Venus de Willendorf, c. 24,000-22,000 a.
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Naked is normal. The revolution of female nudity
The nude female body has been restricted by social conditioning throughout history.

Social rules have always determined the perception of the nude female body. Earlier this year, Playboy published the slogan “Nude is normal” on the cover of his iconic erotic magazine. The omnipresence of nudity in our digital era was previously the reason why editor Cory Jones stopped publishing nude photos in the magazine in October 2015. Creative director Cooper Hefner declared in February 2017 on Playboy social networks that the company will resume its publication of nudes. According to Hefner, “nudity was never the problem because nudity is not a problem. Today we recover our identity and affirm who we are “. The discussion around the nude female body and its relationship with eroticism is ongoing. The female form has been represented and seen for centuries, but is rarely accepted. Let’s take a look at the perception of the feminine form in recent years.

In the prehistoric era, it is presumed that the representation of the female body had a cultural and spiritual purpose. Some of the early gadgets that represented the female body were small clay shapes of the bodies of fat women, also known as Venus figurines. These figurines would guarantee fertility or encourage people to have sex. This spiritual meaning of the nude female form is evident in different religions in which eroticism and body are associated with divine powers. Think of the frescoes in the Roman Catholic Church of deceased angels or the Greek goddesses.

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Original publication 05/17/2019

Posted on NatCorn 24th May 2019

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