Surprisingly, she agreed to go and says that she hasn't looked back since. "I had had the surgery and was not confident," she recalls.

Naturism helped me to heal my body image


Woman reveals to National Geographic Channel presenter Darren McMullenmo how Naturism helped her heal her demons

Tina Yates, a Hertfordshire retiree, struggled with her bad body image, surgery had left her with a huge scar, until her husband Mark suggested a trip to a naturist event to heal her and oddly enough, it worked and Tina now is a naturist and lives in a naturist community.

'Naturists or nudists generally prefer to go undressed, if it's hot enough, ”she explains. “If it's cold, we put on clothes, although I still consider myself a naturist.
Credit Uncertain ‘Naturists or nudists generally prefer to go undressed, if it’s hot enough, ”she explains. 
“If it’s cold, we put on clothes, although I still consider myself a naturist.

Tina is one of an increasing number of British citizens who have embraced the naturist cause and now live in the second largest community in Spielplatz. in the United Kingdom.

Located near St Albans, in the village of Bricket Wood, the 12-acre community was founded in 1929 by Charles Macaskie and his wife Dorothy in a forest stretch as a haven for themselves and their friends.

Among them was Ross Nichols, a Cambridge scholar and founder of the Order of the Bards, Ovates and Druids, a neo-pagan group, and his friend, Gerald Gardner, the father of modern Wicca, who established at Bricket Wood.

“It’s basically a normal life,” explains Tina. “My neighbors are of different ages and some were born here.

“It is not just a small community and more than that, everyone knows each other.”

So is the community, even delivery drivers have become a regular part of life at Spielplatz. adds Tina. “Our couriers are usually the same so that is not a problem. We often ask them to take their clothes off at the door! “

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Source: Os Naturistas

Original publication 2 December, 2014

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