Love, Loss, Reconnection and Pleasure

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Hey beautiful people!

I hope you’re all doing well during these challenging times. In an attempt to stay connected, I’ve been doing my best to post daily on Twitter. I am blessed to be in an isolated area where I have direct access to a beach, tennis court, and a variety of deserted walking trails. Getting naked outside is definitely helping me keep my spirits up!

Love, Loss, Reconnection and Pleasure

On a more personal note…

For those of you who read my blog Tantrachick, you’d be familiar with the father of my children, Mountain. He and I have four kids together plus three additional step kids. We were together for a couple decades give or take. Our connection was the type you read about in love stories. Then we had a spontaneous threesome with one of our longtime friends (please don’t try this at home:) Tensions ran high like they often do during this type of experimentation and Mountain and I endured a painful separation.

During that time, I stayed in a kind of “friends with benefits” relationship with the man we experimented with. My heart wasn’t ever open enough to fully dive in with him. Mountain went his own way. He even ended up (briefly) marrying another woman at one point. Then, during the first week of February 2020, before the world shifted, I went to Prescott AZ to visit one of our good friends. Mountain happened to already be in Prescott during the same timeframe. He was visiting his friend (the ex husband of the friend I was visiting).

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Source: Naked Nomad

Original publication 1 April, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 27th April 2020

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