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Naked Bike Ride 2020: ‘As Bare As You Dare’ But Don’t Forget The Mask

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The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is an international, summer, clothing-optional cycling event that usually takes place in as many as 80 cities across 20 countries.

This year was no exception, however due to the coronavirus and lockdown restrictions in many locations, the 2020 version saw a more modest turnout.

“This year, in order to stay within coronavirus social distancing guidelines, the revealing cyclists traveled the city in small packs,” reported the Times Picayune about the ride in New Orleans in June. “Many wore face masks and at least one rider took the opportunity to express allegiance with the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Virtual And Irreverent

London, which every year hosts one of the most popular naked bike rides, opted for a virtual edition that included discussions by zoom, photo contests and even an online after-party.

Toronto which also held a smaller version of the event, featured its ride under an irreverent logo: “Less Gas, More Ass.”

The Spanish logo in Madrid this year was ”Naked before traffic.”

What To Wear, Do Not Fear

Participants in the annual Naked Bike Ride strip off their clothes to symbolize the vulnerability of cyclists on the road, to celebrate freedom and to protest car culture. Or, as the organizers explain, “to put a stop to the ‘indecent’ exposure of people and the planet to cars, pollution, and violence.”

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Source: Forbes

Original publication 7 July, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 25th July 2020

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