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SEX ON THE BEACH: Why a Newbie Naturist Should NOT Visit Cap d’Agde!

We’ve been at least a half dozen times over the past twenty years, usually staying for two or three nights en route to another naturist destination. But this time, we were simply making a day visit with a couple friends – one a confirmed naturist, the other, new to the concept, but most certainty social nudity curious.

We did the best we could to prep them for this visit to the Naked City. For our naturist friend, this was something of a pilgrimage, having read so much about the most expansive naturist enclave in the world. And to be sure, depending where you’re looking on the internet, the place sounds like naturist Utopia. 24/7 nudity – in the shops, restaurants, and even in the post office. You can easily think you’ve got a good pulse on the place on the web without bumping into the language about foam parties and libertines (swingers) if you’re simply searching for the ultimate naturist destination.

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Source: The Meandering Naturist

Original publication JULY 8, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 6 days ago

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Sun’s Out, Buns Out: Answers to the Six Most Asked Questions by First Timers Interested in Visiting a Nudist Club this Summer

It’s summer. It’s hot. And you and your spouse want to try something new. You’ve both thought about topless sunbathing or skinny dipping or spending the afternoon naked by a pool or lake. Interested in learning more?

Here’s what anyone who enjoys nude recreation will tell you, “Suns out? Buns out!” This is the summer to try nude recreation for you and your significant other and to learn what it’s really all about.

Sun’s out. Get those buns out! On a hot summer’s day, there is no better time to get naked with your spouse at a local nudist club or campground.
Sun’s out. Get those buns out! On a hot summer’s day, there is no better time to get naked with your spouse at a local nudist club or campground.

My wife and I started this blog several years ago to give couples interested in nude recreation and social nudity a better idea of what to expect. There is a lot of bad information out there and from our experience, the reality is probably not what you’d expect. It wasn’t what we expected at first either, but what it is, we have found to be relaxing, wonderful and a great activity for the two of us. Simply put, we love our nude time together and the more couples we talk to who have experienced it usually say they wish they had tried it a lot sooner than they did.

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Source: Our Clothing Optional Trips

Original publication July 6, 2019

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Naked man attacked with pebbles on beach
A man was subjected to a homophobic attack as he sunbathed naked on a beach.

He was on the nudist section of Portslade beach next to Shoreham Harbour on Saturday afternoon when he was targeted by a man on the regular public beach.

The victim had wandered on to the main section of beach to try to find a friend.

The other man grew irate and began shouting at him, hurling abuse.

The victim was left bruised after stones were thrown at him and he was homophobically abused on Hove beach
The victim was left bruised after stones were thrown at him and he was homophobically abused on Hove beach

He said: “The nudist beach isn’t very well defined. I walked across to the main beach to look for a friend.

“There was a couple there and the man started screaming his face off. It was really intimidating.”

The victim said the man shouted at him for showing his naked body in front of his wife before launching into a tirade of homophobic abuse.

He said: “I tried to walk away but he just kept shouting. He was getting increasingly mad.

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Source: The Argus

Original publication 2nd July 2019

Posted on NatCorn 3 weeks ago

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So Many Naked Germans! A Rookie’s Guide to the German Sauna Experience.

It’s been ten years since my first visit to a German sauna world, or Saunawelt as they would say auf deutsch. An internet blogger friend pointed me in the direction of the newly expanded Therme Erding conveniently situated between Munich and the nearby international airport. As a seasoned naturist, I will remember that initial sauna adventure for all of my days. That moment you walk into the co-ed changing rooms, trying to look unfazed by your inability to open your locker, inconveniently located in awkward proximity to a middle-aged couple removing their clothes. Meanwhile, preoccupied as to whether you’re about to offend more people by being naked or by wrapping yourself in a towel. Informative directives were posted everywhere, which would have been ever so helpful had I paid more attention during that one semester of college German.

It’s not especially helpful that there are approximately a bazillion sauna and “therme” (thermal pool) centers dotting the map of Germany, not to mention those to be found in Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands – each of which have a unique set of customs and rules that may or may not be posted – in German – on a wall, leaflet, or countertop. Doesn’t matter really though; there’s clearly something in the DNA of central Europeans that allows them to decode the unspoken rules of social nudity. It’s no secret the Germans are thought leaders in social-nudity, but still… how do they always seem to know what’s going on?

Before going into my detailed guide for naked spa rookies, I should encourage those who worry about the communal nudity thing to read any number of TripAdvisor reviews written by prudish Americans who uniformly confirm that non-sexual nakedness in a social environment only feels awkward for about five minutes, until you realize that clothing actually does very little to help us obscure the things that make us feel most awkward or inadequate about our bodies. This is not a post about the perils or merits of social nudity, but instead, a guide for the person who says, “I’m over it. A bazillion Germans seem to think it’s fun! I’m gonna shed my inhibitions and sweat it out with a bunch of strangers, and I’m gonna like it!“

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Source: The Meandering Naturist

Original publication DECEMBER 17, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 20th June 2019

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Family Naturism: Let’s just all get naked
We are always surprised when we receive the question whether naturism can be practiced with the whole family. For us, family naturism has always seemed a very normal thing. Although neither of us was born in a naturist family. Yet there seem to be many doubts about this. We are asked whether we find it okay that a child sees nude adults and whether nude kids won’t attract people with wrong intentions. Some adults even seem to feel uncomfortable being naked when there are children around.

It’s all in the mindset of course. And it’s everybody’s right to feel about family nudism the way they do. Nevertheless, we believe that nudist families are a very important part of the naturist community and that it has lots of advantages for both the children as their parents. We’re certainly not the only ones who think so. Naturist federations all over the world see the importance of having families among their members and promote naturism as a very family oriented lifestyle. In the USA and Canada we even noticed that many resorts have put their main focus on nudist families and promote themselves as family oriented. They even put it in their name. A good example is Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. Even the first naturist venues were often called a family nudist colony.

Growing up in nudist families

Children are born nudists and not only in the way that they are obviously born naked. We’ve met few little kids who prefer to wear pants over no pants at all. And the sight of nude children has also become a widely accepted thing. They or their family don’t have to be nudists for that. On a warm summer day you’ll see nude kids running around on many textile beaches as well. Until a certain age of course. Sometime between the age of 3 and 6 they lose their clothing optional status. Suddenly their nudity is not decent anymore. Suddenly they are taught to consider their bodies shameful.

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Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication May 6, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 10th June 2019

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A Naked Honeymoon: One Couple’s Truly Memorable Nude Trip

If we could do it all over again, my wife and I would have gone on a clothing optional honeymoon. To be honest, when we went on our honeymoon to Tahiti we were just beginning our nude journey, and what a trip it has been. From nude beaches and skinnydipping to nude B&Bs and nudist clubs to hot springs deep in the wood and nudist resorts.

Enjoying the great outdoors with your spouse and no swimsuit has been some of the best experiences we’ve ever had.
Enjoying the great outdoors with your spouse and no swimsuit has been some of the best experiences we’ve ever had.

Our nude trips have been a great experience for us. We’ve been to many wonderful places and have made many good friends along the way. Including a couple who lives near to us that we’ve vacationed with to Saint Martin and gone nude boating on the Great Lakes.

Our nude journey started with a conversation before we got married. We talked about where we might want to go on our honeymoon and I asked my then fiance if we went to Tahiti would she sunbath topless. She said she would think about it but probably yes. This led to a follow up discussion about going to a nudist club in our area because I wanted to be naked with her. We tried it and liked it. That was more than 20 years ago.

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Source: Clothing Optional Trips

Original publication April 15, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 9th June 2019

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A naturist ‘in jail’.
An intriguing topic, isn’t it? The more as this is not about a brick-and-mortar jail but one of a totally different kind.

A little while ago I received this message. A cry for help. As I don’t feel equipped to comment on this just like that, I asked the sender of this (who asked if he could remain anonymous) if I could post his message on my blog. He agreed. Please read this and if you have suggestions, ideas or constructive comments, please leave them at the bottom of this page!

I was a naturalist growing up from the age i say 10 years old. On my own only deep in the woods in hidden ponds, rivers, creeks i found or knew from geological maps. As i got older and working like EVERYWEAR there was in Puerto Rico. On job assignments. I did hiking in the rain forests and along the beach for 1/8 to 1/4 mile from an access point to a nude beach was aloud.

Now handicapped. I cant drive or visit beach’s because my wheelchair or rollator can’t make it through the sand to reach the nude beaches or even some nudists resorts/camping grounds. There not handicapped equipped! Also i need someone that can drive me there with my wheelchair or rollator and gear (emergency oxygen tank and meds and meters and such.) To sleep at a place would require power and a 4 person tent just for me!

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Source: Zjuzdme

Original publication June 5, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 8th June 2019

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Liberate yourself to Naturism

As it is said in the song ” Una noche y media ” by Renato Rocketh , sung by Marina Lima : “Summer approaches, a warmth in the heart, this colorful, magical things in life”.

Each season has its magic, but summer seems more conducive to bare the body and in it feel the energies of nature, it is something that can not be spoken because each person can feel differently. Unfortunately in that tropical country, whose first inhabitants were already naked, the practice of Naturism / Nudism as an agent of integration between mind-body is still unknown.

Some people tell me that they will never be naturists / nudists, they do not understand that saying that way reflects a negative psychological side of their own body and consequently to life. The civilization trains the individual to live in unreality and he assumes as if it were real, he dreams and when he awakens he still feels the reflections of what he dreamed. This negative side leaves no openings for changes and evolution, assumes an intransigent stance, sometimes even arrogant before its nature. The conflict between social x natural will never cease.

The most correct would be to say: “I am not a naturist / nudist, but who knows some day” At least a door opens to make evaluations, study the issue, make reflections about himself before the universe. The historian Viegas Fernandes da Costa when writing about his experience with social nudity in the article ” On social nudity ” places his finger on the wound of a society that recriminates the body and continues to do so with the endorsement of those who still did not understand what they have not yet understood what the naturist / nudist movement represents in the world. He quotes:“We know, therefore, of how transgressive the gesture of removing clothes and socially cohabiting without it can be characterized. I insist to remember that the transgressive character of the nudity is related to the social context in which the textile society is inserted, in our case. The transgression and boldness of the act seems even greater when it comes to bodies that society classified as defective or disabled. That is, that by some characteristic that manifests, it departs from the image we have of a normal body, built in our imagination . “

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Source: Info Nudism

Original publication 06/05/2019

Posted on NatCorn 7th June 2019

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Pokin Around: Reader’s story prompts my memory of swimming naked in high school P.E. class
Back in March, Darrell Hickman of Springfield told me a story. Or maybe it was a question, too.

I listened to Darrell, who is my age — 65 — and for some reason felt uncomfortable. It was the creepy feeling I get when a stranger tells me one of my personal secrets and I know I’ve never shared it in print.

Darrell had stirred a memory, not a secret.

The pigs of Pig Beach swim out to the tour boats for first pick of the treats
The pigs of Pig Beach swim out to the tour boats for first pick of the treats. A boat ride from Grand Exuma, north, is a boat ride worth taking. Between Pig Beach, feeding the iguanas, swimming with turtles, diving the turquoise waters, stopping on a sandbar when the tide is low, and finishing with a swim with nurse sharks, you won’t want to leave. Andrea Melendez/The News-Press USA TODAY NETWORK-Florida, The News-Press USA TODAY NETWORK-Florida

He said that when he was a boy, he swam naked with the other boys in an indoor pool at the Springfield Boys Club at 1300 Boonville Ave. The building is gone.

“They had an indoor heated pool and boys swam naked there for decades,” he told me.

“The boys swam naked, but the girls wore suits,” he said. “The Girls Club used to be at the northwest corner of Fremont and Division. But they didn’t have a pool there. So the girls swam at the Boys Club.”

Looking back, he wonders … Why?

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Source: Springfield Leader

Original publication Jun 2, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 6th June 2019

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3 insights into being more body positive
My time as a nudist has led me to explore more than just the stunning nude beaches and nudist resorts of the world…

It has further inspired me to embark on a more purposeful journey of raising awareness about, and encouraging, body positivity. As a thirty year old, I have witnessed the rapid rise of social media and, with that, the pressures that a ‘filtered age’ have placed upon body image. An age where the beauty industry sells us our definition of ‘beautiful’ through the narrowed and distorted lens of the media, and where consumerism prevails and profit is the goal; it is a breeding ground for mass consumerism, greed, materialism, narcissism, divide and loathing. We must be the pioneers to step in and steer it in a direction which ushers in acceptance, self-love, positivity and union. So I believe that, now more than ever, it is of utmost importance to grow into our most authentic state and have the talk about body positivity.

I believe that being defined by our bodies is what creates the unhealthy relationship between the mind and body in the first place. Most of the time, we become defined by our bodies rather unconsciously, from the moment we enter into this world in this form. Whether it’s because of cultural upbringing, societal conditioning, systematic patriarchal norms, personal experiences or pop culture, we are conditioned to see ourselves in a way that puts us at odds with our bodies. From unhealthy obsession to complete disconnect, being defined by the physical form can manifest itself in various ways. Narcissism, self-loathing and low self-esteem are prime expressions of this manifestation, and all of which tend to be rooted in superficiality and impermanence.

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Source: The Nude Blogger

Original publication JUNE 3, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 5th June 2019

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How I got naked in front of strangers at the nation’s second-oldest nudist resort in Littleton
Littleton’s Mountain Air Ranch is a nudist resort with a relaxed, community-oriented vibe

Here’s how I got naked in front of strangers: First, I drove down U.S. Highway 285 to the North Turkey Creek Road turn-off, where I followed globs of evergreens to a snaking dirt road that led to Littleton’s Mountain Air Ranch, the nation’s second-oldest nudist resort.

I entered a key code to raise the gate, headed to my room, stripped down, nervously walked to the clubhouse and voila — naked in front of strangers.

A swimming pool at Mountain Air Ranch, a nudist resort near Denver Colorado.
A swimming pool at Mountain Air Ranch, a nudist resort near Denver Colorado. Mountain Air Ranch

Now why I got naked in front of strangers, that’s a little harder to explain.

The Mountain Air Ranch bills itself as a family nudist resort. It was founded in 1935 for the purpose of Social Nudity, which means that you can be naked in a relatively public setting without infringing upon the privacy of others who don’t want to see your bits. Today it’s home to 20 full-time residents and more than 500 year-round members, many of whom stay on the grounds in RVs and pop-ups. There are rooms for rent, though, like the one in the tri-level, 80s-era, suburban-style home I rented one night in April.

This is not something I normally do. I’ve never been to a nudist resort, and my anxiety over partaking was as high as yours probably is thinking about getting naked in public. Still, I wanted to do it. I’ve always been curious about this lifestyle, envious of the care-free attitudes that I assumed nudists possessed. As a constantly-worrying neurotic, that sort of liberation appealed to me, the way that we grown-ups romanticize and covet the innocence of childhood.

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Source: The Know

Original publication May 22, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 30th May 2019

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My Label and Me: I’m new to the nudist lifestyle but I’ve never felt more free
I am a nudist and proud of it.

On 8 July 2018 I had a decision to make: go to a pool party or stay home alone. I think most of us would prefer the pool party, but there was a catch – I would have to be nude.

When I was younger I desperately wanted to be nude as it would allow me to be open and free, but it was not accepted by people I knew and I therefore I didn’t have the courage to step out.

By choosing to attend the nude pool party, I made a life changing decision. I chose to be confident and believe in myself. As a result I have realised I do not care what detractors might think of me.

The Central Florida Naturists define a nudist as ‘a person who is strong, confident, open, honest and free.

‘A person who enjoys being naked as often as possible. A person who loves, respects and appreciates their bodies as well as the bodies of others.

I am a nudist and proud of it
I am a nudist and proud of it Anthony Mair/Metro.co.uk

‘A person who knows all bodies are beautiful, no matter what their size, shape, or gender.’

Given this awesome definition, I can’t think of a reason for clothing.

When I first attended these nudist groups, I felt the people there tended to stand out because they were so unique.

I didn’t realise what I was picking up on was the huge confidence the attendees had in themselves.

But this confidence is not manifested in egoism, in fact I discovered that many are loving individuals who look at the inner self of others.

Nudists are used to looking past your outer shell and they speak to you as if you are just another good person.

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Source: Metro

Original publication 23 May 2019

Posted on NatCorn 28th May 2019

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Nudity and religion
Religion in (my) school

Religion keeps confusing me. I know I’ve been at this before, but it is something so incomprehensible to me that I want to address it again.

When I was 15 or 16, which is quite a while ago, I made sure the catholic church removed me from their subscription list. I’d gotten into arguments with the priest who, in school, taught religion and got thrown out of the classroom quite often ‘for asking the wrong questions’. Even at that age I was aware that, if someone who is supposed to be a professional at his job (priest is a job, right?) and he can’t answer the most obvious of questions, then there’s something wrong with the background of his job.

It was around that time that I discovered nudism (as it was still called back then). That was the straw that broke the religious camel’s back: I asked the priest why Adam and Eve had decided to put on clothes when being naked was so much more comfortable.

This was the result, as it were. Words like ‘insolent’ and ‘blasphemy’ (that last one threw me, still does) were the last ones from the priest before I left that class forever.

The library was my friend after that.

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Source: Zjuzdme

Original publication May 22, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 27th May 2019

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Getting Naked With My Friends Was The Most Body Positive Experience of My Life

“Let’s go to King Spa,” a friend said seven months ago, inviting me to the Korean Spa. The trip involved saunas, relaxation, and critically, nudity. Four of my friends were going, and they wanted to welcome me to the naked club. I pride myself on being a body positive person— or acting like I am when I don’t feel it— so I responded: “I’m all over that.”

I was terrified.

"I feel more at home in my own skin, like I have less to hide. I walk through knowing that my body, and all of our bodies, are just as they should be."
“I feel more at home in my own skin, like I have less to hide. I walk through knowing that my body, and all of our bodies, are just as they should be.”

Nudity is something that we don’t really do in The U.S. I think it’s something that shouldn’t be weird, but I am a product of my environment, and it would be a lie to say that I didn’t feel weird about it.

Then my grandmother went into hospice. It was a lucky break (only regarding this one thing). I missed the trip, and I didn’t have to confront my nudity demons. Not yet.

In November, an email popped up in my inbox. The subject line read, “King Spa!” I was all in. My back had been killing me for weeks, and I was ready for some hot water, hot saunas, and time with my close gal pals.

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Source: Ravishly

Original publication 01.24.17

Posted on NatCorn 21st May 2019

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Eastbourne Naturist Swim Club and ‘The Renaissance Nude’
I happened to see an article online about Paris naturists arranging a visit to a modern art gallery – the Palais de Tokyo. It made the news not the least because 30,000 people wanted to get tickets to be naked in the art gallery. Although this was a private event and only 161 people were able to attend it was notable for being so newsworthy.

A friend of mine suggested we try the Royal Academy and specifically the exhibition ‘The Renaissance Nude’. I wasn’t sure this would have great appeal and I thought that pictures that were 500 years old might be difficult to relate to. After all many naturists believe that staring at others (dressed or not) is rude and we engage in eye to eye contact much more that non-naturists and that gives new naturists a comforting experience as they are given the confidence that people are interested in their personalities rather than their looks.

So actually we are viewing the pictures, much as a non-naturist might, to find out what people really look like, except that we know when we see an idealised representation that is unrealistic. This period from around 1400 turns out to be very interesting and the reasons for painting nudes then was often quite different from the current, often commercial, standpoint.

A group of naturists admire a nude cast of Hercules during a private event at Royal Academy of Arts in May in London
A group of naturists admire a nude cast of Hercules during a private event at Royal Academy of Arts in May in London Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Royal Academy of Arts

I wrote to them and a group visit was quite easily arranged, although we would be segregated as usual from the public having to attend after normal opening hours. The Royal Academy provided online ticket arrangements and organised a low key media release.

62 naturists visited and we were provided with a room to undress, the cloakroom stayed open, a photographer from Getty Images made some pictures and we all proceeded naked up the grand staircase and then up some glass stairs to the top gallery. Here we had the exhibition to ourselves for two hours. We were able to purchase audio guides and the main shop stayed open. There are also quite a few free galleries available to see and although there were several members of staff in the building who were not officiating with us, there were no signs of awkwardness. The staff who looked after us were very welcoming and at ease. Any trepidation that there might have been from the RA’s very first naturist visit soon evaporated and by the end we were discussing a repeat visit and we are keen to do so.

Source: Philip Baker, Treasurer Eastbourne Naturist Swim Club

Posted on NatCorn 14th May 2019

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The Naturist Gaze: The Renaissance Nude

Some of us were privileged to attend a private viewing of an exhibition, The Renaissance Nude organised by the J Paul Getty Museum in association with the Royal Academy of Arts. The latter housed the chosen works of Renaissance masters (and mistresses) within its Burlington House headquarters in London. But there was a difference; everyone who attended the exhibition were themselves naked.

I have visited the RA in London many times over the last 35 years: but usually to attend their Summer Exhibition. This annual event has been one of the highlights of the artistic year in England now for over 250 years. The grand courtyard entrance, marble foyer and steps to the galleries are as familiar as my own home, but then step into that space without clothing then the feeling is unsettling and dreamlike. Yes, indeed, it was like that anxiety dream we all have.

Author Thomas Kren — Royal Academy of Arts 2018

My fellow Naturists drifted up the steps, past the friendly but nevertheless frozen faced security staff on our way to the main gallery. As we entered the subdued lighted rooms, the purpose of our visit began. Which was what exactly?

On the surface, it must have seemed like a bit of a wheeze for the gallery. “Let’s put on a show about how nudes were portrayed in the 15th and 16th Centuries and then get a bunch of 21st Century nude people to look at the art works.” And for the Naturists themselves? Well, any opportunity to get naked and promote naturism as a reasonable and mainstream activity is always welcomed. But then we have the obvious problem: what connection is there really between the two? It might just as well have been an exhibition of steam engines. We might all have been dressed as Firemen.

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Source: Medium

Original publication May 7, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 13th May 2019

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“Why my days as an ‘at home nudist’ are numbered”

I have a confession to make: I quite like getting around with my gear off.

To clarify, I’m only clothes-free within the confines of my own home. You won’t find me baring all on a nudist beach, or playing mixed doubles in the buff at a naturist camp, or at the World Naked Bike Ride in Sydney.

I haven’t always had a penchant for being a nudie-rudie; in fact, growing up I was quite the prude when it came to being in the ‘altogether’.

Cathrine Mahoney
Cathrine Mahoney

Of course, like any self-respecting toddler I used to LOVE nappy-free time and not wearing anything at all, apart from my Dad’s tennis shoes.

Maybe it was a British thing, and maybe it was because it was too cold in my homeland to be sans clothes.

At school I was always the one who would wait for the one cubicle that had a door to put my PE gear on rather than getting changed in the communal area.

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Source: Nine

Original publication 1 May 2019

Posted on NatCorn 4th May 2019

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Spencer Tunick in Valencia – April 2019
I have taken part in Spencer Tunick’s art installations before & I love both the experience & the resulting art, so when I heard he was coming to Valencia I didn’t hesitate to book some cheap Ryanair flights direct from my home in Ireland.

Through previous installations and the Spencer Valencia dedicated Facebook page I met with some friends old & new including two other friends from Ireland for a meal the night before. There was a real international flavor to our group with people from Russia, Norway, the Netherlands, the UK, Brazil & Ireland all having a good time with no politics at all. There was much speculation about what Spencer had planned and several of us had spotted a few cherry pickers (raised platforms) around the city but as usual none of us really knew what Spencer had planned. The morning of the installation we met in Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània Carrer Museu, a museum in the centre of Valencia at 5 am. We gathered outside and the air of anticipation was palpable and even for people like me who’d taken part before it was hard to resist being swept up in the buzz. There was much nervous chatter and introductions, I got chatting to a Spanish girl who was alone so I introduced her to my friends so she felt part of a group.

Finally the door opened to the museum & we were filtered through a small entrance way where we had to hand in our model release forms before proceeding into a large courtyard with a walkway around it; here the men & women were separated with the men being brought into a second separate courtyard with a similar walkway around, there was more waiting and nervous chatter. After a relatively short wait Spencer came in and with the help of a male & female model Spencer demonstrated the poses he wanted us to do during the various installations he had in mind.

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Source: Irish Naturist Blog

Original publication APRIL 17, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 22nd April 2019

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Facebook brands ‘nude’ picture of Alton Towers amputee as ‘disturbing
A disabled rights activist’s page has been blocked after Facebook branded a photo he shared of an Alton Towers crash amputee ‘disturbing’.

Simon Sansome, 37, who runs campaigning group Ability Access, posted an ‘empowering’ image of Vicky Balch, 23, as an example of bravery. The activist, from Leicester, slammed Facebook’s action as ‘discrimination’ and said he was left ‘appalled’ by the decision.

Vicky Balch’s photo was branded ‘disturbing’ by Facebook
Vicky Balch’s photo was branded ‘disturbing’ by Facebook Andrew Wood/Sunday Mirror

The image in question shows Vicky, 21 at the time, in a nude shot focusing on her amputated leg, which was shared almost three years ago. Simon, who suffered spinal damage after a rugby accident four years ago and now uses a wheelchair, recorded a call with a member of Facebook’s marketing team. The operator is believed to have said: ‘Anything that’s disturbing isn’t allowed on Facebook. ‘You have to understand, I’m sure some people find it disturbing to see pictures of disabled people. I don’t, but some might. ‘I have never come across a page that promotes disability.’

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Source: Metro

Original publication 11 Apr 2019

Posted on NatCorn 18th April 2019

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Once in life… Camila Salazar went to a nudist beach with her boyfriend and shared the photo on Instagram
With her boyfriend, radio producer Ignacio "Mela" Meliton, they packed their suitcases and went around the world.

The panelist of "Incorrectas", Camila Salazar, and the radio producer Juan Ignacio "Mela" Meliton armed the suitcases and set out to tour several countries together.

The nude photo of Salazar and her boyfriend (with emojis) on the nudist beach.
The nude photo of Salazar and her boyfriend (with emojis) on the nudist beach.

The idea of ​​the couple, who will marry in September of this year, is "to generate a beautiful network of travelers around the world where the learning of cultures is reciprocal". "We want to inspire them to understand that traveling is possible and you do not have to be a millionaire (much less) to achieve it, you just need to be practical, organized, responsible and have a nice energy to cross with incredible people to help you in your goals," he said. Camila.

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Editor’s Note: Close encounters of the nudist kind
Hawaii's gravitation pull is felt by all surfers, even those who reject boardshorts

Shock and awe are feelings I've experienced in Hawaii many times before—usually due to the power of the waves, their proximity to the reef and how swells there are prone to doubling in size if you take your eyes off the horizon for even half a second. But this was a different kind of surprise. This was simply more nudity than I was expecting to see in a public place on a Wednesday morning. It was an otherwise serene setting in the lineup of an obscure Big Island reef. The rain had just stopped and the sun was coming through the clouds in golden columns of heavenly light. The wind had been offshore all morning and a head-high swell offered tapering rights that folded idyllically into thin-lipped barrels. There was also a rainbow, of course.

Hawaii, the spiritual home of the surfing world--and occasionally nudists.
Hawaii, the spiritual home of the surfing world–and occasionally nudists.

"This guy…" Hawaiian surfer Cliff Kapono said, signaling a disturbance in the dreamy session. On the beach, a middle-aged, Caucasian male with long, dreadlocked hair and a thick beard attached his leash to his ankle and stood proudly in the sun. He arched his back and stretched his arms wide, attempting to create the broadest surface for the morning rays to land. He smiled, eyes closed, his entire body frozen in bliss. He wasn't wearing any shorts. At first I was very confused, but then I remembered something Kapono had said days before, when we encountered a strange, shirtless guitar player in downtown Hilo. "Spiritual refugees," he called them: people who didn't feel at home where they were, so they came to Hawaii hoping to connect with the energy of the islands—or, at the very least, get rid of their tan lines.

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Should You Tell Your Friends & Family About Your Naturism?

You started out enjoying being naked around the house, occasionally daring to slip outside when no one was noticing. Along the way you heard that there was a nude beach or resort near you where other people hung out nude. Your curiosity was piqued to the point where you gathered up the courage to finally check out the scene, and you realized that everyone there was very friendly. The people were from all walks of life, but they were the same more than they were different because when people are nude all pretexts are removed. You felt the freedom of being outside nude with no judgment by anyone, so you kept coming back until you realized that you were now a nudist.

Up to now only you and/or your partner was aware of enjoyment of naturism. You’d go off to the beach or resort to socialize with your new nudist friends, but you would not tell your friends and family about what you were doing because of the connotation behind nudity. On the other hand, you now realize the naturalness of being nude and the fact that social nudity is not sexual in the least bit. You have a quandary, because you want to share your enjoyment of naturism with friends and family, but you are concerned about what they will think of you. Additionally, you are reluctant to post or say anything on social media that could impact your career or friendships, yet you know that what you are doing is perfectly natural. What do you do?

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We could do with a new hippie-wave
This might strike you as odd, certainly if you don’t know a thing about hippies.

Hippies rose in the 1960. Flower power, free love, and yes, nudity, were some of the things that hippies promoted. They were against war (I like that) and most of them promoted a relaxed, kind, loving lifestyle.

A couple with matching flower body paint walks together during the Isle of Wight Festival in the UK in 1970.
A couple with matching flower body paint walks together during the Isle of Wight Festival in the UK in 1970.

During those times, especially in the beginning, hippies shocked most of the good people with their open way of life and their appreciation of the human body. I think it’s the nudity that was the biggest hangup for people.

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Bare With Me: An Introduction to Naturism

Someone walks past you on the street. She’s wearing a shirt of an unpopular band, jeans that went out of style ten years ago and shoes you know she bought from Walmart. A businessman rushes past you and bumps right into her – he spills his Starbucks latte on his Armani suit. It clearly wasn’t her fault but she kindly apologizes and offers to buy him a new drink. He takes one look at her and immediately dismisses her, rolling his eyes at her ill-fitting, tacky band shirt, and continues on his way.

Clothing serves several purposes. It protects us from the elements, gives us opportunity to express ourselves and feel comfortable, and helps structure and identify individuals and groups in schools and workplaces. But it also makes it very easy to judge people. It’s so easy that most of us don’t even think about it. The girl in the band shirt clearly wasn’t worth the rich businessman’s time. A college student in a Hollister polo shirt and khakis won’t feel the same kinship with his hipster barista than with someone who dresses similar. We form opinions on people based on what they’re wearing and internally place them in social classes. Clothing becomes a layer of judgement we place over others. But what happens when we remove those layers?

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Good Naked Morning: Swimming in the Buff and the Good Ol’ Days

Hey friends, good naked morning on this lovely Sunday. Yeah, normally I blog on a Saturday morning, but I was workin’ all day yesterday—almost passed out. For the beginning of fall, these past few days have felt like how July and August should have felt if only we didn’t have such a cold summer. We hadn’t really had a 90-degree day up here in my area of Northern Michigan until really this weekend, THE FIRST WEEKEND OF FALL! I was down filming a local festival, and yesterday I was filming their queens’ pageant which was a good 2 hours out in the scorching sun and I’m in my sweaty polo—my bottle of water I’d been drinking all morning gone, both of my cameras’ batteries were on the verge of dying…and so was I. The pageant started at 10, and didn’t get over ‘til about 12:30, and I felt so sorry for those girls who had to brave the heat changing behind the tarp curtain in the small bandshell. Luckily when it was all over, the concessions were nearby and I got some pizza for lunch and best of all…an ice cold bottle of water! I started feeling a lot better afterwards.

Right on the edge of the park there in Atlanta is the Thunder Bay River, and I was so tempted to jump in for a swim—especially after I got a notification from one of my [textile] friends from a Christian ministry I belong to, he was working all day but took a break to take a cool swim in the river. I was practically green with envy…I so wanted to do the same, but I couldn’t because I was still on the job! Plus I didn’t have my suit…wish I could’ve just swam nude, but knowing the surroundings and how professional I had to be, I JUST COULDN’T!

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Nudism = Happiness

Are nudists and naturists happier than the rest of the world? Are they more connected with Nature and does that deep connection gives them different (even better) understanding of themselves? I am thinking about it for some time now. Since the beginning of my naked journey, my life has changed to better without any doubt. But the questions are why and how naturism/nudism changed my life?

The most obvious thing that changed in my life is that I started to spend any time that I can, being naked. And the more time I was spending naked the more I was paying attention to my body. I started to treat my body as my temple, as my home. I started to appreciate my own body. It was not, and it is not a perfect body, but it is the only I have and I can’t get a new one. If I want it to be healthier, if I want it to look better I have to work on it, take care of it. Before my nudist journey, I was taking my body for granted. Wasn’t eating good, wasn’t working out at all… All I have done for my body was to wash it and use body lotion twice a year (if I even had remembered).

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Posted on NatCorn 30th March 2019

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That Time I Did Stand Up Comedy… Naked

You know when you’re nervous about public speaking and your friends advise you to “imagine the audience in their underwear?” Well, that’s exactly what I did when I performed stand-up recently at one of the most fear-inducing shows I’ve ever done … except in this scenario there was no “imagining” and there was no “underwear.” My audience was full on real and full on nude.

Yup. They were completely, totally, utterly butt naked. The dress code was semi-formal “birthday suits” and the guest list included penises, boobs, and vaginas galore. I told jokes for twenty minutes to a bunch of bare booties, although I was less focused on their bare booties and more focused on my own. See, I was equally garmentless. Yup. I was completely, totally, utterly, bare-butt naked. At this point you’re probably wondering HOW? WHY? HUH? WHAT? WHY? WHY? WHY? Excellent questions and ones I’ve been asked by multiple people, including my mother, but her inquiries were more along the lines of “Oh my god, Jess, why?? Do you need to borrow some money?” and “Please, how much money do you need to borrow?” I explained to her that I didn’t disrobe out of a desperate need for quick cash. I said yes to the gig because I wanted to do it, because it was a unique opportunity, and because it was an experience I knew I wasn’t going to forget anytime soon.

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Working Naked

No, I did not forget to put pants on before heading into the office one day. I am not that out of my mind yet. It is a privilege for a select few of us, the opportunity to work from home on occasion.
No, this is not me!
No, this is not me!

In a previous job I was able to do so two or three times a week. My current position requires a more hands on approach so working from home is not something I do very often anymore. However in our modern and very connected world, no one thinks much of it if once a month I play the “have an appointment” or “the roads are terrible” game as an excuse to work from home, avoiding the office and the terrible torment of getting dressed. I hope this is something each of you gets the opportunity to try at least once in your life because being naked while working makes working much more fun. Just for fun, I thought I would document a recent work naked from home day. Continued…Read full original article…

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Nude Home Parties
Where do you start with nudism?

The nude beach or a nudist resort are obviously the most common answers but they do not necessarily reflect the truth. Most often, nudism is something that starts at home. The reason why people tend to name certain social nudist places as their first “nude experience” is just because often home nudism is not really seen like nudism at all. When people asked us in the past about when and where we had become nudists, we would have answered “around 2010 at camping Bleesbruck in Luxembourg”. Now we know that this isn’t exactly true. Ever since the day we left the metaphorical nest (being our parent’s house) we did spend a lot of time in the nude. We slept nude, we walked from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen for a midnight snack in the nude. On lazy Sundays we often didn’t wear much clothes either. We were nudists without even ever considering the term.

Our steps into social nudism all happened somehow by accident. If we hadn’t gotten that coupon which led us straight to a nude sauna and if the textile part of that campground in Luxembourg hadn’t been so full and loud, chances are that we would never have discovered the fabulous nudist lifestyle. It’s very likely that our nudism would have stayed between the four walls of our apartment.

There are many statistics about the amount of nudists per region or country. In western countries like most of Europe and the USA this number tends to be around 5% of the population. Which isn’t much. If you’d count the number of people who sleep with a teddy bear, who eat hamburgers every day of the week or who think that the world is flat, it’s likely that they could outnumber the nudists. This is mainly because even though many people like to spend some time in the nude, they don’t necessarily consider themselves nudists or naturists. Many people enjoy nudity at home but don’t feel any need to be naked around strangers. Some live in countries where social nudism just does not exist or is even illegal. And many others have concerns about nudist places or gave it a try but didn’t like nudist resorts. They like to be nude in their house and garden. But maybe it would be better if it was shared with some others. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication March 11, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 13th March 2019

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That Naked Feeling

We’re headed on vacation in a week. Just a quick getaway for my wife and me. We’re headed to Cypress Cove in Kissimmee for the first time. I’ve heard good things and considering that we live in the Midwest U.S. and haven’t felt 75+ degrees since October, understandably, we can’t wait to go.

Yes, I’ll be writing a blog post about our experiences and why (or why not) Cypress Cove would be a great destination for the first time or new naturist/nudist couple. Today though I woke up extra excited for our trip. It’s still a few days away but for me, the trip has already begun in my head.

While most of our friends don’t know too much about the naked vacations my wife and I go on throughout the year, the few that do always hit on the same topics. “Isn’t it really sexual?” Nope, not at all. I know it sounds impossible, but it is actually not a sexually charged environment at all. It feels more freeing and open. No one is judging one another. It’s all about body acceptance and enjoying the day in your own skin. I’ll explain more later.

“Isn’t it embarrassing walking around naked with your privates hanging out?” It’s actually pretty comfortable and when you’re naked and everyone around you is naked too, you really don’t notice. I’ll admit, at first it was unnerving walking around without clothing but that lasted all of about 15 minutes. And surprisingly, when you’re around other naked people, you really don’t notice it after awhile. Your skin is your “clothing.”

“What do you do all day when you’re naked?” Well, it’s really what won’t you do… which brings me to the purpose of this post. I can’t wait to get to Cypress Cove. I’m excited to see their property because they offer so much to do. Yes my wife loves laying by the pool and tanning in the sun or skinny dipping in the pool. I do too. But for me, it’s all that plus everything else that you can only experience when you are at a safe, clothing optional/nude property and surrounded by other like-minded individuals. Let me explain because here’s where a naked vacation is unlike any other trip you’ve ever had. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Our Clothing Optional Trips

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BadeLand Wolfsburg – My first experience of a German Sauna

Until you’ve sweated it out in a full-on German sauna, you can’t really claim to be a proper sauna aficionado. Happily it’s an experience I can now tick off my bucket list, courtesy of a free morning while on a work trip to Wolfsburg in Lower Saxony.

Wolfsburg is of course the home of Volkswagen, and the famous VW logo is everywhere in this city. A little research identified BadeLand (www.badeland-wolfsburg.de), a waterpark with separate adjoining sauna area as a suitable facility. Located on the River Aller, it’s within walking distance (25-30 minutes) of the iconic Volkswagen factory with its four chimney stacks dating back to 1938, as well as Volkswagen’s Autostadt museum and customer centre which is well worth a visit. The Courtyard by Marriott hotel is located next door to BadeLand for anyone looking for a convenient place to stay.

The fact that BadeLand’s website is in German only caused a few reservations about whether I would have problems finding my way around, but the helpful lady at the desk explained in perfect English that a half day entry fee of €16.20 would allow unlimited access to both the pool area and the sauna area. If you need towels, they are €2 each, and flip-flops are also recommended – I brought my own. You do need to have swimwear to use the pool side, whereas the sauna area is textile free.

At check-in you are given a wristwatch type sensor that allows access to the various areas, as well as locking your chosen locker and recording any drinks or other items you purchase in the bar area.

Changing facilities for the sauna area are unisex, though there is also a dedicated female changing area. So it was off with the clothes, and with a towel wrapped around me, into the fray. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Irish Naturist Blog

Original publication MARCH 8, 2019

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Laying bare the real truth about naturism
Taking in the warmth of the sun on your bare butt while trying not to stare at anyone’s penile jewellery is easier said than done, says Kelli Maria Korducki.

In the Canadian city where I used to live, there was a nude beach where I spent a lot of time.

It was no rare occurrence to find, near the beach’s northern boundary, a small but fervent cohort of nude baby boomers distributing Naturism 101 pamphlets.


In an outsize font on an ancient webpage they’d set up, the beach naturists dared visitors to “!!BE NATURAL AND FEEL THE FREEDOM!!’’ They outlined etiquette (no come-ons, no sex) and suggested recreational pursuits (flag football, a potluck).

The naturists could be a little doctrinaire — once, someone wearing nothing but a Tilley hat chided me for my bikini bottom, bellowing, ‘‘Way to be clothed!’’ — but they would usually feign tolerance at the beachgoing public’s ignorance of their framing principles.

“Naturism” and “nudism” are used interchangeably to describe a doctrine of communally convening outdoors in the buff.

But “naturism,” with its Thoreauvian connotations of fresh air and vigour, seems preferred among the true believers. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Irish Examiner

Original publication February 25, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 2nd March 2019

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The Naturist Talks: Georgina from the UK
Naturism is a wonderful lifestyle that started in Europe but is now expanding towards the whole world. Most of the time we share our own views on the different aspects of nudism but once in a while we like to pass the mic to hear about how someone else’s experiences.

Our guest for today is Georgina from the UK, who will tell us everything about her naturist lifestyle and experiences.

Hello Georgina, tell us something about yourself
My name is Georgina and I’m 39 years old. I have two children, a boy and a girl. I’m a photographer of weddings and portraits. I live in Lincolnshire, UK.

How and at what age did you become a naturist?
I was 37 when I discovered naturism. A new relationship led me to research it because he was a naturist. I knew nothing at all about it and after he mentioned it and showed me pictures from events he had been to I got curious. I found a naturist spa meet an hour’s drive away and booked myself and my boyfriend on it. I didn’t tell him until I had booked us on it. He didn’t think I would be interested because of my body insecurities and I too didn’t know if I could go ahead and attend but I wanted to experience it and see what it was all about.

We attended along with around 20 other people. All ages and sizes. I was extremely nervous but within 5 minutes of being there and being naked I forgot about my insecurities and started to relax. I enjoyed the evening, we went in the sauna, the steam room, the Jacuzzi and sat talking to the other attendees while enjoying a drink and something to eat. I came away from that event feeling more at ease with myself than I ever had done before and I realised I wanted to attend more events. Since then we have attended nudestock organised by British Naturism, other spas and swims and beaches. We also went to waterworld, an annual event organised by British Naturism.

Is naturism allowed in your country and what’s the public opinion?
I live in the UK and I believe there are a few naturist beaches around and some naturist organisations. Everything we have attended though has been a private function within a private setting. I’m not really sure what the law is with regards to naturism. It’s not something I do on a daily basis. I am happy to attend organised events. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication January 21, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 25th February 2019

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Grinning and baring it at the Nelson Sun Club
A Nelson naturist club has turned 50. Warren Gamble went to uncover truths and misconceptions.

As the sun sets over the Nelson Sun Club, we go for a stroll.

A tui flits across the fairway, a cooler breeze rustles through the gum trees. I’m not dressed for the drop in temperature.

As part of my mission to get the full naturist experience at the club – motto: Stay a while, we’ve got nothing on – it’s all or nothing. I choose nothing.

Camaraderie is a key benefit of the club, members say.
Camaraderie is a key benefit of the club, members say. Virginia Woolfe

Walking with me on the rolling fairways of the club’s pitch-and-putt nine-hole golf course are secretary Lorraine, wearing just a leopard-print head scarf and a gold chain necklace, vice-president Andrew, in a hat and sandals; committee member Geoff in a floppy hat and red t-shirt and president Russell, positively overdressed in an akubra-style hat and floral shirt.

Not a pair of pants in sight. I’m equipped with only a pen and notepad, which subconsciously moves south towards areas that have not seen the sun in a while. It takes an effort to keep writing.

It takes an effort not to chicken out of the whole thing. Fifty-plus years of conditioning that you wear clothes in the outdoors, especially in company, is a hard thing to shrug off. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Stuff

Original publication Feb 23 2019

Posted on NatCorn 24th February 2019

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Why millennials keep getting naked in public
Right now, hundreds of Aussie millennials are stripping off in public places and sharing pictures of their exploits — here’s why.

Backyard cricket is an Australian summer tradition going back generations — but this year, millennials have made one very crucial change: They’re doing it completely naked and documenting their exploits on Instagram.

On Australia Day, Get Naked Australia posted a photo of one such game, showing a guy — nude apart from his Akubra — being bowled LBW by a woman wearing nothing but an impressive tan line, as their naked mates fielded.

The photo went off like a prawn left out in the midday sun, accumulating several thousand likes and numerous comments, including one user, who posed a very valid question: “But why?”

Good question, mate! These young Aussies are a part of a growing millennial movement, who like to let it all hang loose with their friends at Australia’s prettiest beauty spots then post photos of themselves on to social media. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: News.Com.AU

Original publication FEBRUARY 11, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 14th February 2019

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First time nudist: A complete guide

The big survey about naturism we’ve done a while a go showed us that the large majority, more than 60% of our participants, have started with nudism out of curiosity. A huge number. And it made us wonder… these people were curious and actually made the step to give social nudity a try. How many others are out there who haven’t taken the step yet?

From the messages we receive on Facebook, Instagram and this website it seems like there’s still some confusion about the how, where, when and with whom to start with nudism. Some “experienced” nudists will tell you that the first step is nothing. Just take off your clothes and that’s it. From our own first experience we know that it’s not always that easy. We have tackled this topic a couple of times before, but our knowledge is scattered among different blog posts. So we thought it was about time to put it all together in on big complete guide

Why are you interested in nudism?

It’s important to consider this question for a couple of minutes. We’re not going to give you a philosophical disquisition about what nudism and naturism is, but you can have many different reasons to start with this great lifestyle. Finding the perfect place for your first nudist experience depends a lot on the answer to this question.
There are only a few wrong answers. If you want to become a nudist because you think it’s easier to find a sex partner among nudists or because you think it’s fun to spend your free time looking at naked people, nudism is nothing for you. Other than that, pretty much all answers are good ones. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication February 7, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 9th February 2019

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A Lighter Look At Life: Stripped bare… the naked truth about naturism
Yes, I peeled off for the convention – and spent the weekend shunning those individuals considerably bigger in the trouser department

Surprised, frankly, by the number of intellectuals at Saturday’s gathering of Young British Naturists (YBN). Doctors, solicitors, civil servants and IT specialists let it all hang out at the Midlands homage to “body confidence”.

They believe nudism is socialism in its purest form: only by shedding designer clothes and expensive bling can we be free from judging individuals by their chattels and accoutrements. In the buff, we’re all equal, claim naturists.

So why are there no nude photographs of Lenin?

Mike working hard to bring you the nudes, sorry, news
Mike working hard to bring you the nudes, sorry, news

As a philosophy, it’s deeply flawed. Yes, I peeled off for the convention – and spent the weekend shunning those individuals considerably bigger in the trouser department.

Rip away the trappings of wealth and mankind simply finds other things to be envious about.

One teacher asked during the flesh-fest at Erdington’s Clover Spa: “Have you read Marx?”

“Yes,” I admitted. “I think it’s the wicker furniture.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Hinckley Times

Original publication 2 APR 2014

Posted on NatCorn 26th January 2019

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Naturist tourism: An option to enjoy freedom dressed as it came to the world
Today, in Europe, it is possible to play naked golf, ride horses, play tennis or simply walk totally naked.

As well as adventure, cultural or gastronomic tourism, naturist tourism is a reef that moves some millions of dollars a year and has conquered more and more adepts as well as enjoying beaches where you can walk and sunbathe completely naked, you can Enjoy various other activities dressed as he came to the world.

Naturist tourism already has luxury resorts, cruises and many facilities in dozens of countries around the world, where visitors feel free to walk totally naked.

In Spain, you can enjoy this experience more and more widespread in impressive natural environments in geographies as diverse as the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands and in Andalusia, mainly in Almeria and Malaga and along the coast of Spain.

In France, every summer 3.5 million people opt for naturism including 2 million foreigners. Germans, Dutch, British, all are attracted by the sun and French beaches where you can sunbathe without clothes. France is the most visited destination in the world by naturists. Without clothes, without social barriers, that is why France every year conquers more followers of this practice. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Info Nudismo

Original publication 01/20/2019

Posted on NatCorn 23rd January 2019

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The Nude Effect.

So you have decided to give nudism/naturism a try, good for you. Unlike those people who win the lottery and claim it wont change them, most naturists won’t make that same claim. In a textile dominated world, those of us who see clothes as an option rather than a requirement are going to do things a little differently once we escape from our fabric prisons. Your life will change, mostly for the better, and as a result you are going to make some changes too. We spent most of the holiday season with family, and that meant sadly wearing clothes. It did however get Tara and I talking about how we have changed and what changes we have made or intend to make. I made some notes and decided to share with all you wonderful people because it is winter, I live in Canada, and blog worthy naturist experiences will be a bit fewer and farther between for the next few months.

Change comes in many varieties, some are simple enough, others are more complicated. The first thing you will do is change your main living space to make it naturist friendly. I have discussed this from a few different angles in previous blog posts, how to survive a Canadian winter is a perfect example. When I moved in with Tara last year, she was more of a part time naturist and only made a few minor adjustments prior to my moving in. Now that this is my home as well, some agreed to make some additional upgrades. We are lucky her backyard is very private, just some new evergreen shrubs and cedars needed planting in one corner to fill a void created when the trees and bushes go bare in the fall through to spring. Having a dual income to work with also allowed us to splurge and get a hot tub installed. For naturists and textiles alike I would highly recommend this expense, we use it almost daily no matter the weather. Even a basic model is not exactly cheap however, and we wanted something more midrange. Add to that the cost of installation, leveling ground, a new electrical hookup, and so on, this was a huge expense that we did not make on a whim. The reward however, you cannot put a price on it. We still enjoy the occasional visit to our nearby Naturist resort that has an indoor pool and sauna, but it is hard to do better than the convenience of a hot tub steps from your back door. We have ours placed so that it is fully private but open enough we can be outdoors year round enjoying the hot water and no silly swimsuits. I understand this is a luxury beyond the reach for many, it was for us before we became a couple and pooled (pun intended) our resources. If you can manage it I highly recommend the investment. The only other major change to the house was at the front door, There are two accent windows that gave almost full view into part of the home, and a large glass insert in the door that also had some very transparent sections. Some DIY frosting for the accents was cheap and easy enough, the insert was a bit more expensive but totally worth it. That last upgrade actually came via a readers suggestion after my recent embarrassing encounter at our front door, a “smart” doorbell with camera to avoid any further surprises. We got a good deal in the boxing day sales but I have yet to find time to install it. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Nude in Canada

Original publication 17 January 2019

Posted on NatCorn 22nd January 2019

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Eating Nude: Why Naked Restaurants Are Not Good Business…Yet

For a while it seemed that naked dining was going to be the next big food thing in cosmopolitan cities of the world. The opening with great fanfare of several nudist restaurants that attracted global media attention seemed to be the harbinger of a new taste for ‘food in the nude.’

Diners eat in the nude at the closing nudist restaurant 'O'naturel' in Paris
Diners eat in the nude at the closing nudist restaurant ‘O’naturel’ in Paris Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt/AFP/Getty Images

One-time events at clubs, bars, cruises and private celebrations linking eating and drinking with nakedness have popped up over the years, drawing their share of media coverage. But when twin brothers Stéphane and Mike Saada inaugurated the O’naturel restaurant in Paris in November, 2017, they seemed to have tapped an opportunity in the naturism market.

“We’re in the heart of Paris and we’re eating naked,” Yves Leclerc, president of the French Naturist Federation, told The Local at the time. “It’s a little surreal. It’s like when we’re on holiday, but even better.” He lamented that “at home, I have to put my clothes on to go to a restaurant.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Forbes

Original publication Jan 13, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 20th January 2019