Nudelot: Sellos de Calidad Naturista
Os presentamos un extraordinario artículo de los amigos de nudelot.

Muchos de nosotros que practicamos el Naturismo hace largos años que y frecuentamos una o mas zonas naturistas . Que cultivamos un buen círculo de amigos y vivimos la desnudez con desenvoltura y gusto. Somos naturistas.?

Es el gusto por la desnudez que nos caracteriza como naturistas? No… eso apenas demuestra nuestro aprecio al nudismo . Las amistades? Ambos?

Ser naturista va mucho mas allá de esto. Implica estar en el mundo de forma mas consciente y natural. Desnudarse mas allá del cuerpo. Desnudar poco a poco también la mente, liberándola de las necesidades y deseos artificiales y el abandono de prejuicios, juicios y valores segregacionistas.

Un naturista cuestiona lo que consume y porqué lo hace. Está atento y por ésto más consciente ,de que es lo necesario o lo superfluo, de las demandas puramente consumistas que generan más basura o desperdicios de materias primas no renovables Continued…Read full original article…


Original publication 5 diciembre, 2017

3 days ago

Fascinating Photos Of Europe’s Naked Hiking Culture (NSFW)

Roshan Adhihetty is a Swiss photographer who joined a group of nude hikers on their various hiking trips across Europe.

The series is called ‘Die Nacktwandere’, German for “the naked hike”. Shots feature tasteful depictions of average nature-lovers who simply prefer to hike naked.

While Adhihetty never actually joined the naked hikers in taking off his clothes to stroll the trail nude, his photos almost make us want to.

The nude treks took the crew over beautiful mountain tops in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Even though the hikers went without clothes, regular hiking gear like backpacks, walking poles, and packed lunches were still in order. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: So Bad So Good

4 days ago

Love the Skin You’re In

This year the New Zealand Naturist Federation are creating a powerful summer campaign to create awareness of the benefits of naturism to a person’s body, mind and soul.

The concept is “Love the Skin You’re In” which aligns to our gonatural brand tag-line of ‘health and well-being’ and will focus on two really important issues that many are faced with today – positive body image and mental health awareness – and sometimes these are interlinked.

New Zealand Naturist Federation

Body image is the mental representation that one creates of themselves, and because it is subject to all kinds of internal elements like our mood, our experiences and social attitudes, it often doesn’t bear any close relation to reality or how others see you.

A negative body image is one of the key reasons that more people do not embrace the naturist lifestyle. They mightn’t have any issue with nudity per se and might even realise the many benefits that can be experienced physically from being clothes-free, but think it’s only for other people feeling too self conscious or body shamed to partake themselves. Many of our members can attest to having similar feelings and issues with acceptance of their body before embarking on their naturist journey however almost as soon as they took that first step, or at least very early on, they found they were looking at themselves through very different eyes. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: New Zealand Naturist Federation

Original publication 4 December 2017

5 days ago

Naturisme : ils ont joué au bowling tout nu à Ozoir-la-Ferrière

« Tout nu, tout est plus vrai et authentique ». Cédric Amato, 26 ans, sait trouver les mots pour définir l’attrait du naturisme. Membre de l’Association des naturistes de Paris (ANP), cet adepte du « non textile » était avec une quarantaine d’autres personnes, en très grande majorité des hommes, au City Bowling d’Oz, à Ozoir-la-Ferrière, jeudi soir pour des parties les attributs à l’air.

Jean-François Nieto (président de la région Ile-de-France à la fédération de naturisme), Christine Huet (chargée de communication à la fédération), Laurent Luft (président de l’Association des naturistes de Paris) et Cédric Amato (membre de l’ANP)Le Pays Briard / Pierre Choisnet
Jean-François Nieto (président de la région Ile-de-France à la fédération de naturisme), Christine Huet (chargée de communication à la fédération), Laurent Luft (président de l’Association des naturistes de Paris) et Cédric Amato (membre de l’ANP)

Organisées conjointement avec la Fédération française de naturisme, ces activités de loisirs entièrement nu se multiplient partout en France. « Depuis 1993, on se contentait de sessions naturistes à la piscine Roger Le Gall, dans le XIIe arrondissement de Paris. Mais ça fait deux ans que nous organisons en plus des activités, comme du tir à l’arc, de la randonnée, du sport en salle ou, même des dîners au restaurant parisien O’Naturel », glisse, un verre à la main, le président de l’ANP, Laurent Luft, parfaitement détendu dans cette complète nudité. Continued…Read full original article…

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Original publication 30 November 2017

1 week ago

This is the Weirdest Press Release We’ve Gotten All Week
Hint: it involves nudists.

As you can imagine, as the editors of a publication that reports on the best of our fair city, we get a lot of hot news tips in our inbox. Publicists will reach out to let us know about cool restaurant openings, entrepreneurs will share info about their startups and big brands will send over their fall lookbooks, all in hopes of coverage for print or here online. Most of the time, these emails help us do our job, inspiring stories and assignments and keeping us in the loop about what’s going on in the city. (Keep it up, you sweet things.)

But other times, we’ll take a nice big sip of hot coffee, open a press release and do a spit-take—this morning, for example, when we received a note from a mysterious American PR company. The subject line? “Why Nudists’ Favorite Kitchen Aid is the Slow Cooker.”

At first, we thought we might be reading a release from the beloved appliance brand KitchenAid, but upon further reading, this was very much not the case. Rather, it was a dispatch from the publicist of the American Association for Nude Recreation, sent from Kissimmee, Florida (presumably where national headquaters is located? Scared to Google it in case IT takes our computers away). Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Vancouver Magazine

Original publication 29 November 2017

1 week ago

Nude beachgoers behaving better, say police

Tweed-Byron police say that they have seen a reduction in antisocial behavior since Byron Shire Council erected signage at Tyagarah clothing-optional beach a month ago.

Attendees at Byron’s inaugural Nude Olympics on Saturday, October 7, ‘blowing the whistle on sexual assault.’Supplied
Attendees at Byron’s inaugural Nude Olympics on Saturday, October 7, ‘blowing the whistle on sexual assault.’

To celebrate, the Byron Naturists group will hold a sports and social day on the beach this coming Sunday, December 3, weather permitting.

Chief Inspector Luke Arthurs told Echonetdaily that police had ramped up patrols of the beach following the installation of the signage on November 3, and it appeared to be having dividends. Continued…Read full original article…


Original publication 1 December 2017

2 weeks ago

Why nudism is critical and matters to society

Nudists know the many benefits of nudism and shared nudity. However, a vast majority of people, who are not nudists, see nudity as bad. We know this feeling is rooted in education as well as the fact that society has been sexualizing nudity for years. Therefore, people associate nudity to sex, and because sex is private, nudity should be. End of the story for many people.

Nudists have disassociated nudity and sex. Being naked is therefore normal, natural and social. With this, every nudist has been exposed to all sorts of nude bodies: every color, gender, body shape, scars, etc. Nudists know that nudism is all about being comfortable in our ones skin, with ones own body. When kids are exposed to nudism early or adults later when they embrace the nudism lifestyle, they understand that people are all different and come to respect, and appreciate, those differences. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy

Original publication 30 November 2017

2 weeks ago

Ballarat East Bowling Club gets cheeky with nude calendar

Ballarat East Bowling Club have come up with an unconventional fundraiser: a nude calendar featuring some of their best bowlers.

The calendar features members doing the usual club duties, such as mowing and updating the score board, while stark naked. Around 150 copies are being printed, featuring people between the ages of 21 and 86.

Baring all: Ballarat East Bowling Club sponsorship manager Catherine Phillips shows off their cheeky nude fundraising calendar, with proceeds going to refurbishing the top green.Luka Kauzlaric.
Baring all: Ballarat East Bowling Club sponsorship manager Catherine Phillips shows off their cheeky nude fundraising calendar, with proceeds going to refurbishing the top green.

Club sponsorship manager Catherine Phillips said there were some “raised eyebrows” initially, but members still agreed to strip off.

“We want people to recognise that bowls isn’t just an old person’s sport, we have great fun at the club and it’s a family atmosphere,” she said. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Courier

2 weeks ago

Los Decentes: El cuerpo desnudo como expresión política

El cineasta austríaco radicado hace 10 años en Argentina Lukas Valenta Rinner, buscaba locaciones para su próximo proyecto cuando se topó con un club de swingers nudistas ubicado en un espacio verde y alejado de Buenos Aires: ese fue el germen de “Los Decentes”, nueva cinta del director de “Parabellum” que se ha estrenado estos días en Buenos Aires, y que pone en escena el choque entre estos espacios aislados de la provincia con los territorios de las clases populares y, sobre todo, el choque entre una moral conservadora y posibilidades más libres de la vida.

“La provincia de Buenos Aires es un lugar peculiar, con diferencias significativas de estatus y clase. De un lado, hay comunidades “exclusivas”, que están aisladas y protegidas por agentes de seguridad, y del otro, hay pobreza, paro, salarios bajos y desesperación. Quería subrayar estos espacios opuestos. Y la inspiración me vino de la vida real. Había amenazas de la comunidad ‘decente’, conservadora y cerrada contra los propietarios y visitantes del club nudista. Al abordar estas tensiones de clase, trataba de examinar la violencia estructural, que puede parecer sutil pero que, en mi opinión, es inherente a la sociedad argentina actual”, explica el cineasta sobre su trabajo, donde la protagonista es Belén (una sorprendente Iride Mockert), una joven de 30 años, encuentra un trabajo como empleada doméstica interna en un exclusivo barrio privado en la provincia de Buenos Aires. Continued…Read full original article…

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Strange Rules and Little-Known Etiquette for Nudist Colonies

Ok, I hate the term nudist colonies. It feels as this was a kind of a sect or secret cult. Then the use of strange seems to mean that this is a kind of a weird places. Any nudist club or resort is neither a sect nor a weird place. It’s a just a place where people live their own lives while enjoying total nudity.

However, the post Strange Rules and Little-Known Etiquette for Nudist Colonies is much better than its title implies. It describes the unknown rules to non naturist that are applied to almost all the nudist resorts in the world, and uses wonderful paintings to introduce each of it. Let’s list the 12 rules described in this post: Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy

3 weeks ago

Naked Swimming in School

Durante años, hasta bien entrada la década de los 70 en las escuelas, institutos, universidades y/o asociaciones deportivas de Estados Unidos las clases de natación, principalmente en piscinas cubiertas, que se impartían a niños y adolescentes se realizaban en completa desnudez, era una práctica normalizada y estandarizada el dar las clases de natación sin traje de baño. En el documental Naked Swimming in School publicado en tres capítulos en YouTube en 2010, firmado por K. Dean Rhodes, el historiador se pregunta porqué ocurría esto y como es posible que nadie lo recuerde y, a continuación relata su investigación para dar respuesta a estas dos preguntas, presentando distintos documentos y un par de entrevistas de la radio.

Respecto al por qué, comienza contando que en la primera mitad del siglo pasado era bastante normal que los hombres fueran a bañarse y nadar desnudos en la naturaleza. Nadie esperaba otra cosa, especialmente cuando lo habitual era que no se mezclaran hombres y mujeres en este tipo de actividades. Culturalmente, en esa época se consideraba que un hombre no tenía por qué avergonzarse de que alguien le viera desnudo. Si que se esperaba que se cubrieran cuando hubiera mujeres presentes, pero más que por no avergonzarse ellos, por no ofender a las mujeres. En esa época, el desnudo masculino se utilizaba como símbolo de salud y vigor. A este respecto son curiosos los anuncios de una marca de jabones que utilizan ilustraciones de soldados bañándose en grupo en cualquier río, totalmente desnudos por supuesto. En esa época ese tipo de ilustración daba una imagen de salud y virilidad, como ya se ha indicado. Continued…Read full original article…

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3 weeks ago

Why this man thinks more people in Devon should get naked
“There are times when clothing is uncomfortable and unnecessary – nudity is often far more practical.”

A national advocate for open nudity has spoken about why he thinks the attitude to being naked needs to change.

Peter Wright, 64, a legal volunteer for the British Naturism group, got in touch after reading several stories about naked people on DevonLive last week.

Peter Wright of British Naturism
Peter Wright of British Naturism

They included reports of a man spotted walking naked down Exeter High Street and a couple who were caught having sex in a field in Holsworthy.

But Peter has told that he believes public nudity should be more acceptable. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: DevonLive

3 weeks ago

La carrera nudista de Sopela cumple 18 años

La tradicional carrera nudista de Sopela se convirtió en una de las celebraciones más sonadas del verano como cada verano en el norte desde 1999. Familias enteras y multitud de bañistas se congregaron en la playa Salvaje para disfrutar de una prueba donde lo principal no es llegar primero aunque cada vez participa gente mas preparada que demuestra un gran nivel

El triatleta Ander Sáez fue el más rápido de los 58 participantes en completar los 5 kilómetros de la prueba.
El triatleta Ander Sáez fue el más rápido de los 58 participantes en completar los 5 kilómetros de la prueba.

La prueba tuvo dos categorías: la testimonial, de un kilómetro; y la absoluta, de cinco, sobre arena. A pesar de la dureza por el calor y el terreno, los participantes marcaron muy buenos tiempos. se calzó la txapela que le acredita como el hombre desnudo más rápido de este año. Tardó 18 minutos y 8 segundos en completar los 5 kilómetros, lo que supone una media de 3’38” el kilómetro. Un muy buen tiempo. Aitor Sarrionaindia, ganador en 2013 y un clásico en estas pruebas, fue segundo; y Javier Delgado completó el podium llegando un minuto más tarde que el primero. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Deporte y Nudismo

3 weeks ago

This isn’t your mother’s dinner party, unless your mom is a nudist
Editor’s Note: The identity of the person interviewed for this story has been changed for privacy reasons.

Some people prefer to eat undressed salad. Others, to eat salad undressed.

The latter might be less common than the former. But last year, a group of UR students celebrated their lack of dressing, salad or otherwise, while eating food (salad, or otherwise). They hosted nudist potlucks.

They were sort of like a club, but without SA recognition, foregoing funding so they could strip away SA’s rules and regulations.They didn’t advertise meetings; they didn’t mass-invite people to events on Facebook. They didn’t even have a name. They were just regular students enjoying a meal together while completely naked.

Nudist potlucks were serious affairs, as Alan, who graduated in May, discovered at his first get-together. He’d been to naked events at the Burning Man festival, but wasn’t sure what to expect of UR nudists. He’d heard the events had had a “sexual vibe” in the past. It wasn’t until he’d heard that this was a potluck — “and that my friend was bringing pasta” — that he believed it would be an honest, bare-bones event. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Campus Times

3 weeks ago

Minneapolis chases a nude yoga group back underground
Soma Be spent a lot of the 1980s and ’90s heavily medicated.

Soma had been chronically depressed since the time he’d graduated from Bethel College in the late 1970s. The next couple decades he recalls “not doing much.”

Nude yoga might be entertaining for adults. But is it adult entertainment?Susan Du
Nude yoga might be entertaining for adults. But is it adult entertainment?

By 1990, he’d been prescribed “tons and tons of medication” for anxiety and depression, leaving him in a drugged haze. At night he couldn’t sleep, and aimlessly wandered the streets of the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis. One night he got mugged. Another time he found a murdered woman’s body.

Then one day Soma passed out on the floor of his apartment, lying unconscious for hours. A neurologist determined he was suffering from something called “serotonin syndrome,” brought on by taking several times the normal dose of Prozac, among other drugs.

Soma had to wean off this dependence without giving in to depression. A therapist suggested yoga Continued…Read full original article…

Source: City Pages

4 weeks ago

The End of Lake Willoughby’s Nude Beach?
Draft Ordinance Headed for Westmore Town Meeting in March

WESTMORE — It’s a little too cold now for swimming – with or without a bathing suit.

But the Westmore Select Board is not done with its consideration of banning nude sunbathing come next beach season at popular Lake Willoughby’s Southwest Cove.

That beach, secluded and accessed by a walk through the woods and down a set of stone steps, has been a clothing-optional beach for decades.

Amy Ash Nixon
Richard Goddard of Newport, at the clothing optional beach at the Southwest Cove of Lake Willoughby, looks over a copy of the draft ordinance on public indecency presented at the Westmore Selectboard meeting in early October

Every so often, controversy over the nude beach bubbles up, and that happened this past summer, with allegations coming to the town’s selectmen over women being bullied by naked sunbathing men.

Those allegations led the board recently to meet with the town attorney to consider a draft public indecency ordinance for the Town of Westmore that would put an end to the clothing-optional beach enjoyed by the naturists – the term naked sunbathers prefer. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Caledonian Record

5 weeks ago

Black Nudists: Embracing the Skin You’re in with The Black Naturists Association
Despite our oversexualized media, nude beaches are still considered taboo in America and one of the biggest misconceptions about them is that they’re only for older white people and those with beach bodies to show it off.

If you Google “Black Nudists,” your first impression might be that they don’t exist, or that nude beaches are not open to Black people. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. After visiting several nude beaches with some close friends, the idea of creating a space where we too could be represented and leave our bunprints’ footprints in the sand, grew more and more as we met other Black folks on the beach who were just as happy to see us as we were to see them. These experiences and the desire to change the narrative are what gave birth to Black Naturists Association. (B.N.A)

Jakob Owens

Who are we?

We are eight friends who love to travel and explore the world. Through our mutual love of travel and helping to expose friends and family to unique experiences that will broaden and challenge preconceived thoughts and notions of what’s acceptable within the black community. Black Naturists Association is an organization that advocates nudity through naturist environments and activities to help promote healthy body images and self-esteem for those in the Black community. BNA is for open-minded people who not only want to embrace the freedom of being nude and comfortable in their skin but most importantly, accept themselves and others however they might be. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Griots Republic

13th November 2017

The Old Guard in organised naturism

During the Navy Review for Queen Victoria at Spithead, on 26th June 1897, a ship turned up without an invitation, it was there to show the Old Guard in the Admiralty that they should have listened to its designer all along. The perpetrator was Charles Parsons who had designed the first steam turbine in 1884 and had tried to get the Admiralty interested but had failed. He built a boat named Turbinia and powered it using his new engine then took it unannounced to the Spithead Review. Not surprisingly the navy picket boats sent to stop him were far too slow. The old codgers in the Admiralty were then caught in a fix, so public was the display of superiority that they could no longer fend off the future with their customary No. They had come from the same old codger tradition who resisted the change from sail to steam, from coal to oil fired ships and could not believe that an aeroplane made of string and canvas could sink a battleship, until one sunk the unsinkable Ostfriesland in 1921. It was not just the Admiralty that was headed by codgers, when Frank Whittle approached the Air Ministry with his jet engine he was given a range of reasons why it will never be of use, “why man, we have the Merlin engine!”, so he formed Power Jets Ltd and proved them wrong.

Sadly British history is littered with such examples, the Old Guard produced all kinds for arguments to keep sending children up chimneys, to stop women having the vote, to maintain the slave trade, etc. etc., a long and very sorry list, Hansard is replete with it. It often takes national emergencies to force the codgers to change or move aside. My mother joined the army early in the 2nd World War and found exactly that, the army was busy shipping out the codgers and replacing them with newly promoted officers of vision, those with an ability that encompassed more than being able to say No to new ideas. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Thoughtful Naturist

12th November 2017

El naturismo y la esencia de la libertad

Como nos explican diferentes e ilustres pensadores de las diferentes generaciones la mayor búsqueda del ser humano ha sido siempre la de sentirse libre y proclamar a los cuatro vientos su ente libre para una mayor compresión de la libertad de todos los seres humanos. Hoy en día vivimos momentos de extrema complicación en lo que se refiere a las libertades individuales y colectivas. Resulta extremadamente complicado entender el concepto de libertad cuando solo vivimos en el concepto de imposición. Desgraciadamente las reglas del juego de la vida ya están marcadas por unos cuantos para todos y eso lo podemos extrapolar a todos los ámbitos de la vida ya sean políticos, económicos y sociales. Si nos paramos a pensar por un momento entenderemos que no somos seres libres aunque nos encantaría serlo, la represión en el caso del naturismo lleva siendo patente desde hace décadas, ahora lo podemos extrapolar a situaciones políticas y de nuestra vida la cual está completamente teledirigida por los medios de información. Consiguen que no veamos más allá y perdamos la capacidad de sentirnos libres desde el principio más básico del ser humano.

El naturismo lleva sufriendo o padeciendo ese estatus implantado en la sociedad de la ” no libertad de pensamiento ni de acción “. Algo tan esencial y a la vez tan precioso como el medio ambiente y el poder comunicarnos con el de la manera más natural hoy en día casi resulta algo hiriente y en muchos casos hasta penado. Si somos incapaces de poder disponer de una libertad tan esencial como esa, que libertad esperamos tener en una sociedad construida por unos pocos para todas las masas de la sociedad? De que nos sirve escondernos de la realidad? Pues como vamos viendo de nada.

El núcleo de la discusión impuesto es el siguiente. Para los grupos naturistas, el nudismo es una ideología —para lo que acuden incluso a la definición que la RAE da de la palabra— cuya forma de exteriorización (estar desnudo) y su práctica debe entenderse amparada por el derecho a la libertad ideológica “y no puede en modo alguno limitarse por ordenanzas municipales”. Y al formar parte de un derecho fundamental, los poderes públicos solo podrían limitarlo por ley orgánica. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Vida Naturista

8th November 2017

The link between naturism and yoga

Why do many naturists practice yoga and are many yogis interested in naturism?

Well, that’s simple. Both lifestyles are for women who had their puberty in the late sixties, took way too much acid, engaged on a lifetime search for enlightment and swore never to shave their armpits again. That’s it. End of story.

At least, that’s what we thought until we became interested in those lifestyles.

Only recently we figured out that both lifestyles actually have a huge common ground and suddenly it became clear why we mingle so easily. It’s for the same reasons why car mechanics are often race pilots, why vegans are into animal protection and why people who like wearing white socks join a tennis club. It’s in our genes. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

8th November 2017

The “Naked in the Wilderness” Principle

We believe that naturists experience the wilderness, the natural world, and each other, at a more elemental level. Nudity is a state of being, no more no less. Removing barriers is fundamental to that natural connection, be they mental barriers, societal burdens, emotional struggles, or, yes, clothing. Just as nothing between the soil and our feet, the sun on the skin, is so grounding, so it is true with each of us meeting free of the preconceptions that come with our modern world. When we shed our cloths, we also shed the image we have consciously or subconsciously created and struggle to maintain. When free from those constraints, all that will manifest is our unique human personality, with all our charms and failings intact, as natural as the fields and waters we travel upon. Just as our bodies reflect our great diversity, our past struggles, scars, and joyous hopes, so our unique personalities are freed to meet each other from a place of harmony.

Naked in the wilderness is not just something we like to say, it is really what sustains us. The wilderness can be anywhere because it is the coming together, creating openness and the corresponding vulnerableness that leads to acceptance. Not just of our bodies, but our place in this universe. We perceive the earth with all our senses. We perceive each other through spirit.

When you stand before nature, and each other, and affirmatively declare, “Here I am, in this time and in this space” and see your existence validated by the woods, the water, the wind, as well as each member of this community, that is when we find our true life-joy. That is where we relax and settle into our being and find peace. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Minnesota Naturist Campers

7th November 2017

‘How photographing naturists helped me to love my body’
Amelia Allen went from fashion to fully-naked, and here’s what she learnt.

When you think of naturists, you probably cringe in horror remembering the time you went skinny dipping after a few too many sangrias.

But as photographer Amelia Allen’s new book Naked Britain points out, naturism is something that’s happening in Britain right now; and though you might not think it, encompasses every shape, age, colour and career.

Amelia Allen

Here, she explains how shadowing British Naturism clubs for two years changed her perception of ‘beauty’, and helped her learn to love her body.

“I’ve been a fashion photographer for quite a few years”, she told Cosmopolitan UK. “And I spend a lot of time photographing what you would call ‘conventional beauty’ and ‘aesthetically pleasing models’ to promote clothes. I enjoy that industry; it’s fun and creative, but if you leave that bubble, you realise how warped it can make your perception of the human body. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Cosmopolitan

7th November 2017

As Nature Intended – an insight by a female first time naturist

Naturism, nudism…it seemed the same to me. I couldn’t tell you the difference between the two concepts. I never thought of it beyond stereotypes: something done by “eccentric” people, somehow related to exhibitionism, and mostly done by men.

However, some time ago a friend told me about naturism, how she became a member of Irish Naturist Association and how much she enjoyed naturist outings and being in contact with nature, as nature intended. She also told me how popular naturism is in some Central European countries, how naturism is practiced by families plus the benefits for children as they learn to appreciate and accept their own bodies and other people’s bodies, apart from sexual connotations, in a respectful environment. Talking to her inspired a genuine curiosity in me and I felt that I should try, at least try.

However, I always told her that my preference would be to experience naturism in a warmer location than Ireland. I am quite a shivery/chilly person, and the idea of going nude in Ireland was inconceivable for me. I have never worn sandals or shorts in Ireland and I’m always fully wrapped up. Of course, I have never dipped my feet in the Irish Sea, despite the insistence of my children. I have always been a little envious of people swimming throughout the whole year in places such as Seapoint or the Forty Foot.

A few days ago, my friend invited me to join a naturist group of people to go to the beach. As this was likely to be the last sunny and warm day of the year, I did not want to miss this opportunity. So finally, I postponed my commitments and decided to join, ready for my first nudist experience. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Irish Naturist Blog

1st November 2017

After all, why nudism?

The question is legitimate. Why getting naked in front of others? Why doing activities entirely naked, like swimming, hiking or cooking? Many blogs, articles, and books provided answers, including mine with articles like 4 good reasons to be nude or 7 reasons why nude is better for social activities with friends.

However, as I was preparing my lunch, naked as most of the time, the question why nudism? popped up in my mind. So I decided to look at it with a twist. So whether you are a nudist, an aspiring one or a pure textilist, here’s a way to look at the answer to this question.

Let’s start with the premises that nudity is totally normal. I know, for most people it’s not. Nudity and modesty are tied together, and nudity belong to private closed rooms. However, this is the twist. Let’s say that nudity is normal. Imagine it (it’s much easier if you are a confirmed nudist)! Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy

30th October 2017

Young Naturists America is closing in 2017
The End of Young Naturists America, Inc.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce our decision to close Young Naturists America by the end of this year.

We originally started this organization about 7 years ago with a few goals in mind – to bring about social change, to bring naturist values back into the modern nudist movement and to introduce more young adults to naturism.

Naked on the runway for our appearance in a Project Runway All Stars 2016 episode
Naked on the runway for our appearance in a Project Runway All Stars 2016 episode

And we did succeed in this through our grassroots outreach, hundreds of published articles, online social groups, gatherings and events, media coverage, Radio / TV appearances and more.

YNA group photo in Woodstock, New York from one of our weekend gatherings
YNA group photo in Woodstock, New York from one of our weekend gatherings

Our events brought together hundreds of people from all over the USA (and a few from overseas as well) who were looking for an acceptance-based community of people like them. Every single event we ever did brought people that had never tried social nudism before, many of whom had a life-altering transformational experience. These events and gatherings also resulted in many new friendships being formed and even a few marriages! We ourselves met so many beautiful people over the course of running this organization. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Young Naturists of America

26th October 2017

The art of nude hiking
Nude sunbathing is nothing new, but nude hiking?

You’d be surprised to learn that it’s more prevalent than expected – in Dankerode, Germany there is a dedicated 18km nude hiking trail. And the airy activity is more common than you’d imagine on the Appalachian and Pacific Crest trails. There’s even a group of nude climbers who make an annual pilgrimage to Joshua Tree National Monument, redefining the traditional definition of crack climbing.

Woman enjoys view of Sierra Nevada Mountains while soaking in hot spring.

If you’ve felt the urge to bare all to Mother Nature, you are not alone. But before you go, plan ahead. There’s etiquette for naked hiking – you don’t want to end up with an embarrassing mug shot! So it’s a good thing to know the rules before you strip down. Continued…Read full original article…

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16th October 2017

The nudism gender problem: how to get more women involved
Ideas and solutions for attracting more women to nudism

We’ve talked about how and why nudism has a woman / gender imbalance problem.

We can attract more women to naturism by using photos of real naturists and body diversity.
We can attract more women to naturism by using photos of real naturists and body diversity.

Now it’s time to talk solutions. What can we do about it? How can we attract more women to naturism? We’ve got a few ideas Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Young Naturists of America

16th October 2017

Adelaide is ready for nude yoga, says instructor behind sold-out liberating workshops
ADELAIDE women will get rid of their inhibitions — and their clothes — when they practice nude yoga for the first time on Saturday night.

Yoga instructor Rosie Rees has been running the unique workshops in her home town of Perth for three years, as well as in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Tonight’s workshop at the Power Living studio in the city is a first for Adelaide.

Rachael Lahey, 23, practises nude yoga.Naomi Jellicoe
Rachael Lahey, 23, practises nude yoga.

“I wanted to create a practice for women to love and accept their bodies,” says Ms Rees, 30. “People told me Perth wasn’t ready for it, that the world wasn’t ready for it. Pretty much every workshop I’ve ever run has sold out.”

Workshops run for 3.5 hours and begins with a sharing session, meditation and simple exercises in a candlelit room. Class sizes range from 15-30 people. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Advertiser

16th October 2017

Nudism, Nudists and Everything You Want To Know About The Nudist Lifestyle and Nudism!
Introduction to Nudism and what does being a nudist mean?

A Nudist may have many reasons for being naked. Some common reasons are self-acceptance, getting closer to nature, physical comfort, and more authentic human connection and relationships.

Nudists feel that a deeper or truer understanding of people can be attained by first stripping away outer signs of class, wealth, and style. A nudist person will argue that mentalities like “clothes make the man” are superficial and judgmental. By removing the means of preconceptions – clothing – people can see each other as human beings and not as their socio-economic status.

A Nudist Take Over – Nudist Women Take Over Land to Establish a Nudist Colony!
A Nudist Take Over – Nudist Women Take Over Land to Establish a Nudist Colony!

A lot of people prefer to live the majority of their lives fairly fully clothed. Some might even spend a good deal of their time focusing on shopping and putting together stylish outfits for this purpose. But there are also a good number of people who prefer to live just the opposite and embrace nudism.

That is, nudism is a lifestyle that is shared by many communities across the world. For some, it offers an alternative or “more natural” way of living. As a side note, “naturism” is actually the term preferred by many nudists today. While nudism and naturism both refer to the practice of going nude in a non-sexual setting, naturism tends to have a philosophy and values behind it. It isn’t just about nudity but about acceptance, equality and respecting others and the environment. Continued…Read full original article…

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14th October 2017

Naturista ¡la ciudad es tuya!
De Alemania a Inglaterra, en España o Francia, el naturismo ve aumentar el número de sus practicantes considerablemente. Sin embargo, esta práctica todavía está lejos de ser unánime o estar generalizada.

Para muchos, la práctica del naturismo en las zonas urbanas puede parecer incongruente. Sin embargo, el naturismo ya no se limita a las playas y establecimientos dedicados. Es cada vez más importante en nuestras ciudades y en diferentes formas: parques o piscinas privatizadas, los lugares donde se autoriza la práctica son cada vez más numerosos.

Naturismo en Francia, cifras

Francia es el principal destino naturista del mundo.

2.000.000 de franceses son practicantes regulares, ya sea en asociación o durante las vacaciones.

2.000.000 de turistas naturistas extranjeros viajan a Francia cada año.

Existen 460 áreas naturistas incluyendo: 155 campings comerciales, 155 asociaciones propietarias de algún camping o zona recreativa, 73 playas (en mar o lagos) permiten el naturismo. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Info Nudismo

9th October 2017

Naturists harvest French vineyard grapes entirely nude
A group of naturist friends from Puy-de-Dôme has harvested wine grapes entirely in the nude.

Taking advantage of the warm end-of-September weather – despite some rain – the seven men and one woman took to the vines entirely naked, to pick grapes on a small parcel of vineyard in the commune of Crest.

The group picked grapes entirely naked, apart from shoes and plastic ponchos against the rain
The group picked grapes entirely naked, apart from shoes and plastic ponchos against the rain

The group made use of a local by-law that allowed them to harvest for a set amount of time, and in a clearly-defined area of the vineyard. The remoteness of the land ensured they were unlikely to be seen by members of the public.

Some concessions to the weather and environment were made: the group wore shoes to protect their feet against the hard and muddy ground, and some made use of transparent plastic ponchos to ward off the rain. Apart from this, they were all entirely naked. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: The Connexion France

9th October 2017

Nudity in Germany: Here’s the naked truth

When I was a kid, my father always used to sunbathe nude in our garden at weekends. In public pools, children of all ages were allowed to run around naked all the time.
Even today, I’m comfortable with getting naked in the sauna or gym changing room. Maybe it’s because I’m German.

Nudism is traditionally popular in Germany, a country considered buttoned up and conservative compared with, let’s say, Italy.
In Germany, nudism is known as Freikoerperkultur (FKK), Free Body Culture. Baring all is normal in saunas, swimming pools, the park and on the beach.
Summer in the parks of Berlin and Munich brings the chance of encountering a middle-aged, bronzed German wearing only a hat and the BILD-Zeitung, Germany’s favorite tabloid. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: CNN

17:10 7th October 2017

The art of nude hiking

Hiking is a very healthy activity that anybody can do. Naked hiking is really stitching a lifestyle, nudism, and a healthy activity, hiking. It’s, personnally, one of my preferred activities up to a point that it’s very difficult to hike with any kind of clothes on, once you have tried naked hiking. So it’s great this form of hiking is recognized by one of the major brands of hiking gears of the planet! We need to continue to spread the good news by driving more people to naked hiking, hike more naked, and talk about naked hiking to all our friends and family.

Get naked, stay naked, live naked and share the naked love!

Take a famous brand of sports gear, Columbia, take a great outdoor activity, hiking, mix this with nudism, and you get an article on the art of nude hiking on the Columbia’s blog. It’s just awesome! Here are their 9 tips for hiking nude: Cont…Read full original article…

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17:20 6th October 2017

Daniela Schleicher is the new INF European Youth Secretary..

There are people who convince by their eloquence. There are people who convince by their personality and their actions. Daniela Schleicher is one of the convincing figures. That alone makes it logical that she is the new Youth Secretary of the European Naturists. Her goal is to make the young people among the European naturists a living community.

Daniela Schleicher: “For me, it concerns the matter, the common idea”INF Newsletter
Daniela Schleicher: “For me, it concerns the matter, the common idea”

She brings along the necessary patience to cope with this task. Indeed for many years she is engaged in the Family-Sports-Community of North Rhine-Westphalia (FSG NW). There she does not only take care of the children and the adolescents. The social equality is part of her scope of duties in the naturist sports association. Aged 35, she is one of the younger ones in the naturist community. Her youthfulness as well as her energetic dedication are beneficial to the social contexts where she is active. Accordingly, she had directly approached the young people during the EuNat Family Meeting, which took place at the camping ground of Le Betulle near Turin begin July. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: INF-FNI Newsletter

15:00 5th October 2017

El día en que cientos de personas posaron desnudas en un glaciar

El glaciar Aletsch, en Suiza, fue una de las propuestas para la selección de las nuevas Siete Maravillas Naturales del Mundo, un concurso internacional patrocinado por el suizo Bernard Weber, fundador de la empresa New Open World Corporation, que también fue organizadora de Las Nuevas Maravillas del Mundo.

El calentamiento global, sin embargo, está afectando negativamente al glaciar, que, si bien ha avanzado y retrocedido a lo largo de la historia, sólo en el año 2005 retrocedió de una sola vez unos 100 metros. Cada año, el cauce de hielo perpetuo pierde 30 metros de espesor. Cont…Read full original article…

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17:10 3rd October 2017

The Young Nudists of Australia are bringing naked mini golf to Sydney
A GROUP of young Aussies are trying to show that naturism isn’t just for old folks. A Sydneysider is leading the charge.

THINK of nudists and you might conjure an image of jiggly, leathery old folks playing volleyball.
But Sydneysider Matt O has made it his mission to change that. He and a few friends founded the Young Nudists of Australia in 2016, with the aim of introducing 18-40 year olds to benefits of getting together, and getting nude.

Hitting up a nude beach in Sydney is a popular activity for the YNOA.Supplied
Hitting up a nude beach in Sydney is a popular activity for the YNOA.

The group quickly amassed a membership of over 350 people interested in exploring the nudist lifestyle.
Matt says being nude is a “hugely empowering and liberating experience” and one of the greatest equalisers in modern-day society.

“I’m healthy but not overly skinny but if anybody thinks only physically stunning people try naturism, one visit to a nude beach or resort and they will see that isn’t true.

“Once I realised that myself, it makes you feel so much better about yourself. Nobody is judging you, nobody is critiquing you and that just makes you feel so accepted. That feeling of acceptance is why I love it. Cont…Read full original article…


29 September, 2017, 5:20 pm

The truth is out there – and the 20th annual Cornwall UFO Convention could reveal all
The convention will include talks on the different theories that could explain UFOs

David Gillham is a man who has been searching for the truth about UFOs for more than 20 years after spotting something he couldn’t explain in the skies above his Truro home.

He was so intrigued by the unusual sight that he started to look into other sightings around the local area, made contact with Army and RAF bases and even started a weekly meet-up for like-minded people to share their experiences.

UFO spotted over the sea near St Austell, the witness took one photograph from Black Head and Trenarren, which was unveiled at the Cornwall UFO Conference hosted by the Cornwall UFO Research Group© APEX NEWS & PICTURES
UFO spotted over the sea near St Austell, the witness took one photograph from Black Head and Trenarren, which was unveiled at the Cornwall UFO Conference hosted by the Cornwall UFO Research Group

At its peak, the group had 100 attendees all interested in mysterious activity over Cornwall.

While the group stopped many years ago, Mr Gillham has been inviting “open-minded people” from across the county and farther afield to attend the annual convention hosted by the Cornwall UFO Research Group (Cuforg).

The convention aims to help people learn more about the different theories that could explain unidentified flying objects, share their own stories and find out more about the many sightings reported to Cuforg every year. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: CornwallLive

28 September, 2017, 5:30 pm

Exhibition of Native American nude paintings hopes to ‘tear down’ a cultural taboo

Among the upcoming Final Friday exhibitions is a show at the Phoenix Underground that artist and organizer Brent Learned is sure will offer a unique experience not only in subject matter, but also in its assemblage.

Photo by Nick Krug. painting by Brent Learned

Native American Body of Art is an exhibition featuring 30-plus nude paintings of Native Americans by nine Native American artists from different tribes. The idea for the show was conceived by Learned, a Cheyenne/Arapaho artist from Oklahoma City and a 1993 University of Kansas graduate, who said he had “been kicking it around for a while” after talking with artist friends about the lack of Native American nude portraits that are not exoticized or hyper-sexualized, but created in the classical sense. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Lawrence Journal-World

27 September, 2017, 5:30 pm

Walking naked down the street: the most basic of all human rights
I’ve always said that naturism is nothing more than a simple expression of the purest humanity.

Not long ago I discovered the existence of Irwin, someone who thinks exactly the same way as me, but has the good fortune to live in a country a little more civilized than the Brazil.

This is the content of the story I found out the existence of Irwin:
This is the content of the story I found out the existence of Irwin:

In Spain, if on one hand there is still the same rancid that infects the entire world cultural with the absurd notion that the human body should be covered because your vision is “indecent exposure”, on the other hand it is possible to live legally the naturist ideal.

A long way to go to reach the level of Germany, where you can sunbathe nude in any square with no one around but naturists are spearheads a movement for a more healthy and dignified. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: OS Naturistas

26 September, 2017, 5:30 pm

El placer de la desnudez

Nuestra necesidad de absorber el sol por todos los poros de la piel corresponde a una necesidad biológica. …Es una manera de cuidar de nosotros mismos y de honrar este cuerpo que nos ha sido entregado bajo nuestra responsabilidad para que vivamos plenamente nuestra vida terrestre. (France Guillain).

Son muchos los que muestran dificultades en desnudarse en presencia de otras personas. La única razón de esta molestia parece ser la culpabilidad que ha sido inculcada por una educación estricta que considera el cuerpo y los órganos sexuales como algo vergonzoso. Sin embargo, el desnudo aporta muchos beneficios físicos y psicológicos. Es un excelente aprendizaje con el fin de liberarse de la vergüenza, saborear las pequeñas cosas, encontrar más autenticidad en la relación con los demás, desarrollar el respeto y la buena relación con los demás. Igualmente es un sedante de la violencia sexual. Los movimientos naturistas han sido pioneros en esta experiencia armonizadora y liberadora. Cont…Read full original article…

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25 September, 2017, 5:20 pm