress and food are taking it’s toll, especially since I have Crohn’s disease and my energy is really going down the drain. Luckily I found a company where I can work steady hours and max 5 days a week. Also a big plus: I’ll be home every day so more time with the family. The new job will still be on the road, you can’t get me of the road that easy, but more close by and no more sleeping in the truck. We as a family are very happy with the decision I made. Continued…Read full original article…

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12th November 2017

The Digital Camera — Technology’s Gift to Naturists

To all the techno-geek engineers out there who over time created the capability for me to build a photo album of naturist memories without concern of what developers might see, who might find out, where copies might end up, and what might happen…..thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my gloriously nude heart. Because looking back on fond memories is one of my favorite pastimes. Nude memories can now be easily included in that.

I suppose the Polaroid provided the same capability many years earlier but on a much smaller scale and certainly with less fidelity. So, I’m not really counting that. But I did utilize a camcorder to provide the same purpose — documenting my new found nudist experiences.

In my younger years, I filmed many of my nude activities — really boring stuff really….cleaning, vacuuming, walking thru the house, my first foray into being nude outdoors, etc… It was just everyday life, but nude. I really enjoyed looking back on them later. It was like getting to step outside myself and get so me living as a naturist. Just going to and fro, nude. It wasn’t focused on seeing my penis and butt. It was about seeing my naturism. Continued…Read full original article…

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11th November 2017


Jumping in, giving it a go, taking a leap….sooner or later, we all have to go solo. The instructor is gone, the teacher has armed you with the tools, the research is over. You just have to try it. Whatever it may be. For naturists, it often comes with a “what the hell” type moment where you overcome the fear, the trepidation, the concerns. Instead, you choose to embrace the what if, the unknown, the road seldom taken. What others reject and fear, you happily embrace. You choose to go nude.

Not a photo of Mrs Naturistthoughts, but it reminded me of her story the first time I saw it. I’m left with a sense of “discovery”, like she just found something she has been searching for for a long time.
Not a photo of Mrs Naturistthoughts, but it reminded me of her story the first time I saw it. I’m left with a sense of “discovery”, like she just found something she has been searching for for a long time.

As I’ve said many times, personal “first time” stories are always my favorite, no matter how similar they may be. Because for that person, it was a big event. It’s what they did. It was their jump, their leap, their giving it a go. That should never be bypassed or trivialized. It’s a big deal.

I’ve shared so many if my personal stories that I don’t think I have many left to be honest with you. But one of my favorites was actually a Mrs Naturistthoughts story, a first time. Although Mrs had spent time nude growing up, just as I had, and would occasionally join me in nude time at home, such occasions were sporadic at best, and usually something she did to join in with me, not simply for herself. But on one occasion while I was out of town, she shared with me that she had spent the morning nude and had found it quite enjoyable and exhilarating. She relayed a small anecdote of how much she enjoyed her morning routine au naturel — standing by the sink, washing a few dishes, in front of the open window, feeling the morning sunlight on her body, wearing only her jewelry. It made her smile. Continued…Read full original article…

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10th November 2017

El naturismo y la esencia de la libertad

Como nos explican diferentes e ilustres pensadores de las diferentes generaciones la mayor búsqueda del ser humano ha sido siempre la de sentirse libre y proclamar a los cuatro vientos su ente libre para una mayor compresión de la libertad de todos los seres humanos. Hoy en día vivimos momentos de extrema complicación en lo que se refiere a las libertades individuales y colectivas. Resulta extremadamente complicado entender el concepto de libertad cuando solo vivimos en el concepto de imposición. Desgraciadamente las reglas del juego de la vida ya están marcadas por unos cuantos para todos y eso lo podemos extrapolar a todos los ámbitos de la vida ya sean políticos, económicos y sociales. Si nos paramos a pensar por un momento entenderemos que no somos seres libres aunque nos encantaría serlo, la represión en el caso del naturismo lleva siendo patente desde hace décadas, ahora lo podemos extrapolar a situaciones políticas y de nuestra vida la cual está completamente teledirigida por los medios de información. Consiguen que no veamos más allá y perdamos la capacidad de sentirnos libres desde el principio más básico del ser humano.

El naturismo lleva sufriendo o padeciendo ese estatus implantado en la sociedad de la ” no libertad de pensamiento ni de acción “. Algo tan esencial y a la vez tan precioso como el medio ambiente y el poder comunicarnos con el de la manera más natural hoy en día casi resulta algo hiriente y en muchos casos hasta penado. Si somos incapaces de poder disponer de una libertad tan esencial como esa, que libertad esperamos tener en una sociedad construida por unos pocos para todas las masas de la sociedad? De que nos sirve escondernos de la realidad? Pues como vamos viendo de nada.

El núcleo de la discusión impuesto es el siguiente. Para los grupos naturistas, el nudismo es una ideología —para lo que acuden incluso a la definición que la RAE da de la palabra— cuya forma de exteriorización (estar desnudo) y su práctica debe entenderse amparada por el derecho a la libertad ideológica “y no puede en modo alguno limitarse por ordenanzas municipales”. Y al formar parte de un derecho fundamental, los poderes públicos solo podrían limitarlo por ley orgánica. Continued…Read full original article…

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8th November 2017

What if Nudism were a Religion?
What if nudism were a religion? What if the practice of ”Nudism” were considered equal to the practice of Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Abrahamic religion or any of the other many religions that exist today?

If nudism were a religion then surely I could no longer claim to be an atheist. I’d be attending Nudist Church every Sunday and even volunteering my time towards the church on other days of the week. Heck, I’d even be interested in becoming a nudist preacher!

Some people reading this might answer that it is against the law to be naked in public, or that they would be offended if they saw a naked human body.

First of all, if nudism were a religion, then being naked in public could no longer be considered a criminal offence, or else it would amount to a clear case of religious persecution by the state. In Canada for example – where I am from – the Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that everyone has the freedom of conscience and religion. Hence, if ”Nudism” were a religion, forcing a ”Nudist” to put on clothes would be like asking a Sikh to remove his turban or a Muslim woman to remove her hijab. Continued…Read full original article…

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6th November 2017

My first time : Connie
Our posts ‘My first time’, also published as ‘My nude debut’, has been a popular, if irregular series at SLN, and draw on reports we receive, or commission, as to our readers first experiences of naturism in its broadest sense.

They seem to be like buses 🙂 you wait for ages and two come along at once!

Here’s the first of two recently received reports, the first from Floridian reader Connie, about her first experiences of skiing dipping in her parents’ pool with a friend and, later in the week, there’ll be another in this ongoing, irregular series, following an inworld conversation I had with an avatar at a naturist sim.


Hi, I’m Connie, from Vero Beach, Florida. Or I was, 10 years ago as a middle teen. My nudist experience comes from I was living with my Mom in Florida. My parents are divorced and my Dad lives in Tampa now. Mom still lives in Vero Beach, but I’m now resident in Kissimmee after university there, finding a job after university and then marrying. I’m 25 now and the proud Mom of my own baby son. About 10 years ago, I was 15 going 16, my parents split up and Dad moved away. It was an amicable divorce and Mom got the house, complete with pool. At the time my Mom was young enough to think about dating again (she eventually married a boyfriend she met in that time) so used to go out every Friday night. I was pretty young, but she had enough faith in me for me to be at home if I had a friend over for a sleepover most Fridays.

Olivia would come over and stay until Saturday lunchtime when Mom drove her home, so we’d go home from school on a Friday afternoon, Mom would fix us some food, and we’d change into our bikinis and laze by the pool.

The sun would go down but it’s Florida, still warm enough to sit out in a bikini until midnight and beyond it you want to in the summer months.. Which was what we did. We’d put on some music, order a pizza or light up the BBQ, cook some food and chill. We’d swim a bit. Continued…Read full original article…

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6th November 2017

A naturist’s view on clothing
What? Clothing? Yes. It’s the stuff we have to hang around ourselves in most of our daily lives to be ‘acceptable’.

You know, the comfortable stuff that can make sitting, walking and moving so unpleasant. It’s something the world has bestowed upon us all for the sake of ‘decency’ and ‘normality’. Because everyone’s born dressed, right? 😉

Why textile?

First of course there’s the obvious reason. Staying warm. Contrary to popular belief that should be the reason for our fabric prisons. Not fashion, not being hip, not being pretty. Staying warm. I’ve seen people take that to extremes. Imagine a summer day, nice and toasty, of about 30C / 86F. You’re sweating because it’s so warm, despite you are down to the bare acceptable minimum. And then you see someone on a bicycle in long pants, a sweater and… a coat. Continued…Read full original article…


5th November 2017


I recently, for the first time ever during the course of writing this blog, became ‘becalmed’ in what I want to write, and a bit of writers’ block set in. There have been times when I’ve been becalmed by SL itself, but there’s still been something from the real world to write about. This time? Nope. Zilch. Nada.

It was the devil’s own job to work through it, and if you check out the dates of posts you’ll find I was struggling to produce an article per week in recent weeks. There simply weren’t enough naturist stories, or SL naturist events, to write about, and the only way I found I could produce anything, and even deliver an article per week, was to abandon the whole idea of ‘naturism’ for a while and get out in SL to explore some things that might more accurately be on the periphery of naturism…beauty pageants, cosplay and role-play, go lingerie shopping, and write about these things instead.

It worked. Continued…Read full original article…

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5th November 2017

Rethinking Strategies When Encountering Others

Jbee and DF choose naturism and nudity. We feel free and natural, healthy, and wholesome. We are more aware, more in the moment, more spiritually free, when we are naked. We don’t wear clothing, unless we feel the need. We go nude, whenever that is possible. It is fun, cooler in the heat and altogether positive.

“Have a great day!”
“Have a great day!”

We are liberated and free to be nude in our domestic lives and in some social settings where we can be casually nude among friends. We do what we can to live in liberation. Above all, we love the naturism of camping and hiking. We seek remote places to explore with our bodies, mindfulness, and meditations. We experiment with the wonderment of our natural world, its relationship with our own nature and our spiritual consciousness. Continued…Read full original article…

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4th November 2017

What is it about being naked?

Come on, it continues to blow my mind, what is it really about being naked and nudism? We all have a body. All women are made the same way, all men too. Of course, some are fatter, thiner, bigger, smaller, darker, lighter, etc. However, we are all coming from the same mold (we share all a lot of the same DNA).

Therefore, the body you are looking in the mirror when you are naked is not very different from another body you could look at when naked. So what the fuss around naked bodies? Well, it’s just the way society wants us to rethink our relationship with our body: money and shame! You need to be ashamed so you can spend money, on clothing, on religion, on stupid useless stuff. Continued…Read full original article…

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4th November 2017