A naturist’s view on nudism. (And naturism!)
Nudism. Naturism.
Is there a difference? I know that in most of the US of A the words are used interchangeably.

I also know that in Europe, for instance, the two words are used differently. Naturism appeared after nudism. I’ve been thinking about those two words recently.

Nudist or Naturist?

Thoughts on the difference

Naturist bowlersNudism. The word has ‘nude’ as its base. Being nude. Like the people in the image on the right, playing bowling, having a clothes free, good time. Great for them, and if you’d ask me I’d join them in an instant. For one it’s a great way to be socially nude, and for another it would be nice to practice bowling again. (I truly suck at it.)

Naturist mountaineersNaturism. The word has ‘nature’ at its base. Being with/part of nature, like the people on the left. Naked in nature, being part of it and experiencing it that way. Exposing themselves to the real, rough world in their own vulnerability. It’s a way to get things into perspective. Continued…Read full original article…


Original publication May 16, 2018

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Councillors discuss nude bathing and ‘meercats’ on Papamoa beach

The practices of nude sunbathing and “meercatting” on a notorious section of Papamoa beach has been discussed in a council meeting this afternoon.

Tauranga City Council’s community and culture committee was considering a reviewed Beaches Bylaw.

Tauranga City Councillors discuss nudity at Papamoa BeachGetty
Tauranga City Councillors discuss nudity at Papamoa Beach

Staff had elected not to include anything in the bylaw about nudity on the beach, but councillors said it was an issue that residents regularly raised with them.

Mount Maunganui/Papamoa ward councillor Steve Morris said residents had spoken to him about an area of Papamoa Beach which had historically been known for nude sunbathing.

It’s understood the area he was referring to was off Sandhurst Drive. The beach, near the junction of Maranui St and Papamoa Beach Rd, has been enjoyed by nudists for decades. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: New Zealand Herald

Original publication 8 May, 2018

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A toast to naturism in a hotel in Britain
On a warm hot tub in the back garden of the first naturist spa hotel Britain, the champagne corks are popping.

The owner Tim Higgs, with a flute in his hand, is resplendent among the bubbles. Behind us, indifferent to drizzle of Birmingham, a naked couple reclining on lounge chairs, their faces are buried in copies of the magazine British Naturism and OK !. Elsewhere wander lonely men of middle age, with his arms dangling at their sides.

This is the scene feared by a group of local conservative councilors and residents who opposed the liquor license granted to the Clover Spa & Hotel. Appealing to the Birmingham City Council, they said that allowing the sale of drinks could lead to “an increase in inappropriate behavior and demonstrations of the meat” at the hotel, which opened in the suburb of Erdington in 2011. But the complaints did not give very sure. Following an important licensing committee meeting this week, Higgs is now free to sell alcohol to his guests Continued…Read full original article…

Source: os naturistas

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Is Nudism a Natural Way to Save Money?

Despite its controversial reputation, people continue to join nudist communities. In fact, an estimated 10 to 15 percent of the American population prefers being in the nude. This begs the question of whether there’s a way to use nudism to save money?

Actually, many nudist colonies cost money to join — hence they’re often called resorts. They usually consist of walled-in communities of homes, apartments, and other amenities where people simply live in the nude.

These communities usually host a number of activities that people can perform naked — and one way or another you pay a fee to participate. Continued…Read full original article…


Original publication April 26th, 2018

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The Naked Professor: Meet the man posting nude photos to encourage people to live a better life
It all started with a lack of sexual fulfilment and a growing interest in personal development

When trying to encourage positive change in the world, it can be hard to make your voice heard and stand out, no matter how noble the cause.

But one man found a unique solution: strip off and pose for pictures.

Alin Ostafe

Meet The Naked Professor, an Instagram account and blog dedicated to encouraging people – and men in particular – to become more connected to themselves, free their minds, reveal their true selves and be proud of who they are. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Independent

Original publication Thursday 12 April 2018

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Nudity and Sensations

One of the more noteworthy observations I have made as a naturist is the sometimes feeling of being more naked than other times. When you are nude most hours of the day it almost becomes so commonplace that you forget it. You forget how special it is, because it has become the norm and isn’t really special anymore.

Mundane nudity
Mundane nudity

But some days I just feel more free than others. Some days my nudity is far more noticable. The breeze is just that much more sensational on my skin, the sun is that much warmer. Sometimes it’s just the blissful feeling of nothing. I just am. Naked. Open to the world. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Orthodox Nudist

Original publication April 11, 2018

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Naked Utopia: how England’s first nudists imagined the future

The naked body is as old as humanity. But nudism as a social form, organised into clubs and societies, only came of age in England in the 1920s. Its practitioners were from a range of backgrounds and included those with interests in “physical culture” (today we would refer to this as body building and beauty contests). Many were interested in natural health, including vegetarian and raw food diets, and new exercise regimes from hiking to yoga.

‘Sun worship’. Health and Efficiency magazine, 1935.H&E naturist magazine/Hawk Editorial Ltd.
‘Sun worship’. Health and Efficiency magazine, 1935.

Nudism was particularly embraced by artists and intellectuals as part of a wider set of progressive practices associated with free thought. Many were internationalists inspired by longer standing German nudist traditions, which were far more popular and organised on a larger scale than English efforts. They understood disrobing to be part of a wider ideal of physical, mental and spiritual liberation. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Conversation

Original publication April 9, 2018

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Que consideramos Bio Nudismo

Menos estrés y más autoestima, eso es lo que inicialmente puede ofrece el nudismo, a las personas que han conocido la forma de vida naturista. Toda una filosofía de vida, donde pierden validez los cánones de belleza impuestos por las modas y que ayuda, y mucho, a la autoaceptación de nuestro propio cuerpo.

El nudismo y en extensión más clarificadora el naturismo, llevan un enorme componente en lo que se refiere al respeto al medio ambiente y a la conservación del planeta.

“El nudismo es una filosofía, una mentalidad, uno es nudista siempre, lo practique o no, porque es una manera de pensar de la persona sobre el cuerpo humano. Creo que todo el mundo es nudista desde que nace y luego la sociedad nos impone la ropa y nos hace pensar que hay algo malo en el cuerpo, pero posteriormente algunos nos damos cuenta de que esta imposición es muy negativa y logramos superar las barreras que nos han inculcado hacia nuestra anatomía”. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Espacio Bio Nudista

Original publication ABRIL 7, 2018

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Diez refrescantes eventos nudistas para el verano

La primavera ya ha llegado a la ciudad, y es el momento perfecto para comenzar a soñar con el verano. ¿Cuáles son tus planes para este año? ¿Acampando en Croacia? ¿Un hermoso complejo en Grecia? ¿O tal vez en algún lugar un poco más como Bangkok, por ejemplo?

¡Todas las ideas maravillosas y grandes planes para unas vacaciones de verano geniales! Pero si quieres hacer algo realmente extraordinario este año, mira uno de estos eventos nudistas. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Info Nudismo

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Nudity Isn’t Illegal in National Parks, But Don’t Do Anything Weird

Nature is glorious. It can make us feel a whole lot of ways — sometimes nature’s splendor makes us want to charge all the way up a mountain, or break out our stupidest dance move on the beach at sunset, or strip down to our birthday suits and skip through a field of wildflowers.

Signs prohibiting nudity are posted on San Onofre State Beach trails in North San Diego County, Calif. There's actually no federal regulation against it in national parks, but some states prohibit public nudity, so don't assume you are safe to strip down because you're in a national park.ALLEN J. SCHABEN/LA TIMES/GETTY IMAGES
Signs prohibiting nudity are posted on San Onofre State Beach trails in North San Diego County, Calif. There’s actually no federal regulation against it in national parks, but some states prohibit public nudity, so don’t assume you are safe to strip down because you’re in a national park.

But what happens when our deepest instinct is to strip down naked to take in a primeval forest or a spectacular mountain vista, in a place where a lot of other people are definitely going to be around to spectate? Like in a national park, for instance. Turns out, you wouldn’t be the first person ever to have that impulse. But like so many other impulses, it’s important to know whether it’s legal. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: How Stuff Works

Original publication MAR 23, 2018

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Randonnées naturistes
Si vous deviez croiser cet été votre premier randonneur dans son plus simple appareil, voici quelques informations sur les randonnées naturistes, activité qui fait de plus en plus d’adeptes !

La randonnée nue est une activité pour laquelle la France détient un record du monde en popularité. Cette pratique ne vise pas uniquement de vivre la nudité en commun, c’est davantage un moyen de se rapprocher de la nature. Dans plusieurs centres naturistes Natustar, vous pouvez trouver de magnifiques sentiers pour faire des randonnées naturistes, sans tracas.

A l’extérieur des centres naturistes, les randonneurs nus ne sont pas exhibitionnistes. C’est avant tout la sensation de bien-être et de liberté au contact de la nature qui conduit ces naturistes à faire de la randonue, et non un esprit de défi ou de provocation. Ils sélectionnent et organisent des circuits de randonnée hors des sentiers battus, loin des routes et des maisons visibles. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Natustar

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Mother defends sharing bath with 10 and 11-year-old sons

A mother who shares baths with her 10 and 11-year-old sons is at risk of “confusing” her boys, a life coach has said.

Ben Edwards, who is a father himself, appeared on British breakfast programme This Morning to debate the issue of nudity in front of your children, and said that, as boys approach puberty, they “tend to fantasise about their mother”.

Journalist Lauren Libbert explained that she was naked in front of her sons and they bathed together often.This Morning
Journalist Lauren Libbert explained that she was naked in front of her sons and they bathed together often.

His comments came after journalist Lauren Libbert said she continues to bathe with her sons even though they are 10 and 11 – something she said is a “normal” and “enjoyable” part of their family routine, the Daily Mail reported.

Mother-of-three Holly Willoughby suggested Ben was “over-sexualising” the matter, but viewers watching at home appeared to agree with his point of view – tweeting that the mother-of-two’s decision to be openly naked in front of her children was “weird” and “not normal”. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: New Zealand Herald

Original publication 28 Mar, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 31st March 2018

Byron’s nude beach gets stay of execution

Byron Shire Councillors voted at last Thursday’s meeting to continue a trial of changed conditions at the shire’s only official nude beach at Tyagarah but emphasised there was no guarantee the beach would remain clothing optional in the longer term

Enjoying a bit of fun in the sun are some naturists relaxing at the clothes-optional beach, Tyagarah.Jeff Dawson.
Enjoying a bit of fun in the sun are some naturists relaxing at the clothes-optional beach, Tyagarah.

A spokesperson for the local naturist group told public access that the current trial, which was originally slated for three months but has continued for five, had been a success in clearing out seamy sex abusers whose presence on the beach had increasingly riled beachgoers and local residents.

She called for the beach’s clothing optional status to be confirmed, following the erection of signage, daily police patrols and a range of initiatives by her group. Continued…Read full original article…


Original publication March 26, 2018

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Amongst the Military and Veterans

Today, we share an infographic titled “The Silent Enemy: How PTSD Damages Our Soldiers”.

Rehab 4 Alcoholism

This infographic points out that many of the serving or veteran military personnel who are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are simply not receiving the clinical or financial support they need.

This is despite the fact that PTSD is more understood than ever before. In fact, as the infographic points out, doctors have been treating soldiers for psychological effects of combat since World War I. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Rehab 4 Alcoholism

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Connect with nature at Auckland nudist group’s open day

Come for the sausage sizzle and stay to discover a different way of life.

The Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club is throwing open the gates and encouraging kiwis to have a look at what naturism has to offerLeilani Hatch/Manawatu Standard
The Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club is throwing open the gates and encouraging kiwis to have a look at what naturism has to offer

Clothing is optional.

The Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club (AONC) in Swanson, Auckland, is throwing open their gates on March 24 and 25. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Stuff

Original publication March 21 2018

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El Algarrobico Nudista

Es una de las playas más famosas de España, y no lo es por su belleza, que sin duda posee, sino por albergar una de las construcciones irregulares que más páginas de periódico ha ocupado en los últimos tiempos, se trata de la Playa del Algarrobico.

Es de baja ocupación y normalmente hay dos o tres puntos de máxima concentración , el extremo más próximo a Carboneras en el que encuentras caravanas y pescadores básicamente, a pie del hotel donde encuentras bañistas textiles y en el extremo más alejado del pueblo (más próximo al sopalmo) donde se encuentra la zonanudista. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Viviendo Desnudos

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El naturismo proporciona igualdad entre hombres y mujeres
Si usted disfruta de la Naturaleza, en plena libertad y la vida al aire libre de manera sana, sin malicia o prejuicios, entonces el naturismo es su opción ideal. Si usted acepta estos principios básicos, entonces ya está dispuesto a convertirse en un naturista.

El naturismo es el arte de utilizar al máximo los agentes naturales (agua, aire y sol) viviendo en armonía con la naturaleza en plena desnudez común con otras personas de ambos sexos. No tiene por fin no sólo salvaguardar el equilibrio entre hombres y mujeres de la era moderna por el contacto pleno que proporciona con la Naturaleza, sino también favorecer el respeto mutuo entre los dos sexos y fomentar una mayor consideración de las leyes naturales que rigen el medio ambiente.

Desafortunadamente, el naturismo todavía es poco divulgado en Brasil, aunque ya es practicado por cientos de miles de personas desde hace bastante tiempo en muchos países. Este movimiento internacional, de la cultura del cuerpo libre en contacto con la Naturaleza nació en Europa en la década del 20 y hoy hay naturistas esparcidos por los cinco continentes. La Federación Naturista Internacional representa los intereses de las asociaciones regionales afiliadas, de 22 países. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Info Nudismo

Original publication 08/03/2018

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American Association for Nude Recreation – Social Family Nudism in Appropriate Places
Our interview with American Association for Nude Recreation President Beverly B. Price

People all over the world enjoy nonsexual nude recreation. Some call themselves skinnydippers. Some call themselves nudists. Some call themselves naturists. There are nudist or naturist vacations, clubs, resorts, campgrounds, groups, cruises and beaches across the globe.

Beverly B. PriceAANR
Beverly B. Price

We asked American Association for Nude Recreation President Beverly B. Price about AANR and nudism.

How would you describe AANR in one sentence?

The American Association for Nude Recreation is the oldest and largest organization in the Western Hemisphere advocating for and educating about nude living. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Family Travelers Magazine

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Cyclists bare all for Golden Bay World Naked Bike Ridet

Nude cyclists bared all in Golden Bay this weekend to promote freedom and body awareness.

The World Naked Bike Ride on Saturday attracted about 30 naked cyclists from all over New Zealand and the world.

Travellers embrace their first naked ride. German man Marco Fisher, left, Vivi from France, and UK man William Henderson.NINA HINDMARSH/STUFF
Travellers embrace their first naked ride. German man Marco Fisher, left, Vivi from France, and UK man William Henderson.

While the event started out 14 years ago as a protest to raise awareness for safer cycling conditions and sustainability, in Golden Bay it has slowly become a popular event for naturists, or nudists, and their clubs from around the country. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Stuff

Original publication March 4 2018

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Naked Britain: Fashion photographer to open naturism exhibition
Fashion photographer Amelia Allen took off her clothes to document naturism in Britain. As an exhibition of her work opens in Edinburgh, she talks about how the project changed the way she felt about her body

How did you come up with the idea for this project?

My inspiration for the book Naked Britain came from an image taken by Magnum photographer Elliot Erwitt from 1968 of a naturist couple in Kent. I first saw his exhibition in New York when I was 16 before studying his work in photography at A level. I often photographed my friends naked and loved that the images where people appeared most vulnerable and raw were the most beautiful and honest. This triggered an interest in a community where people were naked all the time and I researched naturism to see if this existed in the modern day and particularly in Britain where our attitudes to nudity seem slightly dated.

An image from Amelia Allen's book Naked Britain
An image from Amelia Allen’s book Naked Britain

Being a fashion photographer means that I have spent the majority of my career photographing conventionally beautiful and aesthetically pleasing models who are used to display clothes. Everything surrounding this is, of course, to do with body image and having to look a certain way to fit a specific societal construct of what is seen as beautiful. Growing up today, through such a politically dynamic time, where women’s rights are a huge issue, I wanted to create a project that took liberation and freedom of body image into the limelight. I wanted to photograph a community that represented equality in body image, appearance, sexuality and gender.

As the project progressed I was fascinated by the fact that one week I was shooting London fashion week runway shows, and just 20 miles away was an entirely naked community, lounging in their own freedom of self love, liberation and body acceptance. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Scotsman

Original publication 27 February 2018

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Vlaamse internationaal vermaarde pianist veroordeeld voor opnames met camerabril in nudistenkamp
In Bordeaux is een Vlaming veroordeeld tot 5.000 euro boete nadat hij in een nudistenvakantiepark vrouwen had gefilmd. In Amerika is de man een ­gerenommeerde ­pianist en ­orkestleider. Kristof V.G. (45, foto links) zelf zegt dat er een vergissing in het spel moet zijn. “Ik ben al vier jaar niet meer in Frankrijk ­geweest.”

Terwijl zijn gezin een uitstapje maakt, koopt V.G. zichzelf een dagticketje voor het naturistisch vakantiepark. De feiten spelen zich af in de ­zomer van 2017 in La Jenny, ten westen van Bordeaux. In zijn bril zit een camera verstopt waarmee hij urenlang de vrouwen in het park filmt.

Kristof V.G. filmde met zijn bril urenlang vrouwen op een nudistencamping.RR/RR
Kristof V.G. filmde met zijn bril urenlang vrouwen op een nudistencamping.

“Hij liep vreemd rond, soms scannend, soms ging hij gericht achter anderen aan”, klonk het gisteren bij de rechter. Dat vreemde gedrag en de te grote bril op zijn neus trokken de aandacht van de nudisten en een badmeester. Ze spraken hem aan en vonden de camera. Op de beelden bleek dat hij één vrouw zelfs een hele tijd gevolgd had. Omdat ­anderen filmen op de camping verboden is, moest hij voor de rechter komen. De opnames heeft hij wel nooit openbaar gemaakt. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: nieuwsblad

Original publication 24/02/2018

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Naturismo para borrar los complejos de la adolescencia

La tradición naturista de l’Hexagone está bien establecida. Si cada vez son más los que pisan el suelo de Francia para probar las alegrías de un naturismo respetuoso y tolerante, el naturismo más joven sigue siendo discreto. Hagamos un balance…

¿Una generación púdica?

Si la práctica del naturismo se ha vuelto gradualmente democrática después de décadas de mojigatería, las generaciones nacidas en los años 1990 y 2000 tienden a vestirse. Sin embargo, el naturismo nunca ha excluido a los jóvenes, sino todo lo contrario. Desnudos, las diferencias en edad o riqueza se desvanecen, reforzando la personalidad de un adolescente a menudo desorientado. Desnudos, asumimos lo que somos, ignorando las complejidades y otras imperfecciones que se vuelven menores. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Info Nudismo

Original publication 27/02/2018

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Deje que vaya desnudo. Cuadernos de Derecho Local

A raíz del incremento de los ataques contra la libertad de expresión hacia los Naturistas por parte de algunos ayuntamientos, y de la asombrosa calificación por parte del Tribunal Supremo español del Naturismo como “no-ideología”, desde el movimiento Naturista venimos pidiendo a profesionales del derecho y a juristas de reconocido prestigio que se pronuncien. Y lo están haciendo.

En el 15º aniversario de la prestigiosa revista de derecho local de la Fundación Democracia y Gobierno Local Cuadernos de Derecho Local, número 45 de octubre de 2017, se publica un extenso estudio de 44 páginas titulado “«Deje que vaya desnudo». Regulación de las prácticas nudistas por los entes locales españoles”, firmado por Darío Badules Iglesias.

Cuadernos de Derecho Local cuenta con un Consejo Científico de mucho peso, con ex-magistrados del TC como Manuel Aragón Reyes, Javier Delgado, Pablo García Manzano y Juan Antonio Xiol, más otros muchos del TS, amén de un montón de profesores de universidades variadas. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Federación Española de Naturismo

Original publication 25 febrero, 2018

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Naturismo, un camino hacia la auto-aceptación

Muchas personas a las que invitamos a conocer más de cerca el Naturismo dicen que primero tendrían que bajar de peso y adelgazar, pero eso nunca sucede. Sea como sea, quienes no se aceptan como son, se comparan a sí mismos con alguien. Inevitablemente es una búsqueda ilusoria, una excusa para ocultar sus frustraciones. Esta frase puede resumir perfectamente la dificultad de cualquier ser humano a sentirse aceptado por el resto de las personas. Muchas personas habrían probado la experiencia de nudismo mucho antes y algunos que no lo han hecho por el motivo de no aceptarse tal y como son.

Existe una teoría bastante fundada, que un cuerpo es mas bonito al desnudo que vestido, muchas personas “ganan” mas cuando se quitan la ropa que cuando intentan esconder aquello que los hace diferentes y seguramente bellos!.

Quien practica el nudismo / naturismo se encuentra a un paso de su auto- aceptación en la medida en que debe reconocer que las diferencias corporales constituyen la imposibilidad de la existencia de un patrón a seguir. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturismo en Libertad

Original publication December 28th, 2017

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How to become nudist?
You want to become nudist? You heard about nudism / naturism and you think this is perfect for you. But where do you start with that kind of lifestyle? How to become nudist? Do you just take off your clothes and walk around naked proudly saying “I´m a nudist!”? NO. It is not just as simple as that and there are several valid reasons for that. So, let´s start – step by step guide on how to become nudist from my personal experience.

First things first – feeling good in your skin

This can sound unnecessarily to say but thrust me this is the most important step when becoming a nudist / naturist. Feeling good in your skin can be so much more harder when you have absolutely no clothes on. That means you can´t simply hide your small or big imperfections. You can´t even accent things you love about yourself.

That can be hard for both men and women. We all look different, and we all have different definitions of what looks good. And, let´s be honest – we all want to look good. No matter how good we look to the others we will always find something on our bodies we are not happy with. That is just how it is.

But nudist beach is not catwalk! And don´t ever forget that. Nudist beach is not a place reserved for top models. Regular people just like me and you, people that have couple of kilos too much, people that have couple of kilos too many, short, tall, with long legs, with short legs… that are the people that you will see on a nudist beach. Normal people you can see everyday in your neighbourhood with two important things in common – they feel good in their skin and they love being naked. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturism Girl

Original publication 22/02/2018

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Cuando el cabo Piris ordenó retirar ‘La maja desnuda’ de un escaparate por pornográfica

Raro es el día que no nos levantamos con un nuevo caso de censura en estos tiempos aciagos para la libertad de expresión. Cuando no están encarcelando a algún rapero por cantar las verdades del barquero, un juez decide que secuestrar un libro es lo más normal del mundo (aunque consiga el efecto contrario) o la feria Arco hace un gigantesco ridículo al retirar una exposición por su incoveniente mensaje político.

Charete, de la librería Figueroa, mostrando el cuerpo del delito.Hoy.
Charete, de la librería Figueroa, mostrando el cuerpo del delito.

Esto con Franco sí pasaba, claro. Pasaba todos los días: cualquier libro, película, revista o periódico era revisada concienzudamente por el correspondiente censor para poder llegar al público convenientemente mutilada. Sin embargo, en ocasiones algún vigilante de la moral intentó ser más papista que el Papa y se pasó de frenada a la hora de aplicar el celo. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Publico

Original publication 22 FEB 2018

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Desnud Arte: Aleah Chapin, la belleza a cualquier edad

Aleah Chapin nació en 1986 en Seattle, Washington (Estados Unidos) se licenció en Bellas Artes en el Colegio de Artes Cornish y obtuvo el Master en Bellas Artes en la Academia de Arte de Nueva York, también obtuvo una beca en el Programa Internacional de Arte de Leipzig, (Alemania) y es miembro de la MacDowell Colony de New Hampshire (Estados Unidos).

En el 2012 ganó el primer premio de la XXXIII edición del BP Portrait Award londinense por la obra a gran escala titulada “Auntie” en la que representa el desnudo de una amiga de la familia. Este cuadro forma parte de la serie “Aunties Project” que consta de una serie de desnudos de mujeres a las que la artista ha ido conociendo durante su vida. Sus retratos de cuerpo entero sorprenden por un realismo pictórico realmente impactante y son el contrapunto a los dictados de una sociedad exigente con el cuerpo de la mujer a la que no se le permite ningún tipo de imperfecciones, cambio de peso y que deben aparentar eternas adolescentes. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Info Nudismo

Original publication 20/02/2018

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Britain’s oldest poppy seller who survived Auschwitz honoured with his own special pins
Royal British Legion bosses have given the special pins to celebrate Ron Jones turning 100

Britain’s oldest poppy seller who survived Auschwitz has now been honoured with his own commemorative pins.

Royal British Legion bosses have given the special pins to celebrate Ron Jones turning 100.

Ron is Britain's oldest poppy seller, aged 100WALES NEWS SERVICE
Ron is Britain’s oldest poppy seller, aged 100

Former prisoner of war Ron, will sign each pack himself before they go on sale ahead of this year’s Poppy Appeal.

Each pack contains a pin from 1914 to 1918 to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War and to celebrate Ron’s birthday. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Daily Mirror

Original publication 11 FEB 2018

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CRAS: Nudity
This week I present a re-post of a blog I wrote over on my other blog, I hope you like it!

If you’re not familiar with my term “CRAS” go here for an explanation.

Clothing demonstrates to others our character. What we do or do not wear projects our character to the world. As Christians we should strive to project Godly character with what we wear. We do not want to give a false impression of God’s people to the world. We should be humble but also project joy. We should dress according to occasion. Somber times (and corporate worship) call for somber dress and somber face. Joyful times, such as weddings, call for more joyous dress.

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Nude Torso

But what about nudity? In my quest to become more Biblical in my thinking and less influenced by culture, this topic has come to mind any time a discussion of “modesty” comes across my newsfeed.

What we wear can demonstrate to others our openness or reservedness. Nudity is to be fully open and exposed. Which is why people generally do not like it. People do not like to be vulnerable. Sins and scars can be hidden with clothing. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Orthodox Nudist

Original publication February 7, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 17th February 2018

Mass skinny dip for a good cause
Would you bare all for charity?

We wanted to create an event that would not only push the boundaries and drive awareness for an important cause, but also inspire people to let go of their inhibitions, have fun and celebrate their wonderful bodies in all their diversity.

If this hot weather is making you want to strip off and head to the beach, you could be in good company next month when the Bay of Plenty is hosting a group skinny dip for a good cause.

Breast cancer survivor Tracy Harding, 60 will be doing a naked swim as a fundraiser.George Novak
Breast cancer survivor Tracy Harding, 60 will be doing a naked swim as a fundraiser.

The inaugural Nude Dude charity swim is being held on March 15 at an unnamed Western Bay beach.

The swim will be a fundraiser for Tauranga’s Breast Cancer Support Service, which provides emotional and practical support for Western Bay women with breast cancer, and their families. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Bay of Plenty Times

Original publication 3 Feb, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 16th February 2018

How Living in a nude-restrictive place made me a naturist
I have almost always been drawn to naturism. And for most of my adult life I have practiced nudism both publicly and privately. But it was not until I move to a nude-restrictive place where nudity in most any form is frowned up that my passion for the practice kicked into high gear.

From nudist paradise

A year ago I moved from the relatively nude-positive southern coast of Spain. Living in the center of the city of Malaga, I had several sanctioned nude beaches to choose from within a 30-minute drive or less. I often rode my bicycle to one beach which was not officially nudist, but where most goers basked clothes-free on the little-trafficked sand. The particular beach sat between two branches of a river bordered by a nature preserve. So the relative isolation meant few people took the time nor made the effort to visit it. And so, naturism could be enjoyed without much problem.

However, another beach near the heart of the city also afforded opportunities for naked recreation. This beach was part of what had once been a large private spa club with tennis courts and a charming canteen. The primary stretch of sand there was visible from the coastal highway and was not clothing-optional. But a smaller stretched tucked around the side of the small peninsula of the property presented no such restriction. Like the river delta beach, it was not officially clothing-optional. But nudity was allowed there. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Nudist Planet

Original publication August 12, 2017

Posted on NatCorn 15th February 2018

Naked in Motion – 2 years of nude yoga in New York, and counting

‘Naked in Motion‘ is a group of a few yogis in New York City and Boston with a great mission “to create spaces where all people can experience the freedom and empowerment of clothes-free movement without worrying about their safety”, and they have been making lots of buzz in press! So much in fact, that it’s hard to believe they are only two years old. This is particularly encouraging, given that many naturist events and organizations in NYC have recently disappeared, e.g., body-painting dance parties, Zensual yoga, Vita Nuda gatherings and sudden departure of YNA (I certainly miss their Nude Year’s Eve parties).

So, I finally made it to visit ‘Naked in Motion‘ – for their birthday class last Saturday (which only makes more sense to celebrate in birthday suits). The class was led by the founder – Willow and she made sure it was a safe and comfortable experience for all. Before the class, she read ‘Community Rules’ (which also came in the confirmation email). Frankly, I am not a fan of rules, but I may be just used to being in the naturist environment, where there is usually no need for such rules to be told explicitly – I heard from other newcomers that they appreciated this approach. The major part of the rules ensures that the environment is non-sexual and body-positive, and a subset is aimed to women and transgender people in particular, as they may have additional hurdles on their way to feeling comfortable in their own skin. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Active Naturists

Original publication 31 january 2018

Posted on NatCorn 13th February 2018

What Makes a Photo a Naturist Photo?

The sky is overcast today with just the occasional whisper of a shower from time to time. It is quite warm, regardless, and we are enjoying the day. This morning we went for a shorter walk of just over four kilometres rather than our usual ten kilometres. Rather than wearing our Kiniki bathing suits, we wore clothing for the walk along the shorter section. Since it wasn’t sunny, it almost seemed pointless to wear bathing suits. Besides, swimming wasn’t on our agenda. Now that we are back, I have time for some writing and blogging.

I wondered for quite a while before deciding the theme for today’s post, quite some time actually. It wasn’t as if there is nothing to say, but whatever was to be said had to what emerged from within me rather than be forced by my head. It was the photo I took that had me realise that it was the use of images in social media in general that needed to be addressed. This photo above obviously shows that I am fully nude. It is Facebook friendly for a photo of a male nude though not Facebook friendly if this had been a photo of a woman. My nipples are safe while a woman’s serve as triggers for some, especially the good folks at Facebook. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Sky Clad Therapist – The Naked Psyche

Original publication JANUARY 31, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 12th February 2018

Sección de libros: El adolescente: sexualidad, vida y crecimiento

El otro día, mi hija me devolvió un libro que le había dejado hace tres años; cuando lo hizo, mi corazón dio un vuelco… este libro ha marcado mi vida, y no fui consciente de ello cuando lo compré, en aquel kiosco de la calle Herrero de Castellón, bajo la que entonces era mi casa… El libro en cuestión era éste.

Como se ve, el libro ha sido muy consultado (por mí, porque mi hija dice que no lo ha leído…)
Como se ve, el libro ha sido muy consultado (por mí, porque mi hija dice que no lo ha leído…)

En aquellos momentos, yo tenía 16 años. El kiosco en cuestión lo regentaba un joven kiosquero de unos 35 años, bastante alternativo (de hecho, posteriormente montó un restaurante vegetariano llamado Elcusecoana, que fracasó), aunque el día que descubrí este libro estaba una señora más mayor, probablemente su madre (o al menos eso me parecía; creo recordar, además, que la señora era inglesa o al menos tenía acento británico…). Al abrir el libro, lo primero que descubrí fue su precio… 550 pesetas… algo un poco inalcanzable, dado que entonces mi paga semanal debía rondar las 200 pesetas. Continued…Read full original article…

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Original publication 30 de enero de 2018

Posted on NatCorn 11th February 2018

San Pedro del Pinatar ignora al Defensor del Pueblo y mantiene la prohibición del nudismo en sus playas

Ciudadanos denunció ayer que el Ayuntamiento de San Pedro del Pinatar “ha vuelto a ignorar al Defensor del Pueblo y sigue hoy sin responder a su requerimiento de que se pronuncie sobre nuestras propuestas para eliminar la prohibición expresa del nudismo de su Ordenanza de Playas”.

El Defensor del Pueblo ha desautorizado la prohibición del nudismo impuesta por el Ayuntamiento de San Pedro en sus playasDIARIO 16
El Defensor del Pueblo ha desautorizado la prohibición del nudismo impuesta por el Ayuntamiento de San Pedro en sus playas

El portavoz local, José Luis Ros, considera que la actitud del equipo de Gobierno del PP para con la institución que preside Francisco Fernández Marugán “es desleal y ante todo, una falta de respeto, porque no hay mayor desprecio que la indiferencia, el famoso no hacer aprecio de nuestro refranero. Y se hace más dolorosa cuando se hace con una de las instituciones más respetadas de nuestra Democracia”. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Diario de la Manga

Original publication 25/01/2018

Posted on NatCorn 8th February 2018

Popular beach in Cornwall has a very intriguing secret most tourists miss completely – and it’s only revealed at low tide
Crantock Beach in Cornwall has a secret that’s become the stuff of legends with locals, but it only becomes obvious at low tide

Crantock Beach in Cornwall has long been a hit with visitors for its sandy shores and swimming-friendly waters.

However, the far side of the beach is home to a host of small caves hidden amongst the rocks that you could easily miss if you didn’t know to look out for them – and they hold an intriguing secret.

CornwallLive /

The caves are only accessible during the low tide, but those who make the trip will discover a series of intricate carvings that have become the stuff of local legend.

Etched into the walls are carvings of the outline of a horse, the close-up of a woman’s face, and a pretty love poem that reads, “Mar not my face by let me be/Secure in this lone cavern by the sea/Let the wild waves around me roar/Kissing my lips for evermore”. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Daily Mirror

Original publication 29 JAN 2018

Posted on NatCorn 7th February 2018

From Idea to Concept: Creating The Secret Life of a Naturist
I have been enjoying creating the cartoon The Secret Life of a Naturist for the Clothes Free Life online magazine for the past three weeks and thought I would give a you a sneak peek at the creating process that goes into each one.

Creating a cartoon old school (without computer graphics) by drawing and inking. First of course, is coming up with a story for the characters. In a cartoon strip it has to have a beginning, middle and end all in the space of seven to nine panels. The idea is not to have a laugh out loud punchline but a situation that may be humorous enough that the reader can connect with.

In today’s instalment, I first wrote a few notes on my tablet that briefly outlines the plot. I break it down into panels as they will eventually appear on the strip with what the character’s will be saying or thought balloons or sound effects. This writing concept is similar to theater or movie scripts. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturist Fab

Original publication JANUARY 28, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 6th February 2018

Portugal, en la ruta del naturismo internacional

Un equipo activo y afinado la FPN-Federación Portuguesa Naturista, a través de su presidente Rui Elvas y su vicepresidente Paulo García ponen a Portugal en la ruta del naturismo internacional.

La Federación Portuguesa Naturista ha cumplido 40 años de actividad en 2017. La FPN es la única entidad en Portugal acreditada para la emisión de la tarjeta de identidad naturista reconocido por la INF – Federación Naturista Internacional.

La Federación Portuguesa Naturista aglutina actualmente al CNC-Club Naturista de Centro, al CNA-Club Naturista del Algarve, la SPN-Sociedad Portuguesa de Naturalogia y la AAN-Alma Asociación Naturista recientemente afiliada. Portugal además será la sede del próximo Congreso Internacional de Naturismo en 2018. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Info Nudismo

Original publication 27/01/2018

Posted on NatCorn 5th February 2018

Man Files Complaint About “Excessive Nudity” In Men’s Locker Room
“I don’t think it’s right that these men make it so uncomfortable for others with their nudity.”

A Canadian man is complaining about what he describes as “excessive nudity” in the men’s changing room at his local public pool.

Norm Waddell goes to the Cowichan Aquatic Centre in Duncan, British Columbia, for physiotherapy. He told staff the men’s locker room is packed with elderly men letting it all hang free. Waddell admits they’re not doing anything illegal, but insists the lockers are for public use and everyone should feel comfortable in them.

“I don’t think it’s right that these men make it so uncomfortable for others with their nudity,” he said. “I have a son who is not comfortable with it either. There are separate cubicals and shower stalls in the change rooms so these men should be made to use them.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Logo newnownext

Original publication 1/23/2018

Posted on NatCorn 2nd February 2018

Children in Naturism

Our children are being raised in a society where we are constantly bombarded with messages that make us feel ashamed and insecure about our bodies. We are told that we are only worthy if we reach the impossible ideals of the beauty myth. Concurrently, our bodies are also being objectified and over-sexualized. Naturism is the very antidote to all those ills that afflict our world.

Children raised in naturism learn to accept the human body and recognize that everyone is unique. Comfort with nudity combined with naturist values lead to a healthy self-image and strong self-esteem. Although good parenting is by far the most important factor in raising children, naturism helps to promote their confidence and understanding about their bodies.naturist / nudist baby

Anyone who has observed children knows that they are enthusiastic naturists. We have never seen young children who are self-conscious when nude. In fact, you may observe them squeal with delight when they are allowed to run around nude. It is only in their later years that they are pressured into being self-conscious and adopt older people’s phobias about the body. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Bare Oaks

Posted on NatCorn 31st January 2018