Naked car camping

Naked car camping


Car camping naked – it’s similar to hiking naked, in that you get to enjoy nature in a pure form, far away from “civilization”. But it appeals also to more sedentary types. It’s an option for almost anyone who enjoys being naked, though they may not have seriously considered it. (For simplicity, I include pickup trucks as equivalent to a “car”. If you have a lot of gear, and a truck suitable for rough dirt roads, that might be preferable.)

Before I get into more details, here are some of the pluses of this activity:

  1. You can be naked in nature 24/7 (weather permitting). Perhaps you already enjoy car camping but haven’t realized it need not be limited to public and private campgrounds where clothing is required.
  2. Locations where naked car camping is possible also offer plenty of opportunties for naked hiking – if you’re a more active sort of person.
  3. It’s free! No fees, no reservation or registration hassles. No need to vacate the site by a certain time.
  4. Places for naked camping often involve just one site by itself – no noisy, inconsiderate (or voyeuristic) neighbors. That’s not an unmixed blessing – help may not be nearby if you have problems. But often the solitude is worth it to get away completely from the crowd.
  5. You’re not necessarily confined to one tiny site, so you may have plenty of room to spread out – if you have a large family or friends who’re tolerant of nudity that you’d like to bring along.
  6. So how do you go about finding places to go car camping naked? My personal experience is limited to California, especially the central part of the Sierras. So I can’t say how much this will generalize to other states, or even all of California. But here’s the deal. California has many U. S. National Forests – about 20 by my count. Most of these have a number of nice, public campgrounds – but all or most also have what’s called “dispersed camping”. That means you can camp almost anywhere in the forest! There are some sensible limitations. In certain high-use areas, dispersed camping isn’t allowed, so you have to use a public (textile) campground.

When you’re not in an established campground, the Forest Service strongly prefers that you find a location that’s already been used for dispersed camping. This means you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) clear away grass, vegetation, brush, downed wood, etc. The site should already be essentially bare ground. You also want a fairly level spot to place your tent. An ideal site should also be well shaded and close – but not too close – to sources of water. A decent sized stream nearby is great for splashing or cooling off in, naked of course. If you have kids with you, they’ll love it. (But if you want to drink the water, be sure to purify it.)

The site should also be adjacent to a Forest Service road (of which there are a large number). That makes it more convenient for you, and avoids disturbing untouched areas. You’ll be able to recognize such sites quite easily as you drive by. For one thing, they often have campfire rings – rock circles 2 or 3 feet in diameter. Although open fires are often not allowed during summer months (because of the high forest fire danger), the rings are still there. (For cooking, you can use a propane or “white gas” camp stove (“Coleman” stoves).) National Forests are the best places for this type of camping. They’re generally where the most convenient and suitable camping sites are easy to find. The USFS also, usually, has very good maps that show all navigable roads, as well as excellent, but less detailed, maps of the Forests themselves. There may, however, be other good locations for naked camping on public lands (belonging to the U. S. Bureau of Land Management or state/local jurisdictions).

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Source: Naturistplace Blog

Original publication 19 May, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 23rd May 2021

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