Nudism and Catholic Morals
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Michel De Montaigne Wonders If The Dress Is Something Natural Or Cultural

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In chapter XXXVI of the first book of his Essais , discussing “On the custom of clothing”, Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) writes: “I was thinking, in this cold season, if the custom of these recently discovered nations, of going completely naked, is forced by the warm temperature of the air, as we say of the Indians or the Moors, or if it is original in man.

Nudism and Catholic Morals
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The people of judgment, since everything that is under the layer of heaven, as the holy word [Ecclesiastical , IX.] says, is subject to the same laws, they are accustomed, on occasions like this one in which they have to distinguish between natural and the acquired ones, to resort to the general system of the world, in which there can be nothing false. And with everything else rigorously provided with a net and a needle to maintain being, it is certainly incredible that only we have been created in a defective and destitute state and in such a state that we cannot support ourselves without help from others. Therefore, I maintain that, like plants, trees, animals and everything that lives, it is equipped by Nature with sufficient cover to defend itself from inclement weather,

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Original publication August, 2020

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