Must Nudist Websites include Photos

Must Nudist Websites Include Photos? (USA)

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There is an interesting division in online nudist sites: whether the site includes photos of naked people or not. As nudists, we know that there is nothing wrong, naughty, or outrageous about nude images. But we live in a world of (mostly) non-nudists, so including nude photos is an important consideration.

These are the approaches that people tend to take, and a bit of discussion about the impact of each approach.

Nude photos of oneself

Some nudists with blogs and websites just don’t care: they are nudists, the photos are their own, and the nude body photos are current. These sites tend to be personal sites and the photos of the site owners establish who they are and what they are about.

Must Nudist Websites Include Photos

This seems to me an extremely effective approach. If you are on a site full of nudist content, seeing a nude photo will hardly surprise or scare you. The photos are typically home photos or selfies, so they aren’t terribly sexualized. This approach seems to be very much in line with nudist values ​​and effectively communicates the theme and position of the site.

Nude photos of others

There are many personal sites and blogs that include photos of nude people, often common nude photos that are easily found with a Google search. These photos effectively communicate the nudist theme, and again, if you’re looking at a nudist site, you probably won’t mind seeing naked people.

However, there are two problems with this. One is the fact that the photos are essentially stolen. Some nude photos are easy to find and because they are heavily used they appear on the first page of any Google image search. And because they are so divorced from their origin, it’s almost impossible to know who owns it and if the people in the photo gave their consent for its release. As a nudist, I believe that consent is an essential part of creating a positive and egalitarian environment: using these photos seems very non-nudist to me.

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Original publication 19 April, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 8th May 2020

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