Senator Martha Lucía Mícher

Mexican senator caught nude on cam during live virtual session to discuss economy

Senator Martha Lucía Mícher apologized this Friday [29 May] after appearing partially nude during a virtual meeting with the leaders of the Upper House and Governor of Banco de México.

“Yesterday an unfortunate incident occurred during the appearance that the Governor of the Bank of Mexico (Alejandro Díaz de León) made virtually with colleagues and fellow senators, in which we discussed the economic situation in Mexico and the strategies to face to the ‘new normal’ in the coming months,” said Mícher in a statement.

Senator Martha Lucía Mícher

“In one part of the session, without realizing it and while my computer camera was on, I changed my clothes showing my naked torso”

Mícher specified that she continued participating in the session without realizing her carelessness.

“I am a 66-year-old woman who has breastfed four children, three of whom are responsible professionals today, and I am proud that my body has fed them… I am a woman who is not ashamed of her body, but loves and cares for it.”

Senator Martha Lucía Mícher

“Thanks to a call from Senators Alejandro Armenta Mier and Ovidio Peralta Suárez, I realized my mistake,” she explained. “I want to offer an apology to my colleagues and fellow legislators, to the governor of Banxico himself and to the media that was following the broadcast live,” she added.

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Source: Puerto Vallarta Daily News

Original publication 29 May, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 15th June 2020

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