Naturism, Sexuality & Censorship

Naturism, Sexuality & Censorship


Hey beautiful people, Today I posted a tweet asking for inspiration for my blog. I received the following tweet in response:

Replying to @getnakedwithjoy: “I find it very confusing that there seems to be a line between naturism/nudism and sexuality. I am very aware of my sexuality especially when I am naked, yet it seems like oil and vinegar, they don’t mix when in context with naturism. I am not sure how to approach this subject.”


This is a topic that sparks a lot of debate within the nudism, naturism, and textile communities. Naked Wanderings wrote about this subject in their blog post: The Truth About Nudism and SexNick and Lins have covered this and related topics from a variety of perspectives over the years. They offer a wealth of information and resources on their blog, I highly recommend them!

Naturist Joy
Credit Uncertain Naturist Joy

As for my own perspective, I’ve also written a variety of posts about related subjects, but I have recently developed a fresh perspective. When I first launched Get Naked With Joy, I had no idea what the intention was other than to free my mind, body and soul. I was going through a major life transition and at the time, felt repressed and misunderstood.

I honestly don’t know why getting naked in nature helped, but I found it truly liberating. At the same time, because I posted publicly, I opened myself up to support, criticism, and a host of truly positive and terrifyingly negative responses. Over the past four years being a naked blogger, I am happy to report that the positive connections and support I have experienced online have far out weighted the few asshats and bullies I’ve encountered to date.

By the Stream
Credit Uncertain By the Stream

An interesting emotional challenge that I developed over the first couple years blogging and posting online, is that I once again began feeling repressed and misunderstood. This time it wasn’t my ex-husband, his new partners, or his family I felt judged by, it was a handful of nudists who didn’t agree with me ever mixing my sensuous personality with my “naturist posts”.

The thing is, although I do use the tag #naturist on some of my posts (the ones where I am simply naked outdoors in a fully holistic setting), I do not think that it’s important for me to identify as a Naturist or a Nudist. If I were forced to choose between the two labels, I would definitely choose Naturist. It is more conducive to how I lead my life.

I happen to be comfortable being naked both privately and in certain social nude settings but I do tend to be more comfortable being naked with people I know and trust or who have some personal experience with social nudism. When I am naked in a group setting, I find it unsettling when people chatter unconsciously about the fact that we are naked together (unfortunately some newbie nudists do this).

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Source: Get Naked With Joy

Original publication 28 July, 2021

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