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Naturism is not only on week-ends and holiday

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A lot of naturists I’ve talked to think about naturism only on week-ends and on vacation. They pick a place to relax because it’s naturist, but they rarely enjoy naturism on a daily basis. As I am writing this post, it’s Monday evening and I’m fully naked, enjoying the freedom of being clothes-free.

Naturism should not be associated with a time of the week, the month or the year. Naturism can be lived whenever and wherever you wish, weather and temperature permitting, of course.

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The moment you are home, consider taking your clothes off. For instance, if you sleep naked, which you should consider if you are not yet (read why), when you wake up, just stay naked. Prepare and get your breakfast naked. Push the moment you need to dress to the last minute.

In the evening, when you get back from work, have a shower to relax and stay naked for the evening. If you do so, you will have spent more than half of your day naked. You’ll be naked from the moment you come home in the evening to the moment you leave home the next morning. Why should you do this? Because it’s incredibly comfortable. If you are naturist on the week-end, be naturist during the week as well.

But, what is you live with others? Bring them along! If they are reluctant getting naked themselves because they are not naturist, have them accept your shared nudity. It’s a wonderful way to reinforce your self-confidence. And who knows, they may eventually join you.

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Original publication 4 November, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 19th November 2019

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  1. I love to be nude all time at home can’t wait to the resort I go in summer to open be there every weekend meet fun people nude to and tan nude

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