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Naturism & parenting

As you all know, I didn’t grew up with naturism. But when I heard in December of 2014 that I was gonna be a father, it was very clear to me that naturism was gonna be a big part of how I was raising my daughter. When I look at young families on resorts like Flevonatuur, I notice a lot of differences between children growing up with naturism and children growing up without it. I’ll try to describe those differences and explain why I think it’s important that children, the future keepers of this planet, should get involved with naturism

Now, I know that for a lot of people this will be a no-go subject. It’s not. If you read all my previous blogs or did some research about naturism in general, you’ll know that naturism doesn’t harm anyone. This goes for normal social nudity like on the nude beaches aswell. One of the biggest things naturism can teach kids is that everyone is the same. When you look at schools, not only today but for centuries, kids get bullied for the strangest reasons. How they look, what kind of clothes they wear, when they wear glasses, when they stutter. Things, when they don’t have a strong personality, can bother them the rest of their lives. Cont…Read full original article…

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17:30 1st October 2017

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