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The naturist trail: “Once you try it there’s no going back.”

The naturist trail: “Once you try it there’s no going back.”

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Get Naked 2017 at Newperran Holiday Park

Newperran Holiday Park is a textile site that hosted BN’s Nudefest for eight years but has branched out and now holds its own naturist week. Following the very successful “Newperran Naturel” event in 2016, your hosts, Keith and Christine are very excited to have announced their own naturist event for 2017 and have named it…

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Heidi Klum Declares Herself a Nudist

Heidi Klum Declares Herself a Nudist via @Esquire View original on Twitter Tweeted by @natcorn


Account Blockers, You’re blocking up my timeline!

Why is my timeline beginning to be filled each day by naturists bragging in some sort of pseudo macho manner that they have blocked another account?

Twitter in particular seems to be afflicted by this recent phenomenon. Twitter is a broadcast medium with tremendous possibility to communicate with people whom naturism would have great difficulty reaching otherwise. Does filling their timelines with pompous comparisons between naturist and pornographic websites encourage them to join organised naturism, I think not, they are more likely to unfollow the naturist account!

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“The skin is more beautiful than the garment in which it is clothed” – Michelangelo