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Me and My Faith – ?

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I placed a hesitant question mark at the end of the above title because it’s hard for me to decide if I have faith or lack it. Religious talk is usually taboo, but hey, this is my personal diary so I’ll talk about it.

From my many open statements, most people form the opinion that I am a rational atheist. I avoid talking about faith most of the time but the reality is faith has always been a big thing since the day I was born. I have served the church all my life even as a toddler. But if I am asked if I think God exists, I will have to ask if you want a rational or an emotional answer.

Emotionally, I cannot envisage how I can be free from the faith and the church. Not that I want to. My family is deeply religious and the faith has always been the guiding force of my childhood right up to my early adulthood. And I have continued to serve the church in different ways.

Rationally, I am unable to see how anyone can support the premise that the supernatural exists. I have gone through every single argument put forward by Christian apologists (those whose duty it is to defend the faith) and each one of them fails before the searchlight of reason.

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Original publication 24 October, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 2nd November 2020

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