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Historically, naturism has offered many benefits to the world on how to live with and manage ongoing changes to the environment. The philosophy and activities of naturism are a ready made solution to sustainable living and they provide an effective way to take the pressure off many of the world’s resources. By the early 1900’s nudism was being promoted as anti-materialistic in tenor, that it simplifies life, lowers the cost of living, and curbs human needs. These days, we are constantly reminded of the need to change our behavior to ensure the world has a sustainable future. Moreover, the core principles and values of naturism are compatible with the objectives of many international strategies that are designed to make the world a more sustainable place. In this regard, naturism should be more widely promoted as a lifestyle scenario for sustainable living. Naturists are already doing naturally what many non-naturists aspire to. A textile-based lifestyle can over-consume scarce resources whereas naturism is natural sustainable living.

In essence, “sustainability” means improving the quality of life while living within the earth’s carrying capacities and this depends, in practice, on whether we can change in our attitudes towards, and hence relationship with our bodies and our living environment. To this end, the fundamental aspects of naturism follow a lifestyle which if more widely adopted would significantly benefit society in general. Naturism is a holistic approach to life, and is fundamental to “sustainability” by encompassing acceptance, respect and health of the body, mind, and spirit. These naturist values are critical to the building of a sustainable society – a society based on respect and caring for the community of life, improving the quality of life, and conserving the earth’s vitality and diversity. These personal attitudes and practices of naturism are in keeping with the earth’s carrying capacity and care of the environment.

Moreover, the national and international framework of naturism provides a valuable structure to help achieve a sustainable future.

Core values of naturism

Some of the critical core values of naturism for living sustainably, that other sectors of society should take note off, include:

Living simply – naturism places less emphasis on clothes and related consumer items and tends to focus more on simple-based approaches to living, including participation in naturist recreational activities in environmentally friendly locations, resort and retreats. These facilities place an emphasis on nature conservation and maintaining environmental values, often with minimal services.

Lower consumption of energy – the generally modest approach to life by naturists means they consume less energy than other higher impact lifestyles that rely on more elaborate households and higher cost recreational facilities. Most of what naturists require is supplied by nature, with less demand for sophisticated material items.

Low impact on the physical environment – all sectors of society access the physical environment for enjoyment. However, the naturist lifestyle focuses on harmony with the natural environment and low impact usage. Being close to nature increases body acceptance and provides greater energy to maintain health and fitness.

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Original publication 7 August, 2015

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