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“From prudist to nudist: I got naked for a naturist swimming session and this is my honest review”
Stylist’s digital writer Megan Murray has never been nude in public before – until now, that is. Here’s what happened when she decided to bare all for the first time ever.

Everyone has had some variation of the same nightmare at some point in their lives. You know the one I mean: it starts with you walking down the street, or doing a presentation at work, or even back at school, blissfully untroubled by the state of your clothing.

Then, all of a sudden, a cold realisation creeps over you: you’re naked, nude, completely starkers – and you’re begging for the ground to swallow you up. Like I say, I’m pretty sure everyone has had the same nightmare at least once.

"As I’d never been naked in public before, and had no idea what to expect..."
“As I’d never been naked in public before, and had no idea what to expect…”

If you haven’t, though, I’m sure you can at least empathise – everything in the world around us has taught us that being naked is terrifying, embarrassing, vulnerable.

And, for most of us, the thought of parading down a poolside in the buff is enough to bring on a stress rash. So when I, a nude novice, was asked to attend weekly two-hour naturist swimming session at Energybase Gym in Bloomsbury, London (all in the name of journalism, of course), I found myself flooded with dread.

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Source: Stylist

Original publication 08 Aug 2019

Posted on NatCorn 3 days ago

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Naturism, an “activity” more and more popular
Summer and its heat push people to remove a few layers of excess clothing. The followers of naturists go to them completely naked. The trendy practice attracts both older and younger people. Many see it as a way of being free without fearing the eyes of others. We talk about it with Michel Vaïs, the founder of the Quebec Federation of Naturism .

“Naturism is a way of living in harmony with nature that is characterized by the practice of nudity in common and which has the effect of promoting self-respect, that of others and care for the environment, says he in interview. This is the definition that has been adopted by the International Naturist Federation, which has been in existence for half a century. It brings together some forty countries. “

Nudists head for the waters of Sunset Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia on July 18, 2013
Nudists head for the waters of Sunset Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia on July 18, 2013

The founder and author of the book Nu, simply. Nudity, nudism and naturism (Triptyque, 2012) explains that summer is an ideal season for naturists to reconnect with nature. “When the weather is nice, clothes are really a burden. They can be very bulky. Especially the swimsuit because of elastics. If you think about it a little bit, it’s not very serious to have to get dressed to get wet. When you take a bath, you do not wear a swimsuit. It’s so much better to wear nothing at all. ”

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Source: RCI Radio Canada International

Original publication July 27, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 2 weeks ago

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Naked Hiking: Why To Do It & How To Do It
There is nothing more freeing than being out in nature. Except, perhaps, being out in nature…completely naked?

This somewhat niche activity encourages hikers to shed their skivvies and experience nature in its purest form, unrestricted by the burden of clothing and peer judgement. What’s more, it has its own informal holiday to celebrate the joys of hiking Adam-and-Eve-style: Naked Hiking Day.

Before I get into details of why you might want to shed your clothes on the trail and how you might best go about it, I was really curious about public attitudes towards nude hiking. So in May 2019 I asked America the following multiple choice question:

June 21st is “Naked Hiking Day”. Which of the following statements best describes your attitude towards naked hiking:

    1. ​It’s fine, I have no problem with it
    2. It should only be allowed in specific places
    3. It shouldn’t be allowed anywhere
    4. It sounds fun!

I polled 1,505 adult Americans between 24th and 27th May 2019 through Google surveys, weighted to account for Age, Gender and Region, with the answers displaying in a random order.

Here’s the result:

The first thing I noticed was, although the least popular option, nearly 15% of Americans think naked hiking sounds fun. That equates to 35 million people!

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Source: Effortless Outdoors

Original publication 17 June 2019

Posted on NatCorn 3 weeks ago

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I think I might be a nudist
I love being naked outdoors and I wish everyone else did too.

The first time I ever saw a topless sunbather was when I was 12 at Waihi Beach. A woman in her 20s was laying on a towel, enjoying the hot blistering New Zealand sun. She looked relaxed, happy, confident and free. Until a guy emerged from the surf, walked past and said “Nice tits.” and joined his son and daughter on the towels near me. I could not believe the nerve of this guy.

Lucy Zee wishes clothing was optional.
Lucy Zee wishes clothing was optional.

I made a promise to myself that day that I when I grew up, I would one day sunbathe topless in public and if a guy made a gross pig remark on my body I would tell him to go f… himself.

I’m yet to live out this dream.

To make things clear, I do love wearing clothes, I can’t stop buying them. I don’t desire to do my job naked, go to the movies nude or do my dirty house chores with nothing on.

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Source: Stuff

Original publication Jul 26 2019

Posted on NatCorn 4 weeks ago

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The Joys of Sharing Naturism with Others

Remember Addie? She’s our twenty-something friend who’s not only become a fervent naturist, but quite a prolific blogger as well. She’s particularly keen on what might make naturism more alluring to people in her own demographic, as she’s clearly found it to be most liberating and rejuvenating for herself. Having come to naturism just in recent years, I think she offers timely perspective to encourage others to follow in her (naked) footsteps…

One of my greatest joys in life stems from moments in which I am lucky enough to introduce others to places and experiences that I have found meaningful; I gain great pleasure from watching someone else experience something for the first time that means a lot to me. Certainly, I would qualify naturism as a defining feature of my life through from which I derive a great amount of joy. Therefore, it naturally follows that I very much enjoy experiencing someone else’s moment of astonishment as they realize, “Wow! I’m not wearing clothes in public and it’s awesome!”

Certainly, I have not had the joy of experiencing this moment many times, as I’m fairly new to naturism, but witnessing someone experience naturism for the first time constitutes something very special for me, and I can’t wait to continue to share my love for naturism with others.

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Source: The Meandering Naturist

Original publication JULY 23, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 4 weeks ago

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First time in mixed nudist & textile camp
I was never before in a mixed nudist and textile camp. Until now. I would always choose an only nudist camp, but this time, this mixed camp Kosirina on Murter in Croatia was on the way so the decision was made: it is time for the first experience of a mixed camp.

Check out why I love camping, and why you should try it here.

I wondered how different it is from a regular only nudist camp? Will there be separated areas for nudist and textiles? Or will we be altogether? Will there be more nudists or textiles? Will the textiles react to nudity? How will I feel naked around people in bathing suites if that will be the scenario?

First, when we arrived at the camp and go to the reception I asked if there is an area dedicated only to nudists. The receptionist said that here we are all mixed together and can be naked anywhere except in the bars and reception. Ok, that works for me. So now was the time to find a perfect place. If you ever went camping than you know how important and how hard is to find a perfect place. The perfect place is the one that is big enough, that is in the shade, in the first row to the sea, close to the toilets and close to the power connection. After some searching here it was, the perfect spot!

While searching I have already noticed that nudists in this camp are not the majority. In fact, as I learned later, besides me, there were only several nudist couples.

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Source: Naturism Girl

Original publication 19/07/2019

Posted on NatCorn 21st July 2019

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Sun’s Out, Buns Out: Answers to the Six Most Asked Questions by First Timers Interested in Visiting a Nudist Club this Summer

It’s summer. It’s hot. And you and your spouse want to try something new. You’ve both thought about topless sunbathing or skinny dipping or spending the afternoon naked by a pool or lake. Interested in learning more?

Here’s what anyone who enjoys nude recreation will tell you, “Suns out? Buns out!” This is the summer to try nude recreation for you and your significant other and to learn what it’s really all about.

Sun’s out. Get those buns out! On a hot summer’s day, there is no better time to get naked with your spouse at a local nudist club or campground.
Sun’s out. Get those buns out! On a hot summer’s day, there is no better time to get naked with your spouse at a local nudist club or campground.

My wife and I started this blog several years ago to give couples interested in nude recreation and social nudity a better idea of what to expect. There is a lot of bad information out there and from our experience, the reality is probably not what you’d expect. It wasn’t what we expected at first either, but what it is, we have found to be relaxing, wonderful and a great activity for the two of us. Simply put, we love our nude time together and the more couples we talk to who have experienced it usually say they wish they had tried it a lot sooner than they did.

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Source: Our Clothing Optional Trips

Original publication July 6, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 14th July 2019

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The “Otherside” of the Body Shaming Culture

In the last 3 days we have posted two different female body types on our page. One of them, a young slim figure whilst the other is older with additional adipose tissue and some natural effects of ageing.

Let me begin by saying that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with either of these images. Both are healthy individuals with different body types. It’s that simple. The problem is people’s reactions to these photo’s. But their reaction may not be what you think it is. We were criticised for posting the young slim figure, and when the second photo was posted we were criticised by people saying, “It’s about time we see some real bodies on here”. Let me explain to you why this is such a problem in our culture.

Why is it, that only the bodies that are slightly aged, with a bit of extra body fat and stretch marks are termed “real bodies”? Why do we only acknowledge one end of the spectrum as “real”. Are those people with naturally very slim builds, or athletic bodies not real? Are they not at risk from suffering body image issues? Why are they always left out of the body image discussion. Why is it brave for someone who is overweight to own the skin they are in and get naked on a mountain top, yet someone who is of a young athletic build have people look at their photo and roll their eyes with the comments “It’s easy if you look like that”.

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Source: Get Naked Australia

Original publication 30 June 2019

Posted on NatCorn 4th July 2019

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Naturism and oranges

What do these two have in common? This may seem a strange question but there is something to it.

Have you ever tried to explain naturism to a person? I have. You may have as well. And did it work as in did you make someone go along, become a naturist or at least try it? Not exactly for me. If you managed it, do share your magic in a comment, we’re all curious.

I think naturism and oranges share the same trait: they have to be experienced to be understood. Try explaining the taste of an orange to someone who has never seen or heard of one.

Imagine someone coming up to you and talking about a purple thing you can eat. It is triangular, you need special tools to open it but it tastes great. It can taste a bit salty, or sour, or bitter-sweet, “but you’ll love it”. Would you know what this person is talking about? Do you think you would like it? (I admit I wouldn’t since I made the whole thing up right here.)

That goes for oranges as well, even when they aren’t purple. And for naturism, which isn’t orange unless body-paint has been applied.

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Source: Zjuzdme

Original publication June 19, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 19th June 2019

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My Label and Me: I’m new to the nudist lifestyle but I’ve never felt more free
I am a nudist and proud of it.

On 8 July 2018 I had a decision to make: go to a pool party or stay home alone. I think most of us would prefer the pool party, but there was a catch – I would have to be nude.

When I was younger I desperately wanted to be nude as it would allow me to be open and free, but it was not accepted by people I knew and I therefore I didn’t have the courage to step out.

By choosing to attend the nude pool party, I made a life changing decision. I chose to be confident and believe in myself. As a result I have realised I do not care what detractors might think of me.

The Central Florida Naturists define a nudist as ‘a person who is strong, confident, open, honest and free.

‘A person who enjoys being naked as often as possible. A person who loves, respects and appreciates their bodies as well as the bodies of others.

I am a nudist and proud of it
I am a nudist and proud of it Anthony Mair/

‘A person who knows all bodies are beautiful, no matter what their size, shape, or gender.’

Given this awesome definition, I can’t think of a reason for clothing.

When I first attended these nudist groups, I felt the people there tended to stand out because they were so unique.

I didn’t realise what I was picking up on was the huge confidence the attendees had in themselves.

But this confidence is not manifested in egoism, in fact I discovered that many are loving individuals who look at the inner self of others.

Nudists are used to looking past your outer shell and they speak to you as if you are just another good person.

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Source: Metro

Original publication 23 May 2019

Posted on NatCorn 28th May 2019

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Nudity and religion
Religion in (my) school

Religion keeps confusing me. I know I’ve been at this before, but it is something so incomprehensible to me that I want to address it again.

When I was 15 or 16, which is quite a while ago, I made sure the catholic church removed me from their subscription list. I’d gotten into arguments with the priest who, in school, taught religion and got thrown out of the classroom quite often ‘for asking the wrong questions’. Even at that age I was aware that, if someone who is supposed to be a professional at his job (priest is a job, right?) and he can’t answer the most obvious of questions, then there’s something wrong with the background of his job.

It was around that time that I discovered nudism (as it was still called back then). That was the straw that broke the religious camel’s back: I asked the priest why Adam and Eve had decided to put on clothes when being naked was so much more comfortable.

This was the result, as it were. Words like ‘insolent’ and ‘blasphemy’ (that last one threw me, still does) were the last ones from the priest before I left that class forever.

The library was my friend after that.

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Source: Zjuzdme

Original publication May 22, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 27th May 2019

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Do nude whatever is possible
In case you didn’t know: it’s not a perfect world

Naturists and other clothes-free loving people often complain that the world isn’t accepting us the way we want. True, I immediately agree with you. However, we still have options to do what we want, be it in our home, in saunas, on nude beaches, nude resorts and any kind of venue that is organised by people with open minds. Like the British Naturism swim in a water park that attracted so much attention lately.

Compared to many people who have no opportunity to be as free as we are in their country, we can count ourselves lucky in a way. Of course, there are those who are in our league and they draw the short end in their country too. For instance in Egypt, where nudism is illegal. I once read an article by the Egyptian Nudist where he and some friends occasionally came together in someone’s home to have some relaxing nude time, and even that was risky for them.

The world is a weird place. Let’s be happy with what we can do, instead of constantly bemoan what we can’t. Life is too short to whine and complain, trust me. Suddenly you’re old and you should not look back in regret.

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Source: Zjuzdme

Original publication May 1, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 5th May 2019

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The Case of the Disappearing Nudist Children
[It takes me a while to actually get to the point on this one, but eventually, this post is going to be about the absence of children at most naturist places in the US – or at least my perception that this is the case – and what that may or may not mean for the future of naturism in America.]

I’ve been ruminating on this post for quite a long time. In fact, since my oldest daughter just turned 31 a few days ago, maybe for about thirty years. The subject matter? The ever-controversial topic of children and social nudity, and simply what to make of it all.

The blogosphere is a strange place as people don’t typically read a blog in any sequential sort of way. Maybe one finds a link on Facebook or Twitter and clicks through. Or perhaps you’re even a follower of a particular blog, and if the timing is right, you’ll read posts as they are released in succession. But personally, I find the digital age to encourage rather impulsive behavior. “Oh… look at that! I think I’ll read that, or maybe part of that post, or maybe I’ll bookmark it for… I don’t know when.” All that said, if you’re a regular reader, I apologize for the redundancy here.

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Source: The Meandering Naturist

Original publication FEBRUARY 8, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 28th April 2019

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Naked in the Canarian paradise
What do the Canary Islands have to be one of the best nudist destinations in the world? Take off your clothes and discover the pleasure of feeling the elements on the skin

David Gray says that she is a nudist from the moment her mother took off her diapers. That's more than 40 years ago. "I have lived naked almost all my life. Obviously I wear clothes when circumstances force me, but in my house I'm naked and I have fingers left over to count the times I've worn a swimsuit, "he explains. Tenerife born and Lanzarote adopted, the warm and privileged climate of the Canary Islands plays in their favor. In fact it is the climatic factor that first names when trying to explain why the archipelago is one of the main focuses of nudist tourism in Spain and Europe. In the Canary Islands the summers are pleasant and the winters are very mild. An eternal spring of sunny days, blue skies and stable temperatures, which invites you to shed your clothes and enjoy a more direct contact with nature 365 days a year.

The second key factor is "freedom" . As indicated by David Gray, president of the Naturist Association of Lanzarote , "The Canary Islands is one of the few communities that has hardly put restrictions on the practice of nudism on their coasts." Only in 4 of the 77 Canarian coastal municipalities (Tías -Lanzarote-, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tazacorte and Breña Alta -La Palma-), nudism is expressly prohibited on its beaches, which on the land means that in the Canary Islands no problem to find where to bathe or sunbathe naked. The catalog is wide and varied, from the kilometer-long beaches of white sands of Fuerteventura, where you can find, for example, the largest nudist beach in Spain, Cofete, to the beaches of the south and north of Gran Canaria, the small coves of La Gomera or some natural pools of El Hierro. "In the north of Lanzarote there is even a village, Charco del Palo , in the municipality of Haría, which is practically nudist. There are naturist lodgings and you can go without clothes down the street, "says David Gray, referring to what is considered one of the first naturist centers in the world .

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Source: La Nueva España

Original publication

Posted on NatCorn 6th April 2019

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Fat? Why your body is not a problem to be fixed

Pretty much the first thing that fat studies scholar Dr Cat Pausé asks when I contact her to see if she'd like to contribute to our story on fat is, "Are you going to use any photos of headless fatties?" If we are, she's not interested. Awkwardly, we were going to, actually. For the cover, we had planned to use a photo of a headless fat person with the headline, "What's wrong with this picture?" and then earnestly point out how frequently the media uses images of headless fat people and how problematic they are.

Fat Studies scholar Dr Cat Pausé.
Fat Studies scholar Dr Cat Pausé. David Wiltshire.

Even though it was meant to be sympathetic, meant to open discussion on the problems of being fat in a society obsessed with the thin, Pausé, a Massey University senior lecturer, said no. It's still a headless fatty. Even if you're trying to be clever with it. No interview. "Why not use a photo of happy, smiling, laughing fat people with the same headline?" she said. "When do you ever see that?" She has a point. Because we all know the photos she's talking about. They're the ones usually accompanying the headline "Obesity Crisis". We see those pictures on the news, in the papers all the time: fat people's bottoms walking along a street, fat people in the mall, and the Holy Grail: fat people eating and drinking. (Because, how dare they?) The photos are snapped sneakily, to avoid the need for permission, and to avoid embarrassment. (Because they should be embarrassed, right?)

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Source: New Zealand Herald

Original publication 30 Mar, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 5th April 2019

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Good Naked Morning: Swimming in the Buff and the Good Ol’ Days

Hey friends, good naked morning on this lovely Sunday. Yeah, normally I blog on a Saturday morning, but I was workin’ all day yesterday—almost passed out. For the beginning of fall, these past few days have felt like how July and August should have felt if only we didn’t have such a cold summer. We hadn’t really had a 90-degree day up here in my area of Northern Michigan until really this weekend, THE FIRST WEEKEND OF FALL! I was down filming a local festival, and yesterday I was filming their queens’ pageant which was a good 2 hours out in the scorching sun and I’m in my sweaty polo—my bottle of water I’d been drinking all morning gone, both of my cameras’ batteries were on the verge of dying…and so was I. The pageant started at 10, and didn’t get over ‘til about 12:30, and I felt so sorry for those girls who had to brave the heat changing behind the tarp curtain in the small bandshell. Luckily when it was all over, the concessions were nearby and I got some pizza for lunch and best of all…an ice cold bottle of water! I started feeling a lot better afterwards.

Right on the edge of the park there in Atlanta is the Thunder Bay River, and I was so tempted to jump in for a swim—especially after I got a notification from one of my [textile] friends from a Christian ministry I belong to, he was working all day but took a break to take a cool swim in the river. I was practically green with envy…I so wanted to do the same, but I couldn’t because I was still on the job! Plus I didn’t have my suit…wish I could’ve just swam nude, but knowing the surroundings and how professional I had to be, I JUST COULDN’T!

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Source: Clothing Optional

Original publication 24 September 2017

Posted on NatCorn 2nd April 2019

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Laying bare the real truth about naturism
Taking in the warmth of the sun on your bare butt while trying not to stare at anyone’s penile jewellery is easier said than done, says Kelli Maria Korducki.

In the Canadian city where I used to live, there was a nude beach where I spent a lot of time.

It was no rare occurrence to find, near the beach’s northern boundary, a small but fervent cohort of nude baby boomers distributing Naturism 101 pamphlets.


In an outsize font on an ancient webpage they’d set up, the beach naturists dared visitors to “!!BE NATURAL AND FEEL THE FREEDOM!!’’ They outlined etiquette (no come-ons, no sex) and suggested recreational pursuits (flag football, a potluck).

The naturists could be a little doctrinaire — once, someone wearing nothing but a Tilley hat chided me for my bikini bottom, bellowing, ‘‘Way to be clothed!’’ — but they would usually feign tolerance at the beachgoing public’s ignorance of their framing principles.

“Naturism” and “nudism” are used interchangeably to describe a doctrine of communally convening outdoors in the buff.

But “naturism,” with its Thoreauvian connotations of fresh air and vigour, seems preferred among the true believers. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Irish Examiner

Original publication February 25, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 2nd March 2019

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Skin stories: The nude
On an evolutionary level, the human species lost much of its body hair. Thus, the dress, when initially officiating as a cover before the cold, became a focus of cultural aspects not only in reference to fashion, but also in what has to do with “covering” our nakedness, at least in large part West.

A nudity that is conceived only in terms of whether the genitals, buttocks and breasts are visible at the public level, while other parts of the body such as face, legs, feet, arms, hands, back, etc. They can be exhibited to people without major problems depending on the contexts, since it is not the same to be in a bathing suit on a beach than in a museum.

The nude can have an erotic, artistic, spiritual-religious, medical, political, aesthetic, etc. But the sacred value or rather “tabuizado” that is granted, would make the nakedness refer to the authentic, to the external expression of the inner being. To something essential, pure or profound.

On the other hand, the nude would appeal to privacy, to the vulnerability of someone, to the expression of something of the order of the private, which if exhibited without the consent of others in public spaces, may even constitute a “violent attack on modesty”.

It should be noted that Greek antiquity exalted nudity as an ideal of beauty, and that the valuation of the nude is traced back to prehistory, as evidenced by the statue called ” Venus de Willendorf “. Just as many cultures outside the West have never felt the need to “cover” their bodies.

However, the Judeo-Christian tradition through its myth of origin, homologated the original sin committed to access knowledge through disobedience to the deity, with the blame for the nudity resulting from having lost the innocence for pretending “To know”, to which the tradition generalized in a knowledge on the sexual thing. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Info Nudism

Original publication 02/24/2019

Posted on NatCorn 27th February 2019

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The Naturist Talks: Georgina from the UK
Naturism is a wonderful lifestyle that started in Europe but is now expanding towards the whole world. Most of the time we share our own views on the different aspects of nudism but once in a while we like to pass the mic to hear about how someone else’s experiences.

Our guest for today is Georgina from the UK, who will tell us everything about her naturist lifestyle and experiences.

Hello Georgina, tell us something about yourself
My name is Georgina and I’m 39 years old. I have two children, a boy and a girl. I’m a photographer of weddings and portraits. I live in Lincolnshire, UK.

How and at what age did you become a naturist?
I was 37 when I discovered naturism. A new relationship led me to research it because he was a naturist. I knew nothing at all about it and after he mentioned it and showed me pictures from events he had been to I got curious. I found a naturist spa meet an hour’s drive away and booked myself and my boyfriend on it. I didn’t tell him until I had booked us on it. He didn’t think I would be interested because of my body insecurities and I too didn’t know if I could go ahead and attend but I wanted to experience it and see what it was all about.

We attended along with around 20 other people. All ages and sizes. I was extremely nervous but within 5 minutes of being there and being naked I forgot about my insecurities and started to relax. I enjoyed the evening, we went in the sauna, the steam room, the Jacuzzi and sat talking to the other attendees while enjoying a drink and something to eat. I came away from that event feeling more at ease with myself than I ever had done before and I realised I wanted to attend more events. Since then we have attended nudestock organised by British Naturism, other spas and swims and beaches. We also went to waterworld, an annual event organised by British Naturism.

Is naturism allowed in your country and what’s the public opinion?
I live in the UK and I believe there are a few naturist beaches around and some naturist organisations. Everything we have attended though has been a private function within a private setting. I’m not really sure what the law is with regards to naturism. It’s not something I do on a daily basis. I am happy to attend organised events. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication January 21, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 25th February 2019

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The thought of Bertrand Russell on nudity

Bertrand Arthur William Russell , (1872-1970) was a British philosopher, mathematician, logician and writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950. But his liberal thinking won him persecutions in his time, and his opinions about nudity were condemned as “repulsive” by a judge who quoted one of the first books “Education and the good life”. This was presented as proof that the chair of philosophy of the University would become Chair of “indecency” if that appointment was allowed. It was intended to present Russell as a “lustful, erotomaniac and lascivious” that sponsored a kind of family exhibitionism.

We quote some of your opinions in this space:

The taboo against nudity is an obstacle to a decent attitude towards sex. When it comes to children, now many people recognize it. It is convenient for children to see each other and see their parents naked, when this happens naturally.

There will be a short period, probably after three years, when the child becomes interested in the differences between his father and his mother, and compares them with the differences between him and his sister, but this period passes quickly, and then no longer Interested in nudity. As long as the parents do not want the children to see them naked, the children will necessarily have the feeling that there is a mystery, and by having this feeling they will become lascivious and indecent. There is only one way to avoid indecency, and that is to avoid mystery. -A child should see, from the first moment, naked to their parents and siblings, when this happens naturally. Do not violate either of the two things; it simply must not be given the impression that people are affected by nudity. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Info Nudismo

Original publication 02/11/2019

Posted on NatCorn 13th February 2019

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Is it nude? Fun with censorship

A couple of weeks ago a friendly follower pitched us the website #isitnude. Basically it uses artificial intelligence to figure out whether a picture contains nudity or not. Sounds familiar? If you ever had a Facebook or Instagram ban for nudity (often not legit, but that’s another story) you know exactly why we found this subject interesting. Although we don’t have proof of this, we’re pretty sure that these artificial intelligence algorithms are exactly what social media is using to figure out whether our photos are appropriate or not. Maybe after the machine check a real person does a double check, but we honestly doubt it. Based on some of the photos for which we have been banned, the big anti-nudity machine seems to be nothing more than… exactly… a machine.

We’re not going to bother you with many of the details about how this system actually works, if you want to read more about it, you can find all info Here. What it comes down to is that just like for face recognition it searches for skin patches and based on their positions and sizes the system tries to figure out whether the skin is part of one of those body parts that should remain hidden for the world (according to them, not to us). One could call it “penis recognition” or “female nipple recognition”… One term even more disturbing than the other. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication January 24, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 31st January 2019

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Que faire, quoi dire si l’on découvre que je suis naturiste ?

Cette question est assez classique chez les néo naturistes. Si le naturisme est un mode de vie partagé par des millions de personnes par le monde, les stigmates qui lui sont liés sont très présents. L’association nudité et sexualité est très courante dans la société. Si les naturistes savent que notre art de vivre n’a aucune connotation sexuelle, l’image est parfois difficile à effacer dans l’inconscient collectif. Voici donc quelques idées pour supporter fièrement le regard d’autrui et démontrer les valeurs portées par le naturisme.

Pour la plupart, les autres personnes n’en ont rien à faire. Que vous soyez naturiste, randonneur ou chanteur choral, tout le monde s’en fiche. Non que votre passion, votre métier ou votre art de vivre n’intéresse personne. Dans la plupart des cas cependant, les personnes rencontrées continueront à vivre leur vie sans se préoccuper de la vôtre. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked and Happy

Original publication January 25, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 30th January 2019

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Naturist Witch Trials?

Our world is a remarkable place.

So many people, so many cultures, philosophies, religions and ways of life. And we all are part of it.

There is a problem though. Most of the world isn’t like us. Most of the world prefers to cover up, even when it’s hot, and does the smart thing by buying machines to cool down.

We are the strange ones in this mental picture. Acknowledge it. We don’t do mainstream coverups well when it’s hot. We play along because we have to. We’re being forced into this.

What makes me say this?

You may have noticed a parallel with the Salem Witch Trials in the title of this blog post. This is on purpose and kudos for those who noticed that.

Scene from Salem Witch Trial
Scene from Salem Witch Trial

The Salem Witch Trials happened in the world of Puritans, who wanted to build their ‘City on the Hill’, according to their own pure insights and laws. (Problem was there were no real laws after a while, when England handed over jurisdiction to the locals.)

Naturists and nudists face more and more Puritanism in the modern world. People are become more prude. The mainstream media make people ashamed of their less than paintbrushed and photoshopped body which increases the ‘need’ to cover up. And, take it as you will, religion has its foot in the door as well. Muslims are spreading all over the world, and they are – as far as I know – very inclined to cover the body as well. Continued…Read full original article…


Original publication January 23, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 27th January 2019

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Eating Nude: Why Naked Restaurants Are Not Good Business…Yet

For a while it seemed that naked dining was going to be the next big food thing in cosmopolitan cities of the world. The opening with great fanfare of several nudist restaurants that attracted global media attention seemed to be the harbinger of a new taste for ‘food in the nude.’

Diners eat in the nude at the closing nudist restaurant 'O'naturel' in Paris
Diners eat in the nude at the closing nudist restaurant ‘O’naturel’ in Paris Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt/AFP/Getty Images

One-time events at clubs, bars, cruises and private celebrations linking eating and drinking with nakedness have popped up over the years, drawing their share of media coverage. But when twin brothers Stéphane and Mike Saada inaugurated the O’naturel restaurant in Paris in November, 2017, they seemed to have tapped an opportunity in the naturism market.

“We’re in the heart of Paris and we’re eating naked,” Yves Leclerc, president of the French Naturist Federation, told The Local at the time. “It’s a little surreal. It’s like when we’re on holiday, but even better.” He lamented that “at home, I have to put my clothes on to go to a restaurant.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Forbes

Original publication Jan 13, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 20th January 2019

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Por qué deberías de estar siempre al desnudo
Te decismo por qué deberías de estar siempre al desnudo (la ciencia nos avala). La desnudez es la forma más natural de experimentar el mundo. Y una muy beneficiosa que no tiene por qué censurarse.

Uno de los sueños más recurrentes, según la psicología, es aquel en el cual aparecemos desnudos frente a un gran público, una señal de ansiedad y miedo al fracaso. La idea de que la desnudez es mala y vergonzosa tiene orígenes victorianos que, no obstante, sorprende que sigan vigentes.

Pero, ¿por qué nos resistimos a aceptar lo más natural que tenemos, viéndolo incluso como una cualidad obscena? Es como si la ropa fuese parte de esa disociación con la naturaleza en la que insistimos vivir: una forma de distinguirnos como “civilización” frente a lo otro –lo animal, lo salvaje– y quizás una ilusión que nos remite al concepto de progreso –lejos de lo primitivo–.

Pero además de distanciarnos aún más de la naturaleza, tapar el cuerpo con ropa puede llegar a tener efectos nocivos para nuestra salud –por ejemplo, al impregnarnos con los químicos de cierta ropa que se ha probado tóxica–. Incluso, hay quienes afirman que el mismo hecho de censurar la desnudez despierta en la psique humana un sentido de deseo (lo prohibido es más sexy), provocando que el sexo impreso en los cuerpos desnudos sea objeto de mercado para el capitalismo. Por eso, andar siempre al desnudo —o el mayor tiempo que puedas— es una acción que puede ser decisiva para normalizar, o mejor dicho cambiar, el sentido de la desnudez en la sociedad. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Info Nudismo

Original publication 05/01/2019

Posted on NatCorn 13th January 2019

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Ciao! Tumblr
Recently, tumblr announced that it was modifying its policies to ban all adult content. So I decided to delete my tumblr accounts.

I’ve long been a supporter of body positive websites. I’m Australian and the idea of a breast or a penis lounging on a beach, or on a sofa does not bother me. I’ve spent a good amount of time at nude beaches, I’ve skinny-dipped, and I’ve spent hours at home without a stitch of clothing on. (I’m not alone in these activities, trust me!) I don’t think I’m worse than anyone else when it comes to my standards or morals. And it’s has definitely helped me develop a healthier attitude and appreciation of my own body. It has also help me understand that under our clothes we are not all perfectly sculpted, have flawless skin, or proportional. We are all different, and embracing that concept is healthy.

When a society decides to shame one’s nakedness, to label it pornographic, unhealthy, lewd or worse, it reinforces destructive behaviors – especially with our younger generations – that contribute to eating disorders, steroid abuse and other issues.

We are born naked, and God intended man to live that way in the Garden of Eden. He created man and woman naked, and in his image. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: N@aked J@mes

Original publication December 29, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 10th January 2019

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Sensing energy through skin rather than clothes
Sensing energy? What’s that now?

Yes, and don’t worry, I’ll try to keep this levelheaded and with both feet on the ground. At times. Probably. In a way.

Maybe you laugh at the fact that people can sense energy. If you do, please keep reading. You might be in for another good laugh if nothing else.

Nothing blocks their energies.
Nothing blocks their energies.

I for one am convinced people sense energies. We are, after all, made of energy. Basic physics break us down to atoms, and atoms consist of energy particles: protons, electrons and neutrons.

Energy is also made of energy (hey, I’m awake, aren’t I?)

Did you ever meet someone you immediately liked? Or disliked? Without ever having met that person before in your conscious life? I blame that (dis)like on the exchange of energy between people. (Ready, laugh, go!) Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Zjuzdme

Original publication December 26, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 26th December 2018

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Is getting naked the answer to our self esteem problems?
As season 4 of the widely debated Naked Attraction takes to our screens, Leah Crossman comes to terms with the naked body and the huge amounts of positivity that we could all benefit from if we stripped off once in a while.

Naked attraction – take away the dating aspect and it is a wonderful display of naked bodies of all ages, shapes and sizes. Where most people feel awkward viewing such a thing on national television, I was fascinated. To see five real human bodies lined up next to each other, you understand how delightfully unique every single one of them is and it makes you realise that to have differences is not so different after all.

Naked Attraction

Self-confidence, particularly amongst young people, is something that we’re all lacking. This is understandable from a lifetime of unattainable body images being ingrained into us from the moment we signed up to Instagram. Tell us that it’s photoshopped however many times you want, but we will still try the latest fad diet to get that dream body. According to the Centre for Mental Health, one in 10 teenage girls say that they’re unhappy with their body and as our use of social media is only increasing, so are our body insecurities.
Keith Gordon from Naturism in Cornwall agreed: “The more people are used to seeing normal naked bodies and being seen themselves, the more they realise the natural beauty of human bodies without surgical enhancements or chemical introductions. This develops self-confidence and body confidence which leads to greater happiness and fewer distorted pouting photographs on social media.”

I’m not particularly overwhelmed with my body, I have the things I would change just like the next person and social media definitely doesn’t help with that. I long to have the bodies I see every day scrolling down my feed, but by doing that, I’m trying to live up to a body that doesn’t exist – is this because I never really see bodies that do exist?

For generations society has told us to cover up and partly, I think this is to blame for our self-esteem problems as for so long it has been seen as a bad thing to be naked. Older generations are more conservative and in fact, my own Grandma was pretty horrified by the show. She said it was obscene and there was no need for full frontal nudity. But for what reason? The only outcome from that mindset is us having no idea what our bodies should look like because we are never actually exposed to what a real body looks like. In search for this clarification, we have turned to Instagram, where our perception of the human body is distorted by camera angles, lighting and editing software used in excess. When we see a real body, or more importantly our own bodies, we label it as abnormal because it’s not the kind of body we’re used to seeing every day. Naked Attraction unknowingly addresses this struggle by showing us real and very different bodies.

Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign
Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign

Many have had a stab at this ‘naked taboo’ too. Take the Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign, a celebration of real women, in all kinds of variations and exactly the kind of naked, body positivity we need more of. It makes people feel confident in their own bodies to see how different every other body is, but it needs to be more prevalent.
Celebrity stylist, Gok Wan, also campaigned for body confidence to be a compulsory part of the PSHE curriculum in 2011. His work found devastating statistics such as, 70% of participants stated that they did not like what they saw in the mirror and 71% of participants said they felt self-conscious about their body in changing rooms. Unfortunately, just as this scheme was going to be passed, the general election happened and the campaign lost momentum.

I think Gok hit the nail on the head though, we should start with schools and strike youngsters as soon as they discover what an insecurity is. We should teach them that it’s normal to look different to one another and to love their bodies by looking past the photos they see on social media and tell themselves that those bodies aren’t real. Then as Keith from NatCorn mentioned, this would hopefully lead to less edited photographs online, which fuel this dangerous cycle of body issues and mental health problems.

Gok Wan campaign for body confidence
Gok Wan campaign for body confidence

Whether you agree with being naked or not, it can’t be denied that Naked Attraction holds some educational value. The way I see it, the more we get naked, the more realistic our perception of what a real body looks like. We would learn to love and embrace ourselves, instead of resenting ourselves for actually having a normal human body. From having the confidence knocked out of me throughout my teens, to being filled with body positivity as I watched Naked Attraction was almost euphoric. If one episode of Naked Attraction has that kind of power, then isn’t it time to get your kit off?

Original work by: Leah Crossman, Falmouth University, Journalism

Posted on NatCorn 18th December 2018

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Pagano nudista Intelectual

Primeramente se preguntarán, ¿y qué tiene que ver el naturismo con el nudismo? Ambos términos se emplean muchas veces como sinónimo, aunque en realidad, el naturismo supone una concepción más global que el simple hecho de ir desnudo, concibiendo el nudismo como parte de una forma de vida basada en el contacto directo con la naturaleza. Según la Federación Española de Naturismo se define como tal a una forma de vivir en armonía con la naturaleza, caracterizada por la práctica del desnudo en común, con la finalidad de favorecer el respeto a los demás, a uno mismo y al medio ambiente. Mientras que el nudismo se define como la práctica por parte de grupos de personas (nudistas) de distintos tipos de actividades desnudos, generalmente en público.

A un nudista le gusta disfrutar de los espacios libres, el sol, la arena, el agua y la naturaleza. Un naturista, además de esto, busca ser uno con la naturaleza, la comprensión de las verdades y los principios poniendo su mente en movimiento, además de compartir una preocupación por el medio ambiente, la naturaleza, el ecologismo, y sentir que necesita hacer algo para proteger un legado. Esta concepción considera que la prohibición moral de la práctica del desnudo público es origen de problemas psico-emocionales, entre los que se encuentran falta de autoestima, una pobre autoimagen corporal y morbo sexual. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Pagano nudista

Original publication December 9, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 12th December 2018

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How nudity brings sheer happiness
It’s not a big surprise, is it?

It’s probably not a surprise to most of you reading this: being nude brings happiness. This of course counts if you can be nude in the right circumstances.

A right circumstance.
A right circumstance.

As the above image shows, simple things in life can make a person happy, and there is no need for anything like clothing involved. Even the basic action of removing those layers of fabric, leather, plastic or whatever people put on is a reason to be cheerful. Which reminds me of an album by Ian Dury, by the way… Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Zjuzdme

Original publication December 5, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 8th December 2018

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Is our youth becoming more prudish?
Even though we are already in our thirties, we still like to think of ourselves as youth. But every now and then reality gives us a punch in the face and puts our feed back on the ground. Then we notice that youth isn’t exactly how we remember it.

Last week we had one of those days that actually came quite as quite a shock.

A documentary on the Dutch TV revealed that teenagers in sport clubs often chose not to shower naked. Either they shower wearing underwear (with an awkward towel dance at the end) or they wait until they get home to clean the dirt off.

Has this world gone mad?

The first question that flashed through our heads was: “How did we feel about public showers when we were kids?”
Well, there wasn’t exactly an option. After sports you showered. Naked. Together. Period.

Did we always enjoy this?

Probably not.

All adolescents struggle with their body image. They want to be normal, but they feel abnormal and they are very much afraid to become the joke of the day.

But in those days, if you didn’t dare to shower naked, you were the joke of the day. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: nakedwanderings

Original publication February 27, 2017

Posted on NatCorn 1st December 2018

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Texas naked lady – nude vlogger
If you don’t know her yet, we would like to introduce you to the nude vlogger who calls herself the Texas naked lady. Our committed mission is sharing the stories of ordinary people who practice clothes free life. Other folks cover the celebrities of naturist travel and experience. We like to find the everyday folks who like to share their stories to inspire others to live everyday life clothes free. A few months ago were fortunate enough to come across the vlogs (video blogs) of the The Texas Naked Lady (Nicola) on Vimeo. We believe the vlogs are an expression of authentic clothes free life as experienced by a deaf woman. She shares her life working on crafts projects, swimming in her pool, planning activities of everyday life just clothes free. It isn’t often that we hear the “voice” of the hearing-impaired or deaf in naturist circles. We eagerly share our interview with Nicola who vlogs under the name of the Texas Naked Lady.

I am just a normal woman. A wife and mother and wanting to enjoy life to the fullest. I was born in England but moved to the US when I was about 10 (and am now a US citizen). I’ve gone to school and worked and raised my family. I love sewing and other crafts and always like to keep busy. My husband spoils me and supports me in everything I do and I try to do the same for him. He helps me learn English better and I teach him sign.

I started this Vlog to reach out to both deaf and hearing, naturist and nudist, and just anyone who will listen. I want to share my ideas and thoughts on topics that I feel are important, and just some of my daily life. Hopefully I can reach out to people and share my thoughts and let people see that I am a normal person. I want to let people see that being deaf or naked or anything else for that matter, is not wrong, just maybe different than what you are used to at the moment. Hopefully by listening and watching, they will become more comfortable with both and learn to be more accepting.

I have made a lot of videos when using sign language but not nude. Most of my messages to deaf friends are recorded videos (sign language). I made a few nude ones for family and friends just having fun, but this is my first time really public. I have always enjoyed the freedom of being nude. It is just so much more comfortable and free and open. I decided that I wanted to have more of that in my life and don’t mind sharing my experiences with others.

This is my first public Vlog or blog. I wanted to start one before but really didn’t know how or where. Most websites I knew had rules against nudity so would hardly be a good place to show my videos. Vimeo gave me the perfect place to start.

I hope that they will see me and see a part of my life. I hope that they learn about being deaf and to accept people for who they are, not for their first immediate differences. The same with nudism. Most people are so nervous about it until they actually get a chance to be with someone who talks about it openly. So many times we’ve had people join us skinny dipping and the first words out of their mouth is always “Oh I could never do that!”. Then they start asking questions and we just answer them. Before you know it off comes the bathing suits and their next questions is “When can we do this again?”. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Clothes Free Life

Original publication August 2, 2018,

Posted on NatCorn 26th November 2018

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Why do teenagers turn away from nudism and is that such a big deal?

Toddlers are born naturists and not only literally (although they’re obviously delivered naked). In fact they might well be the most genuine kind of naturist there is, they don’t even question their nudity. Most of them will question clothes though and if they see an opportunity to get rid of them they’ll often take advantage of that. Our memory doesn’t go that far back, but we would like to remember the day when being nude was not an option anymore. Yesterday it was completely normal to run around the garden naked, jump through the sprinklers on a hot summer day while everyone smiled and agreed with your joy. The next day this was not possible anymore… Bathing suits suddenly became the norm.

What went through our heads?

Did we question this at all?

While naturist children get a lot more options to be naked and until a much older age, they are not exactly spared from having to wear clothes, even not when weather clearly asks for the least possible textile. They have to go to school, they have to go shopping and on the non-naturist beaches a naked 10 year old is just not done. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication November 5, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 14th November 2018

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Naked and Vulnerable Even When Clothed

Sometimes there is a real need for darkness. Darkness is a place where we are the least sure of ourselves, and perhaps that is a good thing. Why do I say this? Well, more often than not, our ego gets in the way of our becoming wiser, more complete beings. In the darkness, we fall asleep and enter into a level of connection to something bigger than the boxes we put around the world and ourselves using our minds. In darkness, we give up control and the doors open to a universe beyond all of our imagining, a world within which we find ourselves at home – curious, isn’t it?

In the underworld of dreams
In the underworld of dreams

When we wake up to the light of a new day, when night is pushed away, we dismiss the dreams, the forebodings, the flying, the embracing of everything that is too absurd for our conscious mind to accept. We know better, or so we try to convince ourselves. And so, we arm ourselves to do daily battle with the outer world, encase ourselves in protective armour whether that be a business suit or other uniform that validates ourselves as “one of them.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: A Canadian Naturist

Original publication November 3, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 12th November 2018

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Seven things people in Cornwall should stop moaning about right now
We live in Cornwall and things could be so much worse, yet still we moan

We’re a nation of moaners who complain more than 70 times a week – each.

In fact research has shown that we complain so much, that more than three quarters of us admit to having a moan about other people moaning or complaining.

A bit like I’m doing here, admittedly.

Dogs love to play on Cornish beaches
Dogs love to play on Cornish beaches

But sometimes, we need to take a long hard look at ourselves and loosen up a little. Get on with it – we live in Cornwall, and things could be so much worse.

In less fortunate parts of the world, the things we moan about are just a distant dream.

So here are a few topics which I’ve noticed really get on people’s nerves in Cornwall, but probably shouldn’t. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: CornwallLive

Original publication 3 Nov 2018

Posted on NatCorn 8th November 2018

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The Naturist Talks: Bart from Belgium

One of the main reasons why we started this project is to show the world that naturists are not some strange dark commune but that actually everyone could be one… Or could enjoy being one if they took the first step.

Our main example of “everyone” is of course ourselves, we write posts about naturism in general but also about our own experiences. But some of you might be thinking “Yes sure, those two are probably just the strange kids in the block…” (nah, we know you’re not thinking that about us, but we’re trying to write an introduction here). So we decided to let other naturists have a word as well.

So please sit back and get inspired! Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication October 29, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 6th November 2018

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Never let an opportunity to be Naked pass you by.
My husband and I have lived in the village of Tantallon for nearly 18 years and every day when we go out for errands we drive over a bridge that has a creek which flows into the bay.

Tantallon, for those who don’t know, is on the east coast of Nova Scotia approximately 40 miles from Halifax on the highway and Peggy’s Cove on the coastal route.

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia

It was a unseasonably warm day (16 Celsius) or (60 Fahrenheit) and we had some heavy rain over the weekend and the usually tranquil creek became a torrential river.

I knew that this might have been the last time before winter to have some pictures taken so John and I drove up the road along the river and what a sight it was.

The crashing water over the rocks was beautiful and at once peaceful listening to the rushing water. The path along the shoreline with the multi-colored leaves was slippery but manageable. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturist Fab

Original publication OCTOBER 30, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 5th November 2018

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Better Living Through Nudity
In England in the 1920s and ‘30s, nudism was ideological and utopian. Then the Nazis coopted the concept for their eugenicist Nacktkultur movement.

Today, nudism tends to show up in popular culture as a quirky lifestyle or an easy punchline. But in England in the 1920s and ‘30s, art and design historian Annebella Pollen writes, it was a utopian movement that some hoped might perfect society.

Gymnosophists, a label nudists adopted combining the Greek words for nakedness and wisdom, described their movement in utopian terms. One writer noted that some people experienced “the vague sense of something lacking, of complete happiness never quite achieved… Our experience leads us to suggest that nudity will supply the need.”

Another encouraged readers to “dispense with clothes and with all attributes that are mean, vainglorious and untruthful, and by doing so usher in the Golden Age.”

The nudists’ rhetoric was an extreme version of dress reform arguments that had already helped render corsets and long skirts obsolete. A common nudist complaint was that men’s fashion lagged behind women’s. One writer described waistcoats as a “mongrel born of a tailor’s nightmare. With no arms, half a front and an apology for a back, it is good for nothing beyond collecting junk in the pockets.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Daily

Original publication October 28, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 4th November 2018

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The Art of Male Bonding
Back in March I joined a social platform called MeWe and I am part of various groups regarding naturism, skinny-dipping and male bonding. I found this social platform a great way to be myself and open up with others, whether in the chat rooms or a main page.

I have often thought of male bonding and how it related to me. I wrote about a passage of my childhood in my last blog but did not delve into a part of my life and that many men have gotten to experience; having a father to look up to.

I was born last of eleven children (5 boys and 5 girls) and raised in the catholic faith. My eldest sister married 10 months before I was born. My father and my future brother-in-law made a pact on who would have a child first. I arrived 10 months later and my niece five years later.

My father had an untimely passing when he was killed in a vehicle accident while on his way to work. My eldest brother was with him and badly injured thankfully, he survived. I was two at the time and this left my mother to care for us all by herself.

My oldest siblings had to find work to help make ends meet. Even though I had five brothers to look up to, they were much older and had other interests than to look after me. My sisters and I have always had a stronger bond. They were in essence all my mothers. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturist Fab

Original publication OCTOBER 29, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 3rd November 2018

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A few words about why…

Let’s just get this out of the way in the beginning. I’m fat. There I said it. I. AM. FAT. So many people have in their heads that people who enjoy being naked socially are those that are bronzed, in shape and beautiful. As far as the bronzed thing goes well, sometimes yes and sometimes no. Are there people that never miss a day in the gym involved in social nudism? Absolutely. But quite honestly, the percentage of those people are the same as you would find anywhere at any time.

Beyond this point
Beyond this point

In addition, however, there are also MANY people who are considered the “average body” or even the body types that are outside the preconceived norm that are the body beautiful, because they are being unabashedly and honestly themselves. I use average body in quotations as that is a stereotype that we have been sold for years and years through advertising and, well, this isn’t a story about that.

So, why in the world do I enjoy just being naked? There are many reasons, but for now I will just give you a few. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Finding Finneas

Original publication OCTOBER 10, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 16th October 2018