There is always a first time

Naturism : There is always a first time …

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There is no particular age to discover naturism. Some have grown up with it, others much later, but willingly and consciously.

We all have experienced the pleasure of being nude, on a beach, around a swimming pool or simply after a shower when we indulge ourselves a short moment just walking about the house nude. We all have known that sweet feeling of a free body, without any constraints. Why not, then, prolong that well-being state by actually living it and sharing it with others seeking the same sensations?

The advantage of starting out in large holiday centre is that you blend in the crowd and you will become part of this new family.

There is always a first time

At the very beginning …

The beginning is not always easy, because you have to overcome your fears and get beyond prejudices, preconceived ideas and established educational principles. Generally, a whole set of questions come rushing into your head:

  • – How am I going to react when I see other nude bodies around me ?
  • – What would others think of me ?
  • – How would others look at me ?
  • – Do I have to be always nude, when I am shopping or in a restaurant ?

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Source: Naturist Camping CHM Montalivet

Posted on NatCorn 21st April 2020

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