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The naked, healthy truth

There are three different kinds of people: those who like to be naked, those who don’t like to be naked, and those who wish they could enjoy being naked but can’t bring themselves to do it. I’m not going to advocate that one of these is better than the others but I will try to shed some light on why we all fit into one of these categories.

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Nutritionist Non-Confidential: what to eat to look good naked

Whether you’re an avid subscriber to the Skinny Dip Club or like to dance around your condo in the nude every once in a while, there’s no denying that there are few things that feel quite as exhilarating as flaunting your birthday suit.

Yet if like us, you’ve spent a lot of lockdown locking down the best snacks and food deliveries about town, it’s likely your birthday suit may have begun to feel like it’s gone up a size or two, which can really shoot your confidence in the foot.

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Bottom line is roommate shouldn’t see your bottom

I’m an independent working woman of 23 and have my own place in a high rise. It’s so hot outside, I’m walking around the apartment nude and thinking nothing of it. A female friend just moved in with me to share rent, taking the much smaller bedroom — more like a den. But, things are going bad quickly.

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The Clothing Optional Retirement Plan

The naturist lifestyle is touted as a family friendly lifestyle, for young and old alike.

Commonly referred to as nudist colonies, naturist communities (the preferred locution) are growing in popularity as a retirement option. For obvious reasons they are more commonly found in warmer weather states.

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How Women Really Feel About Getting Naked

We should know—we polled thousands of them.

Your body is just one part of what makes you, well, you. And even though people are finally starting to embrace cellulite, stretch marks, and other “flaws” that make us unique, most women still have a pretty complex relationship with how they look.

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The untold story of Yugoslavia’s naturist paradise

For Yugoslavia’s socialist government, accepting millions of naturists who wanted a relaxed space to get back to nature was a useful show of Cold War soft power. The policy left its mark, with nudist resorts on the Adriatic Coast to this day — but the modern, capitalist world has also brought new challenges.

In August 1972, the International Naturist Federation held its 13th Congress in Koversada, a city-sized camping resort on Croatia’s Istrian coast.

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The Irish Times nude cover that never saw the light of day

Magazine was pulped after chairman ‘went ballistic’, but a copy has emerged for sale

The year is 1981. The month is August. On the cover of what is meant to be the precursor to The Irish Times’ now-familiar Saturday colour supplement are two bare bottoms. They belong to two people shopping in a supermarket in Cap d’Agde, a naturist resort in France, which was then the largest such resort in Europe. The name of the magazine is The Irish Times Colour Supplement.

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SEX ON THE BEACH: Why a Newbie Naturist Should NOT Visit Cap d’Agde!

We’ve been at least a half dozen times over the past twenty years, usually staying for two or three nights en route to another naturist destination. But this time, we were simply making a day visit with a couple friends – one a confirmed naturist, the other, new to the concept, but most certainty social nudity curious.

We did the best we could to prep them for this visit to the Naked City. 

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3 tips, sleep naked to lose weight without exercise

For some of us, losing weight may seem like an almost impossible task, especially if you have a phobia of doing any type of physical exercise. But it is possible to lose weight without going to the gym.

Of course, practicing some form of exercise regularly helps you lose weight and speeds up the process, as well as helping build muscle and tone your body.