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Waterworld bans nude family swim events after backlash from customers

Waterworld has banned family nudist events at its site after a backlash from customers.

The Stoke-on-Trent leisure resort has been hired by groups such as British Naturism for more than two decades.

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West Nile virus: What you need to know about Spain’s other ‘deadly’ virus

With the news cycle dominated by rolling, twenty-four hour coronavirus coverage in the last six months, you’d be forgiven if news of the West Nile virus in Spain had passed you by.

Although the National Epidemiology Centre registered only seven cases of the Nile virus in Spain over the last decade,52 cases have been recorded in humans in last month alone, clustering in Andalusia, with numbers now increasing and at least four deaths in the province of Sevilla so far.

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A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 — and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged

A closer look at the Bradykinin hypothesis

Earlier this summer, the Summit supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee set about crunching data on more than 40,000 genes from 17,000 genetic samples in an effort to better understand Covid-19. Summit is the second-fastest computer in the world, but the process — which involved analyzing 2.5 billion genetic combinations — still took more than a week.

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City of Lights parade and other Truro Christmas events cancelled

The popular City of Lights parade along with a Father Christmas parade and other festive events have been postponed this year due to the coronavirus guidelines

Details of the festive events which have been postponed due to coronavirus were presented in a report to Truro City Council.

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People of village named ‘naked’ uncomfortable with misunderstandings

People of a village named Çıplak [naked in Turkish] with 350 inhabitants in the Aegean province of Çanakkale are having a hard time due to its name being thought a nudist camp.

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Naturist couple will pay £2k to anyone who can help them move houses – but the person must be naked on the job

The advert by the couple seeks a driver comfortable of carrying out shifting work without any clothes.

Moving homes is always a stressful task that requires planning and the helping hands of friends or family members. However, the work can be made easy by hiring a Movers and Packers service.

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Woman beaten, raped and robbed as she sunbathed on Spanish nudist beach

The suspect, said to be around 30, allegedly attacked the woman in her 50s as she sunbathed in Mazarron, southern Spain, as local police begin their hunt to find the culprit

A woman was raped and punched on a Spanish nudist beach before her attacker robbed her and fled.


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This Morning viewers stunned as nudist accidentally flashes penis during ‘smutty’ live broadcast

THIS Morning viewers were stunned today as the show accidentally showed a nudist’s penis.

Josie Gibson, 35, stripped off as she appeared live from Liverpool for a feature with naturists milling around behind her.


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Topless sunbathing defended by French interior minister

France’s interior minister has defended topless sunbathing after police asked a group of women on a Mediterranean beach to cover up.

The three were approached by officers on the beach in Sainte-Marie-La-Mer following a complaint from a holidaying family.