How to Make A Friends In a Niche Community

Meet Nudists: How to Make A Friends In a Niche Community


In any setting, it can be difficult to make friends. And if you’re new to nudism, it can be especially hard to make friends within the community for obvious reasons (it is pretty sequestered). And while you have maybe told your friends about your covert lifestyle, you may also crave the opportunity to unabashedly discuss what you love or even better, be in the nude with others who feel the same and aren’t put off by your lack of clothing. But as mentioned, this is no easy feat.

On the other hand, if you’re not new to nudism and are simply doing your research before looking to make a change. You may be looking to see how easy it will be for you to find a circle of friends who will accept you should you decide to venture down the nudist path.

Either way, this article should be helpful to both parties. It’s all about finding niche communities online!

The Reality

Here we are in 2020. And we’re not only in a technological era, and we were just in a quarantined one. This means that finding communities just got a little harder, right?

Not necessarily.

Even if we weren’t amid COVID-19 terror, I would still highly recommend finding niche communities this way – at least to begin. The reason being you are much more likely to feel uninhibited behind a screen finding people and meeting them (virtually) for the first time compared to if you had actually met them face to face.

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Source: Haulover Beach

Original publication 10 June, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 29th March 2021

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