Italian Villa covers nude statues that upset Facebook
THE hosts of a fine dining event at a venue whose nude statues offended the robot censors at Facebook have issued a cheeky apology.

Beales Gourmet found itself in the national news after the Daily Echo told how its dining club had been unable to post its adverts on the social media platform.

Facebook’s algorithms had rejected the ad for their “sexual or erotic” content. It turned out its algorithm had spotted two 1924 Romanesque statues in the grounds of the Italian Villa at Compton Acres. Since the Echo ran the story on Tuesday, Beales Gourmet has featured in The Times, the Daily Mail and BBC Radio Solent.

Commercial manager Justin Cohen has since had the statues’ modesty covered with Beales Gourmet aprons.

He wrote: “Dear Facebook, We’re so sorry you were offended by the fine physiques of our Herculean statues. To spare your blushes, we’ve taken the necessary steps to cover up the offending items. We trust this will be to your liking. Tastefully yours, Beales Gourmet at The Italian Villa.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Bournemouth Echo

Original publication 21st October 2018

Posted on NatCorn 28th October 2018

Facebook pulls Auschwitz photo for nudity
Social media giant later apologizes to Anne Frank Center for decision.

Facebook deleted a post this week that included an image of starving children in Auschwitz because of its policy against nudity.

The post was shared by the US-based Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect last week. It linked to an article on the DailyKos about the need for Holocaust education in the United States.

But on Wednesday, the Anne Frank Center complained on Twitter that Facebook had deleted the post.

The Facebook application is seen on a phone screen August 3, 2017.THOMAS WHITE / REUTERS
The Facebook application is seen on a phone screen August 3, 2017.

“Hi Facebook, you removed our post promoting the need for Holocaust Education for apparently violating community standards,” the organization wrote. “You haven’t given us a reason, yet allow Holocaust Denial pages to still exist. Seems a little hypocritical?”

Around six hours later, Facebook responded to the Twitter post.

“We put your post back up and sent you a message on FB,” the official Facebook account tweeted. “We don’t allow nude images of children on FB, but we know this is an important image of historical significance and we’ve restored it. We’re sorry and thank you for bringing it to our attention.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Jerusalem Post

Original publication AUGUST 31, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 4th September 2018

Facebook rejects Montreal museum’s ad over Picasso nude
A Canadian museum whose ads featuring Picasso nudes were rejected by Facebook says it is pleased the social media giant is reviewing its nudity policy.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts online ad for its big summer exhibit was blocked because it showed abstract breasts painted by the modern master.

The museum eventually had to reach out directly to Facebook in order to get the posts authorised.

Picasso paintings rejected by Facebook's algorithmMONTREAL MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS
Picasso paintings rejected by Facebook’s algorithm

The painting used “wasn’t shocking”, said museum spokeswoman Pascale Chasse.

In fact, Pablo Picasso’s Femmes à la toilette was the one of the main promotional press images for the show, which looks at the influence of African art on Picasso and the artist’s subsequent impact on contemporary African artists.

It was being used in print and television ads and on the main banner hanging outside the museum in downtown Montreal. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: BBC

Original publication 3 August 2018

Posted on NatCorn 1st September 2018

What Makes a Photo a Naturist Photo?

The sky is overcast today with just the occasional whisper of a shower from time to time. It is quite warm, regardless, and we are enjoying the day. This morning we went for a shorter walk of just over four kilometres rather than our usual ten kilometres. Rather than wearing our Kiniki bathing suits, we wore clothing for the walk along the shorter section. Since it wasn’t sunny, it almost seemed pointless to wear bathing suits. Besides, swimming wasn’t on our agenda. Now that we are back, I have time for some writing and blogging.

I wondered for quite a while before deciding the theme for today’s post, quite some time actually. It wasn’t as if there is nothing to say, but whatever was to be said had to what emerged from within me rather than be forced by my head. It was the photo I took that had me realise that it was the use of images in social media in general that needed to be addressed. This photo above obviously shows that I am fully nude. It is Facebook friendly for a photo of a male nude though not Facebook friendly if this had been a photo of a woman. My nipples are safe while a woman’s serve as triggers for some, especially the good folks at Facebook. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Sky Clad Therapist – The Naked Psyche

Original publication JANUARY 31, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 12th February 2018

Nudity, Censorship and Discrimination

Imagine you are a gay man or woman happily married to someone of the same sex. To celebrate your love, you post a vacation photo with your significant other, kissing on the beach. None of your friends or family members object to the image, because they have known you and your spouse for many years, and they are accepting of your relationship. Except, of course, for Uncle Fred. Uncle Fred is a Bible-thumping evangelical, and he strongly opposes gay unions. For him, homosexuality is wrong. What’s more, Fred believes that the sight of two men kissing is harmful to his children. They might get the wrong idea, he argues. God forbid, his kids might even turn gay! So Fred contacts Facebook, marking your content as inappropriate. You are hence banned from Facebook for a week. In addition, you are told that if you post such an offensive image again, your account may be suspended for life. The message this sends is clear. Being homosexual is wrong, and for the “good” of the community, you must hide your perverse lifestyle from the public eye.

Kids grow up differently in Europe.
Kids grow up differently in Europe.

In today’s enlightened world, Fred’s complaint would go unheeded. We now recognize that anti-gay rhetoric is discriminatory. We accept the LGBT community because we know that different forms of sexual identity are not the result of mental illness, and that the sight of two men kissing will not harm our children. We have sufficient evidence that children born to gay parents turn out to be upstanding and productive members of society. Whatever harmful beliefs were once directed at the LGBT community were largely based on the Book of Leviticus, and early Judaism, and have no place in our modern world.

And yet, Facebook continues to discriminate against a minority group. Naturists were once treated with the same level of condemnation and hostility as the LGBT community. Like social lepers, early nudists lived as outcasts, in the most isolated parts of the country, and were subject to police raids and arrests, even when their activities were hidden behind closed doors. Most naturists I know do not tell people what they do on weekends. Many of us live in a state of anxiety (I know I do) over how we might be judged. I have met people who traveled outside the country just to be free of clothing, yet refuse to visit the club a mile from their house for fear of being discovered. I have known people who have lost their jobs because of their online naturist profiles. But while acceptance of the LGBT community continues to grow, naturists remain marginalized and misrepresented. By acting on our beliefs, we risk placement on the Sex Offender Registry List, to be forever associated with rapists and pedophiles. While nudists are permitted to promote their ideology in writing, we are never allowed to act upon that ideology. In being censored, we are silenced, and our arguments made ineffectual. There is no greater proof of nudism than to see whole families, on the beach, at campgrounds or in family pools, naked and innocent. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Writers Disease

Original publication September 2017

Posted on NatCorn 18th January 2018

Adult content policies and private censorship

Of the many reasons why social media platforms should resist pressure to “voluntarily” censor their users, one stands out: history shows that they will do it badly, taking down valuable and lawful content in the name of enforcing community standards. The result: practical speech discrimination.

Facebook’s adult content policy is a textbook example. Since its early days, the platform has banned nearly all forms of nudity. But from day one, it has created reporting processes that conflate mere nudity with sexuality, and sexuality with pornography, and has applied different standards to feminine bodies than to masculine ones. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: My Broadband

Original publication 9 December 2017

13th December 2017

Facebook asks users for nude photos in project to combat revenge porn
In Australia pilot effort, company will ‘hash’ images, converting them into digital fingerprints that prevent any other attempts to upload the same pictures

Facebook is asking users to send the company their nude photos in an effort to tackle revenge porn, in an attempt to give some control back to victims of this type of abuse.

Facebook is working with an Australian government agency to pilot the technology.Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
Facebook is working with an Australian government agency to pilot the technology.

Individuals who have shared intimate, nude or sexual images with partners and are worried that the partner (or ex-partner) might distribute them without their consent can use Messenger to send the images to be “hashed”. This means that the company converts the image into a unique digital fingerprint that can be used to identify and block any attempts to re-upload that same image.

Facebook is piloting the technology in Australia in partnership with a government agency headed up by the e-safety commissioner, Julia Inman Grant, who told ABC it would allow victims of “image-based abuse” to take action before pictures were posted to Facebook, Instagram or Messenger. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Guardian

14th November 2017

Keep Calm and Stay Naked
It’s that time of year again when naturists/nudists go into a bit of hibernation of sorts. I have blogged previously about my experiences and tips for surviving as a naturist through the long Canadian winter (Check them out here and here if you like) and have not yet thought of anything of value to add on the subject.

With nothing of value to add to the surviving the winter naked conversation, I decide to start a different post than my usual “naturist experience” based ones, with the topic of current state of naturism as I saw it and the underlying politics and problems holding us back. But ultimately if got a little depressing and I could not remember what I thought would be the benefit of my rambling complaints.

Rather than focus on the ridiculous state of affairs at the International NaturistFederation or the sad (but totally understandable) announcement from YoungNaturists/Nudists of America that they are winding down all YNA operations, and don’t get me started on the many so called Twitter naturists who are really just porno addicted, dick pic sending perverts. This paragraph alone should show you how sad that post would have been
Instead I wanted to talk about the positive things going on and in the world of Naturism. There is plenty going on that give me hope that being a naturist is getting better and easier than even a few years ago. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Nude in Canada

9th November 2017

Young Woman Finds Great-Great Grandmother’s Nude Photos From 1890
And People Are Freaking Out

Christmas is a time for family and festivities, but for one young woman, it was a time of great discovery.

A Tumblr user who goes by the name of “Gallusrostromegalus” on the site saw a picture online that poked fun at women today.

The photo was a meme and it joked that women back in the 1800s and 1900s were much more modest than women are now.

Flickr: simpleinsomnia

Once she saw it, she recalled one Christmas she’ll never forget. She happened to come across some revealing photos of her great-great-grandmother that were taken in 1890 couldn’t help but disagree with with

Naturally, the story was so funny, she had to post it online for others to enjoy — and boy did people respond to it! While people everywhere are tickled by her story, she didn’t share the original photos themselves — they may have just been too private! Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Little Things

2nd November 2017

Facebook ad ban over nude artwork shocks women’s not-for-profit
Tote bag created by artist Frances Cannon features two nude women dancing but was ‘in no way meant to be controversial’

The Victorian Women’s Trust, a not-for-profit organisation that supports women and girls through research and advocacy, has been banned by Facebook from advertising a tote bag for sale as part of a fundraising drive.

Facebook says the tote bag created by Frances Cannon and sold by the Victorian Women’s Trust violates its advertising policies.Breeana Dunbar
Facebook says the tote bag created by Frances Cannon and sold by the Victorian Women’s Trust violates its advertising policies.

The bag features a picture of two nude women dancing and was created by the Melbourne artist Frances Cannon, who uses her work to promote self-esteem, positive body image and self-love.

The trust is selling the bag to raise funds to carry out its work but fears it will now lose money after it was banned from promoting the ad on Facebook and Instagram. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Guardian

15th October 2017

The pros and cons of social media for the future of nudism
“Dear Facebook, Several months ago we’ve sent you a message with complaints, but unfortunately we haven’t heard anything back from you. We’re still not satisfied…”

This could have been the start of another open letter to Facebook complaining about the fact that they still don’t respect us, the nudists. Because they still seem to think that what we are doing belongs to the same category as porn stars having threesomes on white leather couches.

We do like to fight for our rights, verbally at least, and we love the discussions although they’re often endless. Give us a bottle of wine and some snacks and we can talk the whole evening and most of the night about how wrongly we feel treated by social media and how unaccepted we feel by something that’s supposed to bring people together. But in the end they’re not going to change their rules for us, they are big businesses. They react on the requirements of a majority. They don’t care that some Naked Wanderings blog (a very good one by the way, you should read it sometime) complains about getting temporarily banned or that a woman starts questioning wheter or not a fraction of her nipple can be shown.
Well… at least not when you’re alone… Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

10th October 2017

Camerata “nude” advert ban
Louvre statue too rude for Facebook

An advert from Opera Camerata featuring an 18th century statue from the Louvre has been banned by Facebook for nudity, although the company has been using the same image on its pages for several months.

The offending image.
The offending image.

The image, a photo of a garden ornament based on Allegrain’s marble statue Bather, also called Venus, has been used extensively in publicity for what is to be the company’s last production, La Belle Helene, which is to be staged at the Church Hill Theatre from October 11 2017. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: All Edinburgh Theatre.com

17:10 5th October 2017

Flasher conviction quashed because Facebook village gossip undermined fair trial

A loner accused of chasing two women through a village while exposing himself has had his conviction quashed because residents had shared his image and gossiped about him on Facebook.

Edward Chandler had been wrongly  accused of flashing at two women outside the Five Bells pub in Wickham, Berks, as a result of Facebook 'gossip'WESSEX NEWS AGENCY
Edward Chandler had been wrongly accused of flashing at two women outside the Five Bells pub in Wickham, Berks, as a result of Facebook ‘gossip’

A Crown Court judge ruled that the prosecution of 22-year-old Edward Chandler had been prejudiced by villagers showing his photograph to his alleged victims and spreading rumours about him online before his trial.

It comes after the Attorney General issued warnings that people using social media to comment on criminal cases could harm a defendant’s right to a fair trial. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Telegraph

17:30 2nd October 2017

Sharing my naturist lifestyle
Santana is back with another story about her life. This time she’ll be talking about reactions from her loved ones, after they found out that she started the naturist lifestyle and the way that she shares that with the world. Enjoy reading her story, I found a nice quote online which describes her story pretty good.

As you all have seen already, Harmen and I take a lot of pictures of our naturist lifestyle. We share these photos with friends and family but with other naturists aswell. We do this to promote naturism and to show how nice it is to be a naturist.

Unfortunately this isn’t accepted by everyone. Especially by some of my friends and family. Because Harmen is naturist for a big part of his life, most people that are close to him don’t ask questions about why he does what he does. Me however, am new to this naturist lifestyle and some of my friends and family are having troubles seeing me live this lifestyle. It’s hard for them to accept it, especially that I share nude pictures of myself with the world. My ” best ” friend gave up on our friendship when she found out that I was naturist and made pictures of it. She didn’t want to be confronted with it and was afraid my pictures would be used for other things. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Bare Thoughts

17:10 2nd October 2017

New Forest Naturist Hikers

This group is for people that enjoy naked / naturist hiking in the New Forest (South England UK) and people that would like to try naked hiking in the New Forest for the first time.


Email: berniemann@live.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NewForestNaturistHikers/ – (Closed group)

‘Nobody runs for the hills’: is Britain ready for everyday nudity?

It’s like a dream. I’m at the pub with a pint of stout and a packet of nuts, wearing no clothes. Families tuck into their Sunday roasts, darts players carry on unperturbed. No one gives me so much as a second glance. I could get used to this.

How things have changed. In 1974, when Sally Cooper stripped naked and attempted to run across Richmond Bridge in west London, she caused a national sensation. Caught momentarily in the jaws of a police dog and eternally by the lens of a tabloid photographer, she was one of Britain’s first streakers. At the time, public nudity was virtually unheard of. Naturists, or “sunbathers” as they often euphemistically called themselves, kept to the shadows.

Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian
Charlie Gilmour: ‘Being naked is profoundly liberating.’

Today, naked people are everywhere. No longer happy to be hidden in naturist clubs and on nudist beaches, the bare body has jiggled its way into areas previously reserved for the clothed, round the dinner table and on primetime TV. London had a pop-up naked restaurant, the Bunyadi, with a waiting list 46,000 strong, Last year saw the launch of Naked Attraction, Channel 4’s full-frontal dating show. We have naked yoga, a naked nightclub and, of course, naked Justin Bieber. Does this mean Britain has come to terms with collective undress? Read full original article…

Source: theguardian

16 August, 2017, 10:35 am

Why Nudity Is a German Election Issue
Nostalgia for East Germany’s widespread nudism highlights a powerful political tradition.

There can’t be many countries where a major political party’s leader would campaign on a nude beach. But German politician Gregor Gysi, leader of Die Linke, the anti-capitalist party that is the third biggest in the current parliament, has done so this week to bemoan the declining popularity of naturism in his country. In doing so, he’s tapped into a lingering east-west culture divide, and maybe a few extra votes.

Gysi’s political career started in East Germany where he was something of a dissident within the ruling Socialist Unity Party (SED). In the 1980s, when Gysi was pushing for reform, the “free body culture,” or FKK as it is known in Germany, was widespread in Communist East Germany, a politically repressed people’s way of telling the world that they actually enjoyed freedom of a sort. In 1982, there were 40 official nude beaches in the Communist nation and lots of others that weren’t mentioned in the state-published guidebook.

The politics of nudity.Jochen Eckel/Bloomberg
The politics of nudity.

Though the German nudist organization, DFK, still includes about 40,000 people in some 135 local societies, the numbers have been going down, and nude beaches are closing. It’s noticeable in Berlin; some of the city’s many lake-side beaches have given up their “textile-free” policies since I moved here in 2014. Read full original article…

Source: Bloomberg View

11 August, 2017, 7:10 pm

5 Naturists Reveal The Secret To Having Body Confidence
You can learn a lot from baring it all.

One of the most common nightmares people have is standing in front of a room full of people completely naked. That moment, although in our subconscious, leaves us feeling shamed and embarrassed.

But why should it? After all, being naked is our natural state.


“Remember how you were as a child, or watch a child between zero and two. There is no shame because they don’t know what shame is yet,” Sharamine Clarke, who has lived as a naturist for the past three years, told HuffPost Canada. Read full original article…

Source: Huffington Post

11 August, 2017, 7:10 pm

Remove it immediately: the best nudist beaches of the world

Experts have chosen 6 locations of nudist beaches on which you can manage to get this summer.

How do you feel about nudism? According to surveys, more than half of Ukrainians believe it is unseemly and only a third of the respondents is positive.

We will tell you about best Nude beaches of the world, where you can without hesitation and reproachful looks to enjoy a holiday by the sea in the image of Adam and eve. Read full original article…

Source: The Mice Times of Asia

11 August, 2017, 6:30 pm

Orthodox priest makes unorthodox request for nudist beach in Crimea

Strip down for summer in Crimea, where a Russian Orthodox priest is calling for the opening of a nudist beach.

With temperatures soaring on the annexed Crimean peninsula, many are resorting to flaunting rather more bare skin than church official Georgy Kunitsyn would like to see.

Lyndi & Jason under a CC licence

According to The Moscow Times, the priest told Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that he had come up against “a terrible problem” while on a beach in the resort town of Yevpatoria. Read full original article…

Source: The Calvert Journal

11 August, 2017, 6:25 pm

España, nueva patria del nudismo
Según una encuesta de Ifop las españolas son las que practican con más frecuencia el ‘topless’ y el nudismo.

La nueva patria del naturismo es España. Esto es lo que sugiere la encuesta realizada por el instituto demoscópico francés Ifop que muestra que las españolas son las que practican con más frecuencia ‘topless’ y nudismo.

Pese al mito de las inclinaciones libertinas de las francesas y el culto al naturismo de las europeas del norte no son las mujeres de esos países las que más se desnudan sino las españolas. Según una encuesta de Ifop difundida este viernes, el 49% de las españolas afirma haberse desnudado de cintura para arriba en al menos una ocasión en la playa, seguidas por las alemanas (41%) y las holandesas (35%). Sólo el 29% de las francesas admite, en cambio, haberse quedado en topless.

Una playa nudista en Tenerife.Getty Images
Una playa nudista en Tenerife.

España ocupa igualmente el primer puesto entre las que admiten haber hecho nudismo alguna vez en su vida (25%), seguida nuevamente de Alemania (21%) y Holanda (13%). Sólo el 9% de las francesas y el 8% de las italianas admiten haberse quedado en cueros alguna vez, lo que las iguala casi a las estadounidenses consideradas en general más recatadas. Read full original article…

Source: SER

11 August, 2017, 6:20 pm

Tourism website changed over Guernsey ‘nudist beach’ concerns

GUERNSEY’S tourism body has been forced to change its website – after hinting that a secluded bay may be a nudist beach.

Until recently, Visit Guernsey’s website had carried the wording that Le Jaonnet Bay ‘is not officially a nudist beach, but may not be appropriate for families’.


All reference to nudism has now been removed, and the description now reads: ‘As Le Jaonnet is one of Guernsey’s harder beaches to get to, it does not attract many visitors, making it ideal for a peaceful day in the sun.’ Read full original article…

Source: Jersey Evening Post

10 August, 2017, 6:15 pm

Lisa ForbesLisa Forbes
Lisa Forbes

Compass Jellyfish

#Looe #Cornwall


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Compass JellyfishKisa Forbes
Compass Jellyfish

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The vocal coach of star AC is become a follower of naturism
news of Richard Cross

The former vocal coach of the Star Ac’ now spends most of his time singing completely naked in the forest!!!

Here is a little piece of time that we had not reviewed Richard Cross. The vocal coach of the Star Ac’ has disappeared from the screens to continue his trade and his passion in the shade. In 2013, there was revenue in the light to reveal that he was suffering from aids. “I’ve been contaminated, probably in 1979, I understood it to 1983, he explained in a Boy’s Magazine last January. And then, for nearly ten years, I managed alone my disease. I did not speak to anyone. “

After years of suffering and having thought the worst, Richard Cross has slowly relearned to live, thanks to the triple therapy. Today, the old soprano looks so much better and it shows. Last night, he even made a reappearance in the JT of 20 hours of TF1 in the context of a subject devoted to naturism ! Read full original article…

Source: The Quebec Times

9 August, 2017, 6:40 pm

Drowning Death Fails to Deter Swimmers at Beijing’s Secret Nudist Hangout

A recent drowning death at a popular Beijing nudist bathing spot has failed to deter regulars as local authorities promise to crack down on the “uncivilized” and “dangerous” activity.

Located to the southwest of the city in Fangshan District, the Mapao Spring near Guce village has served as an “al fresco” swimming area since the 1970s. The former irrigation reservoir had been little-known to the public until a 19-year-old Henan man drowned there on July 10. But, despite the death and local signs that forbid swimming, the nude sunbathers keep returning.

Drowning Death Fails to Deter Swimmers at Beijing's Secret Nudist Hangout
Drowning Death Fails to Deter Swimmers at Beijing’s Secret Nudist Hangout

One man in his 70s said he has been nude swimming here for 20 years without any problems. “You can find some 500 people here every day of the summer,” he told the Evening Law Report, a reporter for which estimated the spring to receive upwards of 100 daily visitors Read full original article…

Source: The Beijinger

9 August, 2017, 6:20 pm

Skinny dip

Que no se diga que no tocamos todos los palos. Vamos a hablar del “skinny dip”, el término anglosajón tras el que nos escondemos para no hablar abiertamente de bañarnos desnudos.

Skinny dip es un eufemismo sonoramente trendy, aunque su traducción literal más aproximada sería algo así como “remojón en cueros”. Definitivamente una de esas cosas que solamente funcionan en inglés.

El caso es que se dice que bañarse sin un centímetro de textil encima puede ser muy beneficioso para la salud. Otros van más lejos y lo denominan la práctica reparadora definitiva. Read full original article…

Source: Gre

9 August, 2017, 5:40 pm

Me quité la ropa y los prejuicios para pasar un día en un camping nudista

Nudismo. Ya está. Solo con escuchar la palabra es casi inevitable que te hayas imaginado una playa con gente en pelotas, seguramente mayor y sin depilar, a la que le gusta exhibirse y mirar a otros haciendo lo mismo. Pero solo tienes que googlear esta palabra para saber que la concepción que tenemos del naturismo, un movimiento mucho más amplio que el nudismo ‘a secas’, no deja de ser un saco de prejuicios. Para mí, como mujer milenial que cada día intenta no juzgar su cuerpo, sigo siendo incapaz de hacer topless si hay algún miembro de mi familia o algún hombre a quien yo conozca y que no sea mi pareja. Así que, pensé, si tanta gente lo hace, mucho de bueno debe tener y yo quiero saber qué es. Y me fui a buscarlo, esta vez completamente desnuda, a uno de esos centros del respeto por el cuerpo y la naturaleza: un camping naturista.

Después de conducir hora y media desde Barcelona hasta L’Hospitalet de l’Infant (Tarragona) mi pareja y yo (a quién llamaré M. en adelante) llegamos a El Templo del Sol, uno de los nueve campings nudistas que hay actualmente en España y que, según me cuenta Ferràn Pujol, su Director de Comunicación, es de los mejor considerados. Ferràn me espera en la entrada para darme la bienvenida, para mi alivio, vestido. Me explica que allí todos los empleados llevan ropa para evitar malentendidos. Así que M. y yo todavía tenemos algunos minutos de margen para ‘enfrentarnos’ a nuestra desnudez pública y a la preocupación que le genera el pensar que va a pasarse todo el día empalmado.

I took off my clothes and prejudices to spend a day at a nudist camping
Me quité la ropa y los prejuicios para pasar un día en un camping nudista

El camping que, por cierto, está tan a tope de gente que no hay ningún bungalow, caravana ni tienda de campaña libre donde podamos pasar la noche, es la ‘torre de vigilancia’ que cuida de la zona. Lo único que la asociación naturista que protege la playa natural de El Torn y sus alrededores permitió construir con el fin de repeler a los rascacielos y los adosados típicos de las costas españolas. A día de hoy, aproximadamente 2.000 personas llenan este complejo, creado hace 25 años por una pareja francesa enamorada del naturismo y la Costa Dorada, y pasan el verano haciendo barbacoas, bañándose en su piscina panorámica y montando en bici. Lo mismo que tú o yo haríamos en un camping, pero en pelotas. Read full original article…

Source: Codigo Nuevo

9 August, 2017, 4:40 pm

Seagull rips off man’s testicle as he sunbathes naked

A rogue seagull ripped off a man’s right testicle as he sunbathed naked in his back garden, it has emerged.

Experts say the fearsome bird mistook the man’s exposed privates as a couple of birds eggs and dropped in for a tasty snack.

As the man – who has not been named – dozed on his patio in his detached home near Ipswich, the seagull swooped from the sky, and with one bite of its beak ripped away the right testicle.

He woke screaming in agony, and saw the bird flying away with one of his ‘crown jewels’ wedged in its yellow beak. Read full original article…

Source: The Suffolk Gazette – You couldn’t make it up

9 August, 2017, 2:20 pm

Britain: still a nation of nude prudes

In a recent poll, market research company YouGov found that British people tend to feel uncomfortable naked and are rarely nude in the house or sleeping – and most agree they are too easily offended by sex and nudity

Not only are British people notoriously shy about sex, studies have found that in recent years the nation is having less of it. Due to busy lives, stress and money worries, sexual appetites have been in decline; the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s, it is said, “came and went”.

Is Britain still a nation of nude prudes?
Is Britain still a nation of nude prudes?

According to the poll, 59% of British people are either out-and-out uncomfortable naked, would prefer not to say or are unsure, while 42% are comfortable in the nude. Women (63%) are significantly more likely than men (36%) to feel uncomfortable naked. Read full original article…

Source: Naturist Travel

9 August, 2017, 2:10 pm

Nudist women and why does naturism have a lady problem?
Why aren’t there more women in nudism / naturism today?

It’s no secret to most in the naturist community that naturism has a lady problem. While men tend to flock far more easily to social nudity, as though it’s their life calling to be naked, women tend to be far less open to the experience. While it does vary from place to place, in the U.S., men tend to outnumber women at naturist events, nudist resorts and clubs.

Sometimes the divide is quite extreme, and sometimes it’s more reasonable. But regardless of the situation, as a whole, the uneven ratio is still noticeable. The question is: why?

Skinny dipping scene on Bob’s Burgers where Tina notices a gender disparity. Fox / Bob’s Burgers
Skinny dipping scene on Bob’s Burgers where Tina notices a gender disparity.

For those who may not have experienced social nudism, I know what many of you must be thinking: “It’s all heterosexual men who just want to see hot naked women!” But, from my many experiences, this is generally NOT the case. Read full original article…

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9 August, 2017, 12:50 pm

Tal com vam venir al món
Els naturistes s’enfilaven per camins i penya-segats per gaudir del mar en pau, sense curiosos i sense violentar els tèxtils

Pocs dies abans de morir, quan triava la roba amb què volia ser enterrada, una vella amiga va deixar anar: “És ben bé que a aquesta vida només hi venim a buscar la roba: naixem despullats i ens enterren vestits”. Aquestes paraules són un bon resum de la polèmica que envolta el nudisme o naturisme, segons el punt de vista.

Per uns, els que parlen de nudisme, la cosa és anar despullat, sense més misteri. Per als altres, els que s’anomenen naturistes, el fet de no dur roba és tornar als orígens, al nostre naixement, al dia que arribem a aquest món sense roba.

Author: Magi Camps

En qualsevol cas, els amants de banyar-se en pèl han anat conquerint al llarg dels anys racons de la costa on poder prendre el sol sense cap roba de bany i, sobretot, sense que ningú se senti incòmode. La tònica general era i és dur banyador, per això els natu­ristes, respectuosos, s’han amagat per no molestar.

En aquesta recerca de llocs apartats, els naturistes han descobert i han acabat habilitant cales que són veri­tables paradisos terrenals. Fins fa ben poc, el públic en general es banyava a les platges de més fàcil accés, mentre que els que volien fer-ho sense roba caminaven una mica més, s’enfilaven per camins i penya-segats, i gaudien del mar en pau: sense curiosos i sense violentar els tèxtils. Read full original article…

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9 August, 2017, 12:40 pm

Cornwall LIVE

New Gorsedh Kernow Cornish bards include two from outside Cornwall. They’re in London and California.


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“Cornish” Bards include two from overseas

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‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ singer Glen Campbell dies at the age of 81


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Glen Campbell with his wife Kim (L) and daughter Ashley in Los Angeles in 2012Reuters
Glen Campbell with his wife Kim (L) and daughter Ashley in Los Angeles in 2012

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Martin Stroud@lakelandviews
Martin Stroud

Widemouth Bay

#NorthCornwall #beach #Rainbow #Cornwall #visitcornwall #lovecornwall


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Widemouth Bay

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Fishwife's Kitchen@fishwifeskitch
Fishwife’s Kitchen

Fabulous walk over the sand dunes at Perranporth

#cornwall. #walkswithmyvizsla


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A major new campaign against tombstoning in Devon has been launched

Police, lifeboat bosses and council chiefs have launched a new campaign to try and stop people putting their lives at risk by tombstoning off Plymouth Hoe.

Campaign against tombstoning in Plymouth
Campaign against tombstoning in Plymouth

Citing recent injuries and tragedies – including one incident in 2016 where a man died after misjudging the distance and landing on the rocks below instead of the water – the authorities are highlighting the dangers which go hand-in-hand with the activity. Read full original article…

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8 August, 2017, 6:20 pm

The best fish and chips in Cornwall you need to try this summer

It’s summer (apparently) so what’s better than sitting on a beach with a portion of fish and chips?

We’ve picked some of the best Cornwall chippies where you can enjoy a good ol’ chip butty, beautifully battered cod, a sturdy sausage or some chicken nuggets for the kids.

Fish and chips in the sunGetty
Fish and chips in the sun

Whether you enjoy a takeaway by the sea or sit inside and stare out at some of the best harbour views Cornwall has to offer, get along to these naughty but nice fish and chip shops. Read full original article…

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8 August, 2017, 6:00 pm

Toronto loses more than a sunbathing spot whenever Hanlan’s Point Beach closes
Reopened after high water levels forced the clothing-optional beach to shut for three months, Hanlan’s is a rare public space that encourages body positivity

Before Shane Hollon visited Hanlan’s Point for the first time in 2013 he had no idea Toronto had a clothing optional beach.

On the recommendation of a straight couple, he and his boyfriend (now husband) made the trek to strip down. Hanlan’s was his first time exploring naturism – going nude in a social setting, usually outdoors – and while he doesn’t consider himself a full-time nudist, the beach became a special space of acceptance and body positivity.

“As soon as we stepped foot on the dunes and saw the naked bodies in various states of repose we knew we were home,” says Hollon, a Toronto-based performer and activist union member. “Undressing in front of strangers can be intimidating the first time. Here, where it was encouraged but not enforced, we didn’t feel any shame.”

Hanlan's Point BeachSamuel Engelking
Hanlan’s Point Beach

This summer, prospective beach-goers to Hanlan’s Point were heartbroken by extensive flooding that left swathes of Toronto Island Park submerged for most of the summer. Read full original article…

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8 August, 2017, 2:45 pm

À Saint-Marc-sur-Mer, les naturistes veulent revenir sur la plage de la Petite Vallée

Depuis le 1er juillet 2017, il est interdit d’enlever son maillot sur la plage de la Petite Vallée à Saint-Nazaire. Colère des naturistes qui ne comprennent pas la décision du conseil municipal. Ils demandent à la mairie de revenir sur cette décision.

Les naturistes sont priés de se rhabiller ! Depuis le 1er juillet, des panneaux ont été installés à l’entrée de la plage de la Petite Vallée à Saint-Marc-sur-Mer (Saint-Nazaire): la zone naturiste est supprimée, décision de la municipalité. Du côté des adeptes du naturisme, c’est l’incompréhension. Ils souhaitent que la mairie revienne sur sa décision.

Depuis le 1er juillet la plage de la Petite Vallée à Saint-Marc-sur-Mer n'a plus de zone naturiste© Radio France - Maureen Suignard
Depuis le 1er juillet la plage de la Petite Vallée à Saint-Marc-sur-Mer n’a plus de zone naturiste

Ils ne s’attendaient pas à cela en arrivant sur la plage au début de l’été. Les naturistes habitués à profiter de la plage et de la baignade sur cette petite crique ne sont plus les bienvenus. Avec La Turballe et Préfailles, Saint-Nazaire est la troisième ville de Loire-Atlantique autorisant, la pratique du naturisme sur certaines plages. Depuis la fermeture de la Petite Vallée, il n’en reste qu’une, celle de la Jaunais. Read full original article…

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8 August, 2017, 2:40 pm