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Naturism in the times of Covid

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Naturism in the times of Covid-19, paraphrasing Love in the Time of Cholera , one of the most read books in these times of confinement. Novel dedicated to true love, like the one that unites us Naturists with Nature. And there is no better place to isolate yourself and fall in love with nature than the Naturist rural houses dreamed of and created by our partners, in wonderful places in our geography.

The perfect integration with nature only occurs in its maximum degree in nudity.

Ismael Rodrigo. 
Speech to the Raconitas (August 2019).

And is that Naturism or Nudism is an ethical movement, because there is nothing more moral than the human body, and nothing more immoral to declare it immoral.

There is nothing more immoral than declaring the human body or some of its parts as immoral, as damaging to the sight of others.

Ismael Rodrigo. 
Speech to the Raconitas (August 2019).

But what we are dealing with today is talking about the pandemic, the confinement, the security, the hygiene,… all this in relation to Naturism.

Nudism is the most hygienic option.

Historically Naturism or nudism has been part of hygiene movements, which became fashionable especially in times of pandemics. Today Naturism is a movement of freedoms and rights, which does not prevent us from highlighting today its highly positive aspects for physical and psychological health.

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Source: Spanish Naturism Federation

Original publication 24 May, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 9th June 2020

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