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Naked bodies against the “textile invasion”

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Between sanctions, prohibitions and judicial resolutions of all kinds, on July 7 is celebrated the International Day of Naturism with calls to participate in more than sixty Catalan beaches

“Naturism is a way of living in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of common nudity, with the aim of promoting respect for oneself, towards others and towards the environment.” Promotes social equality; In many cases clothing puts artificial barriers, naked people are more equal among them, regardless of social class, ideology, religion … Naturism is a socially constructive philosophy and respectful to everyone, with their differences and just waiting the same respect. “

This is how the Catalan Naturist Club is presented, one of the four naturist associations that are part of the Naturist-Nudist Federation of Catalonia (FNNC), a coordination umbrella that works on the development of nudism in Catalonia and in the Interpel. With the administration, society and the media. On a wider scale, these associations are also part of the Spanish Naturist Federation (FEN) and the International Naturist Federation (FNI).
The latter is the convening of the World Naturism Day, a day of nudity promotion to be held this Sunday July 7 and, in Catalonia, becomes a call for the first nudist registration in more than 60 beaches of nudist tradition. “As a naturist entity we want to take advantage of this day to raise awareness about the need to protect the planet from climate change and the need to protect the Mediterranean Sea and plastic pollution beaches,” he said in the CCN call manifesto.

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Source: ANAPA

Original publication JULY 7, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 12th July 2019

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