Nadia opened up about her own body insecurities in a candid statement
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Nadia Sawalha strips to bold bikini for rousing body positivity call to action

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The Loose Women star is stripping off to flaunt her figure after years of insecurity caused by unflattering paparazzi photographs – and has urged fans to show off their bodies too

Nadia Sawalha has urged her followers to love the body they are in – winning an outpouring of support and appreciation in the process.

The 55-year-old Loose Women star stripped to a black and bold pink bikini as she made her rousing call to action.

The star danced in front of a camera at the side of a swimming pool as a male companion counted down from three to one and the star then jumped into the refreshing water.

Nads took the plunge in the video - and shared it online
Instagram Nads took the plunge in the video – and shared it online

Uploading the footage to Instagram, Nadia opened up about past body insecurities caused by paparazzi photographs from 2006 – before giving a rousing statement about body positivity.

She wrote: “Years ago I got papped on a beach in a bikini and the article discussed how I could dare to go on the beach at the size I was . I was a ‘size’14.

“Ditch the sarongs girls because ‘Those that mind don’t matter and those that MATTER don’t mind!’ Dr Seuss (and NOT Gandhi as I thought for years).”

Nadia Sawalha

“Sadly this f***ed me up for years …to the point where I literally never ‘dared’ to go on the beach or by the pool again in a bikini again without a cover up on.

“Thank god those days are well and truly in the past! I feel as joyful and liberated in this video as I look!! FREEDOM from my OWN and OTHERS ‘STINKING THINKING’ is a wonderful thing.”

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Source: Daily Mirror

Original publication 8 August, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 18th August 2020

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