Children, nudism and a naked king

Los niños, el nudismo y un rey desnudo


I do not have children, I do not know if I will have them one day because my age is passing, but about nudism and children I also have an opinion, why shouldn’t I?

I love nude families. This is usually a controversial issue, as there are those who feel annoyed by the presence of children in certain places because they scream, laugh out loud, run … they bother! I think they just play , but this controversy is not the subject of this post, perhaps another later.

Tale of the Naked King
Credit Uncertain Tale of the Naked King

The guardians of the strictest morals say that mixing children and nudity is a perversion . Some of these moralists are modern and admit as something natural that children can see their parents naked, considering it an excess of progress, something healthy. Seeing other adults without clothes other than parents is at the very least, a contradiction, something unnecessary, a dirty act.

I repeat : I love nude families! As conservative gay people say, how can I not like them, if I even have nudist friends with children! I will hardly convince anyone of how beautiful it is to see parents and children in a natural environment without the prejudice of clothing. Most of those who read this will already be convinced and whoever is not is possibly a hopeless case, so at this point I will tell you the TALE OF THE NAKED KING .

They say that many years ago, in a distant country, lived a very loved and respected king, just and kind. Perhaps his only excess was his passion for somewhat extravagant menswear.

The news reached his ears of two tailors traveling to trade in his kingdom, making beautiful suits from the softest fabric imaginable. This was not the only feature of the fabric, not even the main one. The fabric had magical properties, as it was invisible to the eyes of unintelligent people who were incapable of doing anything productive for society. Its price was high but who can resist such a product?

Of course, the fabric did not exist. Tailors were nothing but rogues who traveled from kingdom to kingdom enriching themselves through deception. And our kind king fell into the trap. Oh, how are kings!

So he sent his two henchmen to visit the tailors and see if the cloth actually existed. Back, none of them dared to admit that he could not see her, so the king decided to order a costume to wear in the massive annual parade honoring his subjects.

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Source: Desnudízate

Original publication 17 May, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 10th February 2021

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