Edmonton group clashes with naturists over nude bike ride

A clothing-optional bike ride through the streets of Edmonton scheduled for Saturday [3 August 2019]  is rankling some people, who argue that the event amounts to indecent exposure.

Those organizing and participating in World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) Edmonton, on the other hand, say that the event is a protest meant to promote both body positivity and the use of bicycles as a sustainable energy transportation choice.


I took off my clothes and prejudices to spend a day at a nude camping

Nudism. It is done. Just by hearing the word it is almost inevitable that you have imagined a beach with naked people, probably older and unshaved, who like to show themselves off and watch others doing the same.

But you just have to google this word to know that the conception we have of naturism, a much broader movement than nudism ‘just’, is still a bag of prejudices.


One Way People Are Dealing With the Constraints of Lockdown: Being Naked

Around the world, the Covid19 lockdown has led to increased interest in nudist lifestyles.

Membership requests for nudist organizations have increased in countries like the U.K. and Ireland, while more and more people are inquiring after, and participating in, online nudist challenges.

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People of village named ‘naked’ uncomfortable with misunderstandings

People of a village named Çıplak [naked in Turkish] with 350 inhabitants in the Aegean province of Çanakkale are having a hard time due to its name being thought a nudist camp.


Nude or Not Nude?

It’s another very windy day with the sun shining.

The wind is out of the northwest meaning that it feels colder than what the thermometer tells me.

Our morning walk will still happen, likely just before noon hour.

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Naturist couple will pay £2k to anyone who can help them move houses – but the person must be naked on the job

The advert by the couple seeks a driver comfortable of carrying out shifting work without any clothes.

Moving homes is always a stressful task that requires planning and the helping hands of friends or family members. However, the work can be made easy by hiring a Movers and Packers service.


The end of nude beaches?

In Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the entire coast of the Mediterranean coast there are or were many beaches and coves where nudism has been practiced since the late seventies.

A practice that was spreading and for some it is part of a philosophy of living, for others a matter of simple common sense. In the same way that when you shower you do not do it with underwear, it does not make sense to bathe in the sea and sunbathe with an article of clothing.

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Woman beaten, raped and robbed as she sunbathed on Spanish nudist beach

The suspect, said to be around 30, allegedly attacked the woman in her 50s as she sunbathed in Mazarron, southern Spain, as local police begin their hunt to find the culprit

A woman was raped and punched on a Spanish nudist beach before her attacker robbed her and fled.


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Membership surges at Scots nudist colony after months in lockdown despite the midges

The Scottish Outdoor Club, meets on an island in the middle of Loch Lomond, says you don’t need face masks thanks to social distancing on Inchmurrin.

Having already spent months in lockdown, it would seem a rising number of us are now desperate to ditch more than just our face masks.

For a nudist colony at one of the country’s most idyllic landmarks is enjoying a membership surge after reopening.