Naga Munchetty

Naga Munchetty, the BBC Breakfast host, reveals her ‘nudist’ tendencies, which leaves her co-star speechless.


After being questioned about her holiday shenanigans in a recent interview, NAGA MUNCHETTY has revealed her “nude” habits.

When Naga Munchetty made the cheeky revelation on Alan Carr’s podcast, Life’s A Beach, she left him stunned. The famed comic invites pals on the podcast, which was recorded during lockdown, to discuss their vacation memories, from the good to the poor to the horrific.

Alan and the 46-year-old discussed everything from bad trips to airplane shenanigans.

Naga startled the podcast presenter by saying she enjoys being naked during a quick-fire round.

When Alan inquired if she preferred to be a “nudist or if it’s not on your nelly,” Naga stated that she preferred to be nude.

Naga just replied, “Nudist,” to the comedian’s amusing question. Alan exclaimed, “Oh my God Naga!”

“I do spend a lot of time naked,” the BBC Breakfast host chuckled. Alan observed, “I’m so prudish.” “You’re not that prudish.” Naga answered, “You told me everything about your prostate.” “Honestly, I’m picturing eating off of your prostate,” Alan said, “but it’ll taste better than a bl***y scorpion.” That’s something I’ll tell you for free. “Let me not volunteer to find out,” Naga said, as the BBC Breakfast anchor questioned if Alan was growing “bored” of her after he wanted to conclude their interview since they were running out of time.

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Source: Brinkwire

Original publication 10 August, 2021

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