Boost your body acceptance by going nude

All your life you’ve been spending thousands of hours and dollars picking clothes that make you look thinner, hats that make you look larger, make-up to hide the wrinkles and jewellery to distract the attention from all the rest


Controversy surrounds new sculpture of Mary Wollstonecraft, asking is nudity necessary?

A new figure has joined the 3% of non-royal, historical female statues in the UK with the recent unveiling of writer and women’s rights advocate Mary Wollstonecraft.


‘How becoming a nudist helped me accept my body’

“If people twice my age and size can undress and love their bodies, why can’t I do the same?”


I earn £45 an hour to clean people’s houses in the nude

Turning up for my first cleaning job, I was nervous. I wasn’t scared of the mess I might find on the other side of the door, more of the fact that I would be naked while tidying.


Naked meditation is bliss!

If you meditate regularly you get a sharper mind, sleep better and benefit from an increased awareness of situations.


Newcastle University ‘censors’ art to help refugees – because it wasn’t ‘appropriate’ for children

Feminists have slammed Newcastle University for ‘censoring’ art being sold to help refugees – because it showed nude women. University staff removed the art – which included a piece of a woman showing her vagina – because children as young as eight were visiting.


All About a Nude Massage

A great place to get a relaxing massage is obviously a massage salon. In Europe, it’s also very common to get massages at wellness or spa centers.


Rescue package agreed to keep East Devon’s leisure centres and swimming pools afloat

A rescue package of nearly three quarters of a million pounds is set to be given to LED Leisure to ensure they can continue to operate as a result of losses incurred by coronavirus lockdowns.

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Hate Crime Campaign

Have you had members of the public shouting abuse at you or threatening you while you were out naked – simply because you’re a naturist?