Naturism, No, It’s Not For Me! Never!

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If you are a naturist and have talked about naturism with friends, you surely have some who told you they would never ever try. They cannot even think about showing their “private parts” to others. You may sometimes wonder how to convince them to, at least try. Here are three ideas to try to convince a textile to go naturist.

Get Naked First

There’s no other way, in my opinion, if you are a naturist and try to explain what naturism is about to textiles, than to ask for permission to get naked and to totally undress. Charity begins at home, leading the way is probably the best way to show people there’s nothing wrong with being a naturist.

Every time I tried this, permission was granted, as most say, do whatever you want, but I won’t! And voilà, I may not convince them to become naturists, but at least, I am naked and can enjoy the day in my preferred suit.


But what if the permission to get naked is not granted? The only good reason I see for not granting a permission to get naked is the presence of children who may get shocked. The intention of naturists is not to cause distress or alarm. Respect is a very important topic for naturists, we will go over it later. Textile parents may fear their children to be shocked by nudity. If it’s a genuine concern to be respected, it should also spark a discussion about the human body, sex and violence. It’s interesting to see parents not wanting their children to see naked bodies but letting them watch hyper-violent movies or play violent video games. It’s, though, very difficult to convince somebody who’s blindsided by his or her own indoctrination. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

In the absence of children, there’s no good reason to refuse a permission to get naked. Will your friends leave if you get naked, will they feel distressed? Have a serious discussion with them. Why is it so? What does shock them, what causes their distress? You may hear phony reasons: nudity is private, it’s again my religion, we are not animals… This leads to the second idea you should push forward: nudity is perfectly human, normal and natural.

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Source: Naturally Carolina

Original publication 23 July, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 16th August 2020

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