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CRAS: Nudity
This week I present a re-post of a blog I wrote over on my other blog, I hope you like it!

If you’re not familiar with my term “CRAS” go here for an explanation.

Clothing demonstrates to others our character. What we do or do not wear projects our character to the world. As Christians we should strive to project Godly character with what we wear. We do not want to give a false impression of God’s people to the world. We should be humble but also project joy. We should dress according to occasion. Somber times (and corporate worship) call for somber dress and somber face. Joyful times, such as weddings, call for more joyous dress.

Nude TorsoDripTorchStudio
Nude Torso

But what about nudity? In my quest to become more Biblical in my thinking and less influenced by culture, this topic has come to mind any time a discussion of “modesty” comes across my newsfeed.

What we wear can demonstrate to others our openness or reservedness. Nudity is to be fully open and exposed. Which is why people generally do not like it. People do not like to be vulnerable. Sins and scars can be hidden with clothing. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Orthodox Nudist

Original publication February 7, 2018

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Mass skinny dip for a good cause
Would you bare all for charity?

We wanted to create an event that would not only push the boundaries and drive awareness for an important cause, but also inspire people to let go of their inhibitions, have fun and celebrate their wonderful bodies in all their diversity.

If this hot weather is making you want to strip off and head to the beach, you could be in good company next month when the Bay of Plenty is hosting a group skinny dip for a good cause.

Breast cancer survivor Tracy Harding, 60 will be doing a naked swim as a fundraiser.George Novak
Breast cancer survivor Tracy Harding, 60 will be doing a naked swim as a fundraiser.

The inaugural Nude Dude charity swim is being held on March 15 at an unnamed Western Bay beach.

The swim will be a fundraiser for Tauranga’s Breast Cancer Support Service, which provides emotional and practical support for Western Bay women with breast cancer, and their families. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Bay of Plenty Times

Original publication 3 Feb, 2018

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How Living in a nude-restrictive place made me a naturist
I have almost always been drawn to naturism. And for most of my adult life I have practiced nudism both publicly and privately. But it was not until I move to a nude-restrictive place where nudity in most any form is frowned up that my passion for the practice kicked into high gear.

From nudist paradise

A year ago I moved from the relatively nude-positive southern coast of Spain. Living in the center of the city of Malaga, I had several sanctioned nude beaches to choose from within a 30-minute drive or less. I often rode my bicycle to one beach which was not officially nudist, but where most goers basked clothes-free on the little-trafficked sand. The particular beach sat between two branches of a river bordered by a nature preserve. So the relative isolation meant few people took the time nor made the effort to visit it. And so, naturism could be enjoyed without much problem.

However, another beach near the heart of the city also afforded opportunities for naked recreation. This beach was part of what had once been a large private spa club with tennis courts and a charming canteen. The primary stretch of sand there was visible from the coastal highway and was not clothing-optional. But a smaller stretched tucked around the side of the small peninsula of the property presented no such restriction. Like the river delta beach, it was not officially clothing-optional. But nudity was allowed there. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Nudist Planet

Original publication August 12, 2017

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¿Dónde acaba tu libertad y empieza la mía?

Mirones, voyeurs, pajilleros y acosadores, los hay en todos sitios. Creo, que todos los nudistas los hemos sufrido alguna vez. Hay que decir, que las mujeres en mayor medida. Por mucho que nos pese, esa es la realidad. ¿Dónde acaba tu libertad y empieza la mía? Es una pregunta que me hago muchas veces. Es algo muy controvertido. ¿Qué es el vouyerismo? ¿Conducta, parafilia o transtorno?

Han sido muchas ocasiones, desde que practico nudismo, que me he visto en la situación de ser mirada, y a veces violentada, por estas personas que se dedican a ir a la playa, no precisamente a tomar el sol, disfrutar del entorno y nadar. ¿Tienen derecho a hacer esto? ¿Tienes tú, derecho a no permitírselo? ¿Dónde está el límite? ¿Pueden controlarse? Continued…Read full original article…

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Original publication February 9th, 2018

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What it Truly Means to Be a Naked Person in 2018

There are two types of people in this world: The ones who are totally comfortable being totally naked, and the ones who’d rather jump into a burlap onesie than go streaking.

I’ve always been a little envious of friends who are uninhibited about things like skinny dipping, which I started thinking about while working on our February issue — the theme of which is “The New Naked.” I read studies, interviewed researchers, and wrote this story on what it means — like really, truly means — to be a naked person. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Allure

Original publication FEBRUARY 1, 2018

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Naked in Motion – 2 years of nude yoga in New York, and counting

‘Naked in Motion‘ is a group of a few yogis in New York City and Boston with a great mission “to create spaces where all people can experience the freedom and empowerment of clothes-free movement without worrying about their safety”, and they have been making lots of buzz in press! So much in fact, that it’s hard to believe they are only two years old. This is particularly encouraging, given that many naturist events and organizations in NYC have recently disappeared, e.g., body-painting dance parties, Zensual yoga, Vita Nuda gatherings and sudden departure of YNA (I certainly miss their Nude Year’s Eve parties).

So, I finally made it to visit ‘Naked in Motion‘ – for their birthday class last Saturday (which only makes more sense to celebrate in birthday suits). The class was led by the founder – Willow and she made sure it was a safe and comfortable experience for all. Before the class, she read ‘Community Rules’ (which also came in the confirmation email). Frankly, I am not a fan of rules, but I may be just used to being in the naturist environment, where there is usually no need for such rules to be told explicitly – I heard from other newcomers that they appreciated this approach. The major part of the rules ensures that the environment is non-sexual and body-positive, and a subset is aimed to women and transgender people in particular, as they may have additional hurdles on their way to feeling comfortable in their own skin. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Active Naturists

Original publication 31 january 2018

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What Makes a Photo a Naturist Photo?

The sky is overcast today with just the occasional whisper of a shower from time to time. It is quite warm, regardless, and we are enjoying the day. This morning we went for a shorter walk of just over four kilometres rather than our usual ten kilometres. Rather than wearing our Kiniki bathing suits, we wore clothing for the walk along the shorter section. Since it wasn’t sunny, it almost seemed pointless to wear bathing suits. Besides, swimming wasn’t on our agenda. Now that we are back, I have time for some writing and blogging.

I wondered for quite a while before deciding the theme for today’s post, quite some time actually. It wasn’t as if there is nothing to say, but whatever was to be said had to what emerged from within me rather than be forced by my head. It was the photo I took that had me realise that it was the use of images in social media in general that needed to be addressed. This photo above obviously shows that I am fully nude. It is Facebook friendly for a photo of a male nude though not Facebook friendly if this had been a photo of a woman. My nipples are safe while a woman’s serve as triggers for some, especially the good folks at Facebook. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Sky Clad Therapist – The Naked Psyche

Original publication JANUARY 31, 2018

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Sección de libros: El adolescente: sexualidad, vida y crecimiento

El otro día, mi hija me devolvió un libro que le había dejado hace tres años; cuando lo hizo, mi corazón dio un vuelco… este libro ha marcado mi vida, y no fui consciente de ello cuando lo compré, en aquel kiosco de la calle Herrero de Castellón, bajo la que entonces era mi casa… El libro en cuestión era éste.

Como se ve, el libro ha sido muy consultado (por mí, porque mi hija dice que no lo ha leído…)
Como se ve, el libro ha sido muy consultado (por mí, porque mi hija dice que no lo ha leído…)

En aquellos momentos, yo tenía 16 años. El kiosco en cuestión lo regentaba un joven kiosquero de unos 35 años, bastante alternativo (de hecho, posteriormente montó un restaurante vegetariano llamado Elcusecoana, que fracasó), aunque el día que descubrí este libro estaba una señora más mayor, probablemente su madre (o al menos eso me parecía; creo recordar, además, que la señora era inglesa o al menos tenía acento británico…). Al abrir el libro, lo primero que descubrí fue su precio… 550 pesetas… algo un poco inalcanzable, dado que entonces mi paga semanal debía rondar las 200 pesetas. Continued…Read full original article…

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Original publication 30 de enero de 2018

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Mackay man starts push for region’s first nude beach

A FORMER aircraft engineer and warrant officer proudly wore an air force uniform for 22 years, now he wants to swap it for — nothing.

Hay Point resident Ned Kelly (not the bushranger) wants to gauge interest in establishing a nude beach near his home.

Ned Kelly wants to made a Hay Point beach a naturist hangout a few hours a day.Troy Kippen
Ned Kelly wants to made a Hay Point beach a naturist hangout a few hours a day.

Mr Kelly denies ever being a naturist, but since moving to Hay Point about six months ago the sea change has him thinking about some personal changes too.

“I was walking around the unit here with no clothes on feeling quite comfortable,” Mr Kelly said.

“And I started wandering if there was a nude beach in the area.”

Not finding one, he decided that he would start his own. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Daily Mercury

Original publication 31st January 2018

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A los 88 años se convierte en modelo nudista y “deshonra a su familia”
Wang Suzhong es un hombre de 88 años de edad quien, desde hace seis años, se convirtió en modelo nudista. Desde entonces, ninguno de sus hijos lo ha visitado.

El hombre se hizo viral en redes luego de que Peer Video subiera la entrevista que le realizó a Wang. Aquí el hombre cuenta que en el 2012 tuvo una de las situaciones económicas más difíciles de su vida y decidió hacer un gran cambio en su vida: convertiste en modelo nudista para un colegio local de Chengdu, China.

Desde que se convirtió en modelo, ninguno de sus hijos lo ha visitado.
Desde que se convirtió en modelo, ninguno de sus hijos lo ha visitado.

Wang cuenta que no sólo encontró un propósito en la vida, también encontró a alguien con quien charlar ya que, durante los recesos, platica con estudiantes y maestros de la institución. Asimismo, considera que lo que hace es sólo una forma de hacer arte. Sin embargo, sus hijos no lo ven así y no lo han visitado desde hace años. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: SDP Noticias

Original publication 2018-01-29

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San Pedro del Pinatar ignora al Defensor del Pueblo y mantiene la prohibición del nudismo en sus playas

Ciudadanos denunció ayer que el Ayuntamiento de San Pedro del Pinatar “ha vuelto a ignorar al Defensor del Pueblo y sigue hoy sin responder a su requerimiento de que se pronuncie sobre nuestras propuestas para eliminar la prohibición expresa del nudismo de su Ordenanza de Playas”.

El Defensor del Pueblo ha desautorizado la prohibición del nudismo impuesta por el Ayuntamiento de San Pedro en sus playasDIARIO 16
El Defensor del Pueblo ha desautorizado la prohibición del nudismo impuesta por el Ayuntamiento de San Pedro en sus playas

El portavoz local, José Luis Ros, considera que la actitud del equipo de Gobierno del PP para con la institución que preside Francisco Fernández Marugán “es desleal y ante todo, una falta de respeto, porque no hay mayor desprecio que la indiferencia, el famoso no hacer aprecio de nuestro refranero. Y se hace más dolorosa cuando se hace con una de las instituciones más respetadas de nuestra Democracia”. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Diario de la Manga

Original publication 25/01/2018

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From Idea to Concept: Creating The Secret Life of a Naturist
I have been enjoying creating the cartoon The Secret Life of a Naturist for the Clothes Free Life online magazine for the past three weeks and thought I would give a you a sneak peek at the creating process that goes into each one.

Creating a cartoon old school (without computer graphics) by drawing and inking. First of course, is coming up with a story for the characters. In a cartoon strip it has to have a beginning, middle and end all in the space of seven to nine panels. The idea is not to have a laugh out loud punchline but a situation that may be humorous enough that the reader can connect with.

In today’s instalment, I first wrote a few notes on my tablet that briefly outlines the plot. I break it down into panels as they will eventually appear on the strip with what the character’s will be saying or thought balloons or sound effects. This writing concept is similar to theater or movie scripts. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturist Fab

Original publication JANUARY 28, 2018

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Portugal, en la ruta del naturismo internacional

Un equipo activo y afinado la FPN-Federación Portuguesa Naturista, a través de su presidente Rui Elvas y su vicepresidente Paulo García ponen a Portugal en la ruta del naturismo internacional.

La Federación Portuguesa Naturista ha cumplido 40 años de actividad en 2017. La FPN es la única entidad en Portugal acreditada para la emisión de la tarjeta de identidad naturista reconocido por la INF – Federación Naturista Internacional.

La Federación Portuguesa Naturista aglutina actualmente al CNC-Club Naturista de Centro, al CNA-Club Naturista del Algarve, la SPN-Sociedad Portuguesa de Naturalogia y la AAN-Alma Asociación Naturista recientemente afiliada. Portugal además será la sede del próximo Congreso Internacional de Naturismo en 2018. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Info Nudismo

Original publication 27/01/2018

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The Naked Self Hiding in the Shadows

When this post makes it to your device, I will have already left for a five-day excursion that will take my wife and I to the headwaters of the Amazon River. Today I am using a photo I took early this morning while waiting for the water to boil on the stove. I couldn’t use the kettle as the power in our fishing village here in Ecuador was again out for a number of hours. I chose this image for a number of reasons, the most important of which was the mirror image in the shadows that could be seen in the window. The person in the shadows is an aspect of self, as good as a separate person that has taken up residence within us without our awareness. We all have this shadow self lurking within. We can learn of the existence of the shadow self, a cognitive awareness of the “idea” of a shadow self. Yet, that is all we can “know.” If we knew more, then it wouldn’t be shadow.

In today’s world there is a lot of noise about the Shadow. There are books, workshops, and numerous blog posts, many by skilled analysts and therapists. However, the majority of this published information and events give the impression that you can get to know your shadow, perhaps make some sort of friendly agreements with this shadow. You “CAN’T” know your shadow. You CAN sense the presence of shadow – your shadow and the collective shadow if you see what “stirs you up” or what “gets a group all fired up.” With affective responses, we can know that within our inner depths, or within the collective unconscious, the shadow has been active. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Sky Clad Therapist – The Naked Psyche

Original publication JANUARY 24, 2018

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Mamá nudista, un blog hermano
Un día, me di cuenta de que siempre había sido nudista…

Con esta frase comienza su andadura en WordPress un nuevo blog que se autodefine como el lugar donde se recogen Vivencias y opiniones desde mi condición de mujer, madre, nudista y humana. Un blog al que auguro un gran futuro porque, en su primera entrada, ha conseguido más comentarios que yo en todo un año…

Pero sobre todo, me alegra la aparición de este blog porque tengo la inmensa fortuna de conocer en persona a esa mujer, madre, nudista, humana y otras muchas cosas… me alegra porque cuando he leído sus entradas he vuelto a sentir la sintonía de ideas que tengo cuando nos encontramos en vivo, con ocasión de las actividades que realizamos en común en nuestra asociación… Continued…Read full original article…

Source: El eurociudadano nudista

Original publication 23 de enero de 2018

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Man Files Complaint About “Excessive Nudity” In Men’s Locker Room
“I don’t think it’s right that these men make it so uncomfortable for others with their nudity.”

A Canadian man is complaining about what he describes as “excessive nudity” in the men’s changing room at his local public pool.

Norm Waddell goes to the Cowichan Aquatic Centre in Duncan, British Columbia, for physiotherapy. He told staff the men’s locker room is packed with elderly men letting it all hang free. Waddell admits they’re not doing anything illegal, but insists the lockers are for public use and everyone should feel comfortable in them.

“I don’t think it’s right that these men make it so uncomfortable for others with their nudity,” he said. “I have a son who is not comfortable with it either. There are separate cubicals and shower stalls in the change rooms so these men should be made to use them.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Logo newnownext

Original publication 1/23/2018

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Is it time for another Nude Ain’t Rude rally?

Almost 20 years to the day since Byron celebrated an historic Nude Ain’t Rude rally on Belongil beach, local activists and nature lovers are asking if it’s time to hold another.

The 1998 Australia Day Nude Ain’t Rude rally on Belongil beach.Jeff Dawson
The 1998 Australia Day Nude Ain’t Rude rally on Belongil beach.

The call follows the arrest of four people in just a few weeks for swimming naked in a quiet area of beach well south of Brunswick Heads but outside Byron Council’s (recently reduced) official clothing optional area.

Dean Jefferys told Echonetdaily he took his three-month old daughter to the rally, which was held on Australia Day 1998, not long after having a fine for offensive behavior quashed by the courts. Continued…Read full original article…


Original publication January 23, 2018

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Children in Naturism

Our children are being raised in a society where we are constantly bombarded with messages that make us feel ashamed and insecure about our bodies. We are told that we are only worthy if we reach the impossible ideals of the beauty myth. Concurrently, our bodies are also being objectified and over-sexualized. Naturism is the very antidote to all those ills that afflict our world.

Children raised in naturism learn to accept the human body and recognize that everyone is unique. Comfort with nudity combined with naturist values lead to a healthy self-image and strong self-esteem. Although good parenting is by far the most important factor in raising children, naturism helps to promote their confidence and understanding about their bodies.naturist / nudist baby

Anyone who has observed children knows that they are enthusiastic naturists. We have never seen young children who are self-conscious when nude. In fact, you may observe them squeal with delight when they are allowed to run around nude. It is only in their later years that they are pressured into being self-conscious and adopt older people’s phobias about the body. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Bare Oaks

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All The Ways Being Naked Can Make You A Healthier, More Confident Person

There are plenty of reasons why people chose to become nudists, we have already discussed some in our article 7 reasons why you want to be a nudie so we’re not going to repeat them all. But shortly summarized it’s mostly about comfort, self esteem, liberation or the connection to nature.
Those are the same reasons we use to explain our nudie lifestyle when people ask about it and more than often the other party understands, agrees or even gets tickled to give it a try themselves.
But recently someone countered our answer with: “Yes, but why do you need to do that in group?”
“Well… well.. yes… good question!”

As a matter of fact we couldn’t really think of a good reason at that moment. And the person was right. We all have our own reasons to be nude, whether it’s because we don’t like tan lines or because we prefer the touch of a summer breeze over the touch of fabric on our bodies. Those reasons explain why we like to take off our clothes, but not why we like to do so among others.
We had to think about this because this question kept playing in our heads (and because we hate to stand speechless).
Why do we sometimes travel far to (and often spend money on) just being naked in group? Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication April 10, 2017

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Would you work out NAKED? Health coach explains how exercising in the buff leads to better results – and it can even improve your sleep quality

More people than ever are ditching their clothes in favour of nude workouts.

Activities like naked yoga have making waves in Australia over the past few months with both men and women reporting better results, improved sleep and a boost in their body image as a result of exercising naked.

Doing exercise in the nude is on the rise, with activities like naked yoga making waves in AustraliaNude Yoga Girl Instagram
Doing exercise in the nude is on the rise, with activities like naked yoga making waves in Australia

‘There are various studies that claim that baring it all in your exercise routine can help improve body image, mood, sleep and much more,’ the holistic nutritionist told FEMAIL.

Lee explained that one of the reasons we choose to exercise is to feel comfortable in our own skin.

‘As humans, we like to feel good and that’s perfectly natural. Working out in the nude can help us slowly feel more comfortable in the skin we’re in,’ she said.

‘While running on the treadmill with your parts jiggling a little may seem like a bit of a foreign concept, it can help you keep an eye on your progress.’

Unfortunately Lee said that it has become commonplace in our society for people to be unhappy with their bodies.

‘Being in the nude can help connect you to your body, reduce shame, improve self-acceptance and increase your sense of self-worth,’ Lee said.

‘The vulnerability of being naked with others can help unite people and create the realisation that we all have our own insecurities but we’re all beautifully human.’ Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Daily Mail

Original publication 22 Jan 2018

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Nudist Reality vs. Cancelled Calgary Nude Swimming Event

It’s 2018 and the community that wears a swimsuit in the pool or ocean has a long way to go to understand the nudist lifestyle and values Recently the city of Calgary cancelled a nude swimming event planned for an indoor swimming/recreation facility sponsored by the group Calgary Nude Recreation.

This wasn’t the first time a nudist group had rented a city of Calgary owned facility for an event and it won’t be the last either. Unfortunately this time, public outcry and threats of violence pushed city officials to cancel the event. An online petition supported by more than 22,000 people framed the argument against the event stating the following concerns:

“I respect the concept and believe in an 18+ setting it could be a popular event. However, having naked children around a bunch of naked adults doesnt seem like a good idea for any reason. Realistically there is alot of mental illness out there that this event could trigger/effect. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Clothing Optional Trips

Original publication January 21, 2018

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A friend in London emailed me this week to tell me about her second ‘rhassoul’ spa treatment. She’d previously had a rhassoul (or rasul or sometimes even ghassoul) experience in London, but this time it was at a Wellness centre in Germany.

Let me explain what the Rasul/Rhassoul is first.

It’s a soap made from clay, so that if you lather it up you can effectively create a mud covering to your skin. Moroccan -Rhassoul comes from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco- people have used rhassoul for centuries as soap and shampoo. The ritual of using Rasul appears to be akin to the Hamman -although please don’t write and tell me if I’ve got that wrong! 🙂 although the ‘mud’ element does make it seem like another ‘wellbeing’ experience with which some of you may be familiar. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The SL Naturist

Original publication January 21, 2018

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The day I overcame my feelings of body inadequacy

Looking back now with hindsight, I realise I hated my body during my teenage years. I was deeply body-ashamed, hating my female shape, and afraid to look at myself from my neck down. It became normal for me to hide behind layers and layers of clothing.

I wasn’t alone, as many of my girlfriends also had body issues, but not to my extremes of feeling ashamed. I was so body conscious that for over a decade I never once set foot inside a swimming pool or went to a beach. Thankfully my parents didn’t actually notice why I was so intent on avoiding beach holidays, accepting that I would prefer to take my own vacations abroad. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Irish Naturist Blog

Original publication January 21, 2018

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A Matter of Principle or Cutting off my nose to spite my face

Today was supposed to be my first Naturist swim at our local pool. The group organizer on Facebook contacted us to say that the pool double booked with another naturist group.

Normally this might not have been an issue but as I know the other group and their principles, I opted not to go feigning the onset of a cold.

Why would I deny myself a chance to go skinny dipping you ask? Well, you see, I once tried to join this other group only to be refused membership because I was a single male naturist. Their reasoning? They want an equal men to women ratio and said I could join if I brought a female companion. What a load of *%#! Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturist Fab

Original publication JANUARY 20, 2018

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WNBR – Mexico City 2017

It’s been a month since the devastating earthquake in Mexico City, and let’s hope it will recover well, to be better than before. I saw quite a bit of this city in June during one of the most fun events imaginable: the World Naked Bike Ride! Already in my first ever WNBR – in Madrid 2009 – it was clear that such rides provide an amazing way to see the city, and in the company of hundreds naked (or so) people. Can you think of a better city tour? And it’s all for a great cause to promote cycling to be the major mode of urban transportation in response to ever increasing pollution and overpopulation. Nudity here helps to get the message across: cyclists use the pure power of human body (so, show that body!) – and yet we are the ones who are most prone to the truly indecent exposure to the traffic and vehicle pollution.

And it doesn’t hurt to get some more specific messages written on those naked bodies, so in the beginning of the event, many people spend time with body-painting and decorating themselves in other funny and creative ways. I had ‘energía pura’ written on my thigh, and this guy – ‘fragile’, another reminded to keep the distance of 1.5 m away from cars (‘distancia de autos 1.5 m’), others just acknowledged their love to cycling, etc etc. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Active Naturists

Original publication 20 October 2017

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Alma: el amanecer de una nueva asociación naturista
El grupo de naturistas de AAN-Alma son la primera asociación naturista en Portugal que está presidida por una mujer. De los 9 miembros de la nueva junta directiva de la AAN, 5 son mujeres y de los 12 socios que formaron la Asociación la mitad son mujeres.

La AAN – Asociación Alma Naturista fue constituida por 12 poseedores del Carnet Naturista Internacional, emitidos por la FPN -Federación Portuguesa de Naturismo. El pasado 22 de octubre de 2017 realizó su Asamblea constituyente con la presencia de 8 asociados. El 3 de noviembre, 3 de los 12 asociados están presentes en la RNPC a través de la Asociación para formalizar su legalización y publicación de los respectivos estatutos. El 11 de noviembre realizó la primera Asamblea General, con la participación de 10 asociados, donde fueron elegidos sus directivos. El 13 de noviembre solicitó su adhesión a la FPN – Federación Portuguesa de Naturismo. La AAN – Asociación Alma Naturista tiene su sede en el municipio de Almada.

Los objetivos de la nueva asociación

La asociación tiene como objetivos promover, difundir y desarrollar la práctica del naturismo de acuerdo con la definición de INF-Internacional Naturista Federación a través del deporte, actividades recreativas, ecológicas, holísticas y preferiblemente en armonía con la naturaleza, sea en ambiente de desnudez o de no desnudez, contribuyendo al desarrollo físico, mental y espiritual de sus miembros con el fin de promover la autoestima, el respeto por los demás y el medio ambiente, la tolerancia y la libertad individual. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Info Nudismo

Original publication 20/01/2018

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Losing Clothes, Finding Zen: What It’s Like at a Nudist Resort

Each and every pore on my body is flexed shut. My anatomy — I’ll spare you the details — is visibly cold. I had thought November would be a mild month for Big Sur, California, and I was only half right: It was a beautiful and warm day to be naked outdoors among strangers, but by nightfall, freezing winds are blowing over the Pacific and into my bloodstream. Then I plunge my body into a hot mineral bath, and every cell in my body sighs.

Brennan Kilbane

This is hour seven at the Esalen Institute, where I’ve elected to spend the weekend in the hopes of shedding inhibitions, self-consciousness, and clothing for a few days of totally nude R&R. (Vacations are a lot less stressful when you’re not responsible for a beach bag.) I’m also devoting a total of nine and a half hours to unguarded self work with 30 strangers and two professionals who are also strangers. Annoyingly, I’m calling this “emotional nudity.” Do you get it? There is basically one place on earth that asks you politely to share your innermost thoughts and feelings and fears and insecurities with a group of people you have never met before, and, yeah, if you use the pool or baths, would you mind also not wearing clothes? Thank you so much. Welcome to Esalen. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: allure

Original publication JANUARY 19, 2018

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Flashback: Tarrant County nudists threw caution, clothing to the wind

Like to walk around in your birthday suit? Worry about getting enough Vitamin D? The 1930s had a great option for you: nudist colonies. In 1933 a group of more than fifty prominent Forth Worth young people formed their own nudist colony in the woods on the edge of town. Why?

The headline and subhead of an October 27, 1933 article
The headline and subhead of an October 27, 1933 article

Simple: They wanted to “engage in their hobbies of psychology, astrology and nature, and a general pursuit of health.” Far from a salacious affair, the colony genuinely just wanted to hang out, exercise together, and take a lot of “sun baths.” The people who originally formed the colony included married and unmarried couples, their children, some “stags” and “single maidens.” To keep it all on the up and up they even hired a “physical instructor” who was educated about the “pitfalls” and “assets” of nudism. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Dallas News

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Diary of a Nudist

Diary of a Nudist (1961) película documental de temática nudista, trata de un editor de periódico, Arthur Sherwood, que estando en un viaje de caza se tropieza accidentalmente con una colonia nudista en el bosque. Él, muy sorprendido por ésto, decide enviar a la reportera Stacy Taylor a la colonia nudista para que puede escribir un reportaje contrario al nudismo. Sin embargo, para su sorpresa, descubre que Stacy le gusta el estilo de vida nudista y escribe algunos artículos muy positivos sobre sus experiencias, que no sientan bien a Arthur. Éste decide entonces unirse a la colonia el mismo y escribir su propia historia.

Nude on the Moon1961
Nude on the Moon

Doris Wishman, estadounidense (Nueva York 1912 – Miami 2002) fue directora, guionista y productora de cine. Comenzó su carrera cinematográfica de forma temprana. Aunque contaba con algún familiar en una compañía de producción, desde el principio tuvo muy claro entrar en el negocio del cine por su cuenta.

La legislación vigente en su país permitía mostrar desnudos en el cine si éstos formaban parte de un contexto documental. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Info Nudismo

Original publication 20/06/2015

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Body Shaming and how naturism helps combat it
This week in the USA, a Playboy model was found guilty of invasion of privacy in her attempt at body shaming a fellow gym member. While in the locker room of her gym, she took and uploaded a picture of an elderly female showering. On the uploaded image she wrote, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.” To her credit, she later apologized. But the damage was done by then. The incident is one of many recent news stories about narrow-minded people body shaming others. And it makes me think about the body positive attitude that stems from naturism.

Let me begin by stating clearly that body shaming happens within the naturist world. Yet naturists seem to have more of an acceptance and appreciation for all bodies than society at large does. As anecdotal evidence we can have a look at the Facebook or Twitter feed of most nudist groups. They proudly show photos of bodies in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. And comments left are overwhelmingly supportive if not down right celebratory.

Why is this? I believe it is simply because the more bodies you see nude, the more accepting you become of all the variations. This happens with anything, really. Repeated exposure relaxes our defensive — intolerant — judgement and normalizes that to which we are exposed. So the more time you spend among nudists the more you’ll see the incredible spectrum of diversity that the human body is capable of. And you grow to admire and treasure this variation. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Nudist Planet

Original publication May 27, 2017

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Nudity, Censorship and Discrimination

Imagine you are a gay man or woman happily married to someone of the same sex. To celebrate your love, you post a vacation photo with your significant other, kissing on the beach. None of your friends or family members object to the image, because they have known you and your spouse for many years, and they are accepting of your relationship. Except, of course, for Uncle Fred. Uncle Fred is a Bible-thumping evangelical, and he strongly opposes gay unions. For him, homosexuality is wrong. What’s more, Fred believes that the sight of two men kissing is harmful to his children. They might get the wrong idea, he argues. God forbid, his kids might even turn gay! So Fred contacts Facebook, marking your content as inappropriate. You are hence banned from Facebook for a week. In addition, you are told that if you post such an offensive image again, your account may be suspended for life. The message this sends is clear. Being homosexual is wrong, and for the “good” of the community, you must hide your perverse lifestyle from the public eye.

Kids grow up differently in Europe.
Kids grow up differently in Europe.

In today’s enlightened world, Fred’s complaint would go unheeded. We now recognize that anti-gay rhetoric is discriminatory. We accept the LGBT community because we know that different forms of sexual identity are not the result of mental illness, and that the sight of two men kissing will not harm our children. We have sufficient evidence that children born to gay parents turn out to be upstanding and productive members of society. Whatever harmful beliefs were once directed at the LGBT community were largely based on the Book of Leviticus, and early Judaism, and have no place in our modern world.

And yet, Facebook continues to discriminate against a minority group. Naturists were once treated with the same level of condemnation and hostility as the LGBT community. Like social lepers, early nudists lived as outcasts, in the most isolated parts of the country, and were subject to police raids and arrests, even when their activities were hidden behind closed doors. Most naturists I know do not tell people what they do on weekends. Many of us live in a state of anxiety (I know I do) over how we might be judged. I have met people who traveled outside the country just to be free of clothing, yet refuse to visit the club a mile from their house for fear of being discovered. I have known people who have lost their jobs because of their online naturist profiles. But while acceptance of the LGBT community continues to grow, naturists remain marginalized and misrepresented. By acting on our beliefs, we risk placement on the Sex Offender Registry List, to be forever associated with rapists and pedophiles. While nudists are permitted to promote their ideology in writing, we are never allowed to act upon that ideology. In being censored, we are silenced, and our arguments made ineffectual. There is no greater proof of nudism than to see whole families, on the beach, at campgrounds or in family pools, naked and innocent. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Writers Disease

Original publication September 2017

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Why Be a Naturist Anyway? Part 1
This site is primarily written for long time nudists/naturists, but I’m sure there are probably a few lurkers around here that have no idea what nudism is really about.

It’s going to sound cliche, but being a naturist is primarily about being free. there is something about being naked that is extremely freeing and comfortable. It’s an exhilerating experience for newbs. The excitement may wane as you get further into your nudist life, but the freedom and comfort never leave.

Back when I was in college I printed out and posted some posters around campus looking to start a club. I had no responses, it was a very conservative campus, but I still think the message was a good one:

“You know that feeling when you take off your shoes at the end of the day? Now imagine that feeling ALL OVER!” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Orthodox Nudism

Original publication January 10, 2018

17th January 2018

Europeans take off their trousers for annual ‘No Pants Subway Ride’
Organisers say there is “no agenda for the event apart from a desire to make others laugh and smile.”

People in cities across Europe took off their trousers in public on Sunday for the annual ‘No Pants Subway Ride.’

The 17th edition of the worldwide trouserless train ride has seen events organised in European cities including Copenhagen, Prague, Zurich, Lisbon, London and Berlin.

Alltagshelden Schweiz

Hundreds of people had signed up to join the events in Europe, pledging to take off their trousers en masse while travelling on the underground. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: euronews

Original publication 07/01/2018

16th January 2018

“Why I love being nude”: the health benefits of being a nudist
Cherie Lidbury talks about how she feels more comfortable without clothes.

Who doesn’t love the thrill of being naked? Whether it be walking around the house sans clothes when you’re home alone or that time you threw caution to the wind and went skinny dipping, there’s something intimately freeing about getting your gear off.

Cherie Lidbury and her art
Cherie Lidbury and her art

While for most of us nudity is about all about a moment of spontaneity, for some it’s a permanent lifestyle choice.

Cherie Lidbury, who lives in Newcastle on the New South Wales coast, says she fell into the nudist lifestyle in her 30s when she was a sales rep on the road and has embraced the concept ever since. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Whimn

Original publication September 13, 2016

15th January 2018

I Tried It: Naked Yoga
Namaste in the nude.

Believe it or not, the first thing you notice is the heat.

The author in position. (Staged photo, no photography is allowed at naked yoga.)
The author in position. (Staged photo, no photography is allowed at naked yoga.)

In the corner of a dance studio on the third floor of an undisclosed location, I lean against a piano and loosen my belt while wiping the sweat gathering on my forehead. Soon I am naked, about to take my first-ever yoga class—garbed or otherwise—with the dozen or so lads of Naked Yoga for Men, a Cambridge-based group that has practiced yoga au naturel for the last 15 years. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Boston Magazine

Original publication 9/25/2015

14th January 2018

A quick history lesson, how nudism got started in the USA.

In 1929 the flow of German immigrants and tourists began bringing the roots and ideas of the nudist lifestyle to America. It was Kurt Barthel, a German immigrant, who got the ball rolling by informing people that nudism was very common in Germany and France and spreading to other countries. On Labor Day of that same year, Kurt and 3 other couples in Peekskill, New York began American Social Nudism. Just a few months later the American League for Physical Culture ( ALPC ) was founded and within a couple of months they had over 50 members. In 1931 the Reverend Ilsley Boone came on board. He was elected vice president of the ALPC. Now things were really moving. Social nudism received national attention in North America with the forming of the National Nudist Conference, then several years later it became the American Sunbathing Association and just a short time ago it became (and is still known as) the American Association for Nude Recreation.

It was not as easy as it sounds. Many of the above clubs were raided by police. In 1956, in the state of Michigan, a Christian radio evangelist took it into his liberty to close down the Sunshine Gardens Nudist Resort, although to our satisfaction, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled naturists have the right to practice nudism within private resorts. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Dayton Warm Breezes Naturist Club

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Can You Come Out as a Naturist and Not Offend Anyone?
As I state in the title, I have asked myself this question more and more as I socialize and participate in naturist activities. Even though my husband John does not partake in these gatherings he allows me the freedom to do so and has often taken naked pictures of me around the house so that I can post them on Twitter.

I am a naturist and will not shy away from stating so if it happens to come up in a conversation among friends (truth be told, I usually bring it up!). So, here is the dilemma I face. As well as having non-naturist social-media accounts; I have naturist accounts for Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, WordPress and Vimeo and yet, I do not state that among my Facebook or non-naturist social-media accounts. I figure, one day the two worlds will collide as I am getting more naturist friends from Twitter on Facebook.

Am I being hypocritical? This is the Internet after all and eventually, some pictures will make their way to the surface. What is holding me back? Fear of repercussion from my workplace or fear of losing friends or being blacklisted from my family? Well, my siblings know but not my cousins or nieces and nephews. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturist Fab

Original publication JANUARY 6, 2018

12th January 2018