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The latest news, information of interest about the NatCorn website, naturism and Cornwall.

During the current Coronavirus we shall continue to publish posts of interest to naturists. These posts may refer to outdoor or social naturist activities.

Naturists should, of course, comply with the regulations and advice issued by the Government.


Naturist Bed & Breakfast with Winery

When I described my weekend experience to a friend, the response was, “A naturist winery? Two of my favorite things!” I’ll say! But it’s really three favorite things: Wakefield Country Inn and Winery combines a bed & breakfast and a winery with a naturist philosophy, and the result is an absolutely unique experience that I had the pleasure of living last weekend with my wife.

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‘Budesy’ turns boring social distancing markers into brilliant works of art

The mischievous artist dubbed ‘Budesy’ has literally gone to town with the street art

An elusive artist has been praised by locals after making cheeky alterations to social distancing markers in Bude.

The mischievous artist, who has now been dubbed ‘Budesy’ or ‘Bude Banksy’, has gone around the town’s ‘keep to the right’ signs, adding quirks that bring the stick-like characters to life.


Beyond this point you may encounter nude sunbathers

This past weekend something major happened. I had one of those experiences that tend to drastically impact your life in a great way.

I guess you can say that I checked the thing that sat alone at the top of my bucket list. As you can probably tell by the picture associated with this post, I finally made it to a nude beach and participated. Here’s the story, bare (lol) with me this may be a long one…

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PM’s overhaul of planning system “a disaster for Cornwall”

Government plans to overhaul the planning system to make it easier for homes to be built have been described as “a disaster for Cornwall”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this week that he wanted to “build, build, build” and as part of that wants to make it easier for housing developments to take place.


How Nudity Became the New Normal

In an interview for Vanity Fair, Jennifer Lawrence finally revealed how it felt to have her nude photos hacked and distributed on the internet this summer, “Anybody who looked at those pictures, you’re perpetuating a sexual offense,” she says. “I didn’t tell you that you could look at my naked body.”

“It’s my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting,” she continued.

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How Much Do You Know About Natural Medicines?

The Costa Rica News (TCRN) , has decided to make a group of articles on types of natural therapies and medicines. Previously, we emphasized complementary and alternative medicine. On this occasion, you will learn about natural medicine.

Complementary medicine specialist, Miyen Wu, who clarified that she studied Natural or Herbal medicine with Keshava Bhat (father of Tropical Naturism). She states that this type of medicine must be handled with great care because ‘there are plants that heal and others that kill’.


Nudity festival offering ‘wholesome family fun’ to take place near Bristol

Nudefest, the UK’s biggest naturist festival, was initially due to take place in July

The UK’s biggest naturist festival takes place near Bristol in September.

Nudefest 2020 was initially due to take place at Thorney Lakes Caravan Park, Somerset in July but has been pushed back due to Covid-19.

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Tourists who fall ill with coronavirus in Cornwall ‘will have to pay to stay for 14 days’

Tourists will be warned that if they fall ill with coronavirus while visiting Cornwall and are unable to return home they will have to pay to remain in their accommodation for 14 days.

It is just one piece of advice which has been included on an information pack which will be issued to all accommodation providers ahead of them being able to open this weekend.


Nudist pensioner questions whether he’s really naked if he wears face mask

Stuart Haywood did not become a nudist until he was in his 70s

An 83-year-old nudist from Midway has questioned whether wearing a face mask will mean he is technically still naked.

Stuart Haywood, who has been stripping off for 10 years and takes regular breaks at naturist camps, is planning to visit a hotspot in Lincolnshire as it reopens.

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