Red Bums from the silty bottom of the pools at Sloquiet

Naked with Friends (Part 1)


A clear guide to naturism doesn’t exist. If it did, it would probably be something along the lines of Step 1: Get Naked. Step 2: Enjoy. If I were to chronical my journey (and any Publishers who want to offer a book deal for a tell all, I promise to work on my run on sentences and comma use) it would be from the apprehensive topless girl alone in the woods with my significant other, and how it evolved to swimming and sunbathing completely nude at a clothing optional beach. From there it evolved to being naked in front of other strangers who may or may not be accepting of the practice in a smaller hot springs. Last but not least would be getting naked with friends. Any guy reading this probably thinks this has been happening all through high school and college with our lingerie and pillow fights at our sleep overs. And to some extent you would be correct. But what about being complete naked in front of your friends. Would it be harder than being naked in front of strangers – because tomorrow you will need to look them in the eyes? Or easier, because these are your friends, and they’ve seen you at your worst, and now they get to see you at your best – naked!

Red Bums from the silty bottom of the pools at Sloquiet
Credit Uncertain Red Bums from the silty bottom of the pools at Sloquiet

How do you even start inviting your friends to get naked, or even telling them about your lifestyle. Is it a lifestyle? Is it a hobby? I am not here to argue semantics as much as explain how I get naked. For years, our closest friends have had an annual tradition of stripping down naked and posing with our butts to the camera for a photo. It’s always been a quick strip down, adverting your eyes so you don’t see your best friends taint, and using your arms and hands to cover your own bit until everyone is in position for the photo. This is quite different from the Full Monty lay all your cards on the table experience of inviting your friends to Wreck Beach (to that Publisher if you note this is my attempt at foreshadowing because we played Cards at a nude beach – see “Naked with Friends Part 2”). But that’s exactly what we did.

Our first attempt and introducing our friends to this lifestyle, and contrary to my previous paragraph, I will call it a lifestyle, was a trip back to Sloquet. This quickly became one of our favourite places, and what is the point in having friends if you can’t share stuff like this with them. This didn’t start as an overtly “Hey let’s get naked in a hot springs together” but they were aware of our Wreck Beach endeavors and stories of our last trip to the springs. I wont bore everyone with the drive up to the springs – Jay does a great job documenting and guiding drivers there in the Adventures section of this blog, and we will skip directly to good stuff.

If you haven’t read my previous blog about Jay and my first encounter at Sloquet, that gives a better lay of the land, and wont repeat this hear. I also speak to time and place for nudity there, and finding the balance. Nothing had changed since we were there last year in this regard. Nudity wasn’t explicity banned, nor was it condoned. The four of us, all in our fanciest of bathing suits rounded the corner, and it was significantly busier than the last time we were there. Quick glance of the springs and everyone was in bathing suites. There was a small group of three (2 guys and a girl) naked in one corner of the springs. There wasn’t even a discussion about not wearing bathing suits amongst our group, and we found a quiet corner and began to soak. I was relieved. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be naked in front of my friends. I was feeling vulnerable, but excited. This was a chance to elevate our friendship. I had flashbacks to Wreck Beach and the first time strangers saw me naked and how I realized it wasn’t that big a deal. Sure we’ve all seen our friends naked, one reason or another, but just casually soaking naked in a hot springs? This was a completely other story.

Before we knew it, it was dusk, and the steam was adding to an even more reduced visibility. Was this the perfect time to casually bring up the discussion of taking off our clothes? Do we just skip the discussion and idea all together and stay in our bathing suits? I did just purchase it and might as well get the most out of it. Or should I just take my top off and look for reactions? Judge the room – if you will. I could tell Jay was thinking something similar, knowing he wanted to take his shorts off as well – and not just because for the last two hours he had been complaining about the silty bottom of the pools getting stuck in his shorts.

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Original publication 8 March, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 25th March 2021

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