You just never know what or who you'll bump into on a hike...

Naked men are the last thing you expect to see on a chilly hike

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I’m off work and have headed to the Lake District for a break, to get some fresh air, enjoy the stunning scenery, and pay outrageous prices for a cappuccino.

I’m having a grand time, the highlight of which was something that happened on a 16-mile ramble around Coniston.

It was a dismal day (it’s July in the UK, of course it was dismal), an unpleasant rain was steadily falling and there was a chilly wind.

My friend and I were in the act of having a vigorous debate about whether Lake Windermere was actually a lake (I said it was; I was wrong. Of the 16 lakes in the Lake District, only one – Bassenthwaite – is officially a Lake; the others are meres or waters … who said this column wasn’t a fascinating read?)

You just never know what or who you'll bump into on a hike...
You just never know what or who you’ll bump into on a hike…

Then walking towards us we saw a woman, who looked – and I’m not being nasty here – like she’d been in a fight.

She was about 70, walked with a heavy limp, and was wearing – in the pouring rain – a drenched jumper, and grey jogging bottoms covered in mud.

I was about to enquire whether she was Ok – I was genuinely worried about her – but she got in first and said, in conspiratorial manner, ‘just to warn you…’

In my head, such was the state of her, I genuinely thought she was about to say there was a bull loose in a field and she’d just been near-fatally attacked.

Instead she said, ‘there’s a group of naturists up ahead’.

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Source: Portsmouth News

Original publication 10 July, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 30th July 2020

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