My naturist freedom during the COVID-19 year!

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This weekend, we’ll be turning the clocks back an hour, so it seems we get an extra hour of 2020. What’s more, we are apporoaching a 2nd round of the COVID-19 ‘Lockdown’ restrictions here.

Well, 2020 wasn’t the naturist year that I had planned when we were looking forward to Spring. The restrictions imposed by COVID-19 cancelled most of our events and trips away. So any naturism seemed unlikely at first glance.

My naturist freedom during the COVID-19 year!
Credit Uncertain My naturist freedom during the COVID-19 year!

We had planned a birthday suit camping trip to Tando in May, but that too had to be cancelled due to the . Loads of moorland fires out on the Pennines (caused by idiots having BBQ parties during the Lockdown) made going freehiking out if the question.

So we got on our bikes as suggested to keep fit, whilst maintaining social distance in an open space. I checked the local cycling routes and in doing so, we discovered loads of exciting new parks and country parks for picnics and even some naturist walks, which we would have missed in the car.

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Source: Naturistrunner’s Blog

Original publication 22 October, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 30th October 2020

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