Roseville Runner Finds Freedom In Naked Road Races

A few days ago, Jen Miller, who covers running for The New York Times, published a funny column about how she broke out of her pandemic gloom by entering the Bouncing Buns Clothing Optional 5K, a race run at a nudist resort in Pennsylvania.

That’s where Deadline Detroit learned of Bruce Freeburger, 69, who drove from Detroit to run in the same race and was quoted in her story.

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The coronavirus is mutating — does it matter?

Different SARS-CoV-2 strains haven’t yet had a major impact on the course of the pandemic, but they might in future.

When COVID-19 spread around the globe this year, David Montefiori wondered how the deadly virus behind the pandemic might be changing as it passed from person to person.


How looking at myself naked in the mirror empowered me

As a woman, I was always taught since childhood to cover my nudity. I was taught to be uncomfortable and shy when I took my clothes off, because that is what a woman from a good family would do. I wasn’t allowed to wear shorts till I was 13, till I rebelled against both my parents and tried to own my own body. My attempts were met by scathing remarks of what it meant to be a “suitable woman”.

Soon after, they gave up when I made them realise that they couldn’t control what I wore, at least for a while. Wearing shorts made me realise that I had legs and knees too. It’s almost like I had never known that these parts of me even existed.


Who goes bare? Here are the top nudist beaches in Europe

Sun, sea and sand add up to the perfect beach holiday – and Europe provides plenty of opportunity to get a glowing tan as the rays hit your skin.

For some people, embracing the nature of the seaside means shedding all their clothes and strolling along nudist beaches.

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Nudity as Superpower

Naturist fiction as a genre has been experiencing wonderful growth lately. There are more and more of us who write it, many more and more of us who read it, and with group projects like the Murder in the Nudist Colony anthology, there has been improved visibility. *There’s a call out now for contributions to the next collection, Romance in the Nudist Colony!

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Craig Revel Horwood reveals dismay he can’t visit nudist camps due to Strictly fame

Fame comes at quite a cost – just ask Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood who has shared his dismay at being unable to visit a nudist camp due to people knowing who he is.

He said being recognised means you “can’t do what you want” in public as fame results in losing “your sense of freedom”.


Skinny-dipping in Cornwall’s historic miners’ pools

In search of the historic tidal pools in Cornwall which miners created using dynamite.

Wild swimming in Cornwall is becoming increasingly popular.


The weird principle of the separate nude beach

We have been to some absolutely splendid nude beaches during our travels. An all-time favorite of ours is the free beach of Zipolite

“Free” in the sense that you’re allowed to wear whatever you wish. Bathing suit, batman suit or birthday suit,